Chapter Eighteen

After sampling a sandwich which looked a bit like roast beef on rye bread but had a ham and sourdough taste to it, Rose hurried over to the TV, grabbed the remote and turned it on while the Doctor relaxed with his pillow propped up on the headboard and his back against it. Both of them were still naked but were covered up to their shoulders.

Rose raised her eyebrow when she saw the program on TV. It was still porn except now it was two enormous, green gelatinous blobs that looked like big balls of snot to Rose. Porno music played as the two blobs rolled towards each other and slowly merged together.

"What?" Rose said while the Doctor snickered. "What are these things?"

"Rollies," the Doctor said.

"What are they doing?" Rose said as one rollie absorbed the other.

"It's a porno channel, Rose, what do you think they're doing," the Doctor said to her.

"One is being eaten by the other?"

The Doctor snickered again.

"Not eaten," the Doctor said. "They're merging and sharing DNA with each other. It's just that they prefer to have sex this way rather than with a penis and vagina. It's more intimate in their eyes."

"And some people get off on watching this sort of thing?"

"Well, I suppose other rollies do, yeah," the Doctor said. "This is a universal porno channel, wife of mine. They do show all sorts of creatures having sex."

"Oh, so you're an expert on this channel then?" Rose teased. "You watch it often enough that you know what's going on?"

"I'm an expert on the universe, Rose, I don't need a porn channel to tell me how other species mate," the Doctor said with a wry look on his face.

"Uh huh," Rose teased. "That's why you fancy bananas. Late at night when I was asleep, you were up front just sucking on it and making moaning sounds and…"

She laughed when the Doctor gave her a playful shove and shook his head with a smile. They fell silent while Rose stared mindlessly at the TV screen, lost in her thoughts. By now the one rollie had come through the other and was slowly demerging from it while the porn music still played.

"Doctor," Rose finally said.

"Hm?" the Doctor said, also lost in his thoughts.

"I know that I have to go back to save the stars but what about afterwards. Can you come back and get me so I can travel with you?"

The Doctor frowned. He was about to say no but then he thought about it. Rose, seeing that he was thinking on it, fell silent again and waited. The Doctor glanced at her. There was the complication of the clone but Rose didn't know about that yet. The clone had to be watched, he felt sure of that. But was there a way to do that without stranding them back in the parallel world. The problem was he had no idea if Rose was essential to the timeline of the other world or not.

"I want to go and do what I came to do," Rose finally said. "But I love you like this and if we do have a child, I'd like to stay with you so we can be a family. Isn't there a way to sort of bend the rules so I can travel with you again?"

"There is one complication that you don't know about but would make a difference in all this," the Doctor said to her. "However, I am trying to think of a way around it."

"So you wouldn't mind?" Rose said, hope growing in her heart.

"I never minded it, Rose. I was always happy to have you with me. But there are fixed points in time and points in flux. I have to try to figure out what I can and can't do. You do have to go back to help my other self, that is fixed. But after that, I think it can be altered."

"What is the complication? I mean, I might not remember all this, yeah?"

"I don't know, Rose. You may or you may not remember your time here because you aren't interacting with your other selves like I am. What happens here…I will remember it because this is happening in my current timeline but you're from the past so I'm not sure."

He sighed and glanced at her.

"There is another person that comes along," he said, trying to be a bit vague. "He was a danger, I felt, so I sent you back to Pete's World with him to watch over him. But…"

He sighed and rubbed his bottom lip while he thought it over.

"This person couldn't come with us?" Rose offered.

"I'd rather not have him in the same TARDIS with me, no," the Doctor said, wincing at the thought of him and his clone arguing over flying the TARDIS. "However, I was thinking that perhaps I could send him to Sarah. Sarah defends the Earth with her son and his friends, perhaps I can let him help her and in return she can watch over him and help him live a normal life on Earth. And you can go visit him from time to time. That…might work. But if I do this, Rose. You have to stay in this universe. You can't go hopping back and forth between worlds. The only reason you could do it now was the walls of the universes were breaking down. I just hope that if I allow this to happen, I'm not disrupting some future event in Pete's World."

Rose inner being was overjoyed that the Doctor was trying to find a way for her to stay with him. She wanted to stay not only for him but she longed to see Sarah Jane and Jack and her friends again. The Doctor sensed her elation through their mental bond and smiled at that. Perhaps he could make it work after all. She and Clara seemed to get along and he wouldn't mind having the two of them become friends and work together, especially since it seemed like Clara was about to leave him for Danny. If that happened, he could just carry on with Rose and not worry about finding someone else that he'd have to acclimate to the TARDIS and who might not be compatible with him. And if there was a child, he could ensure it was protected and see to its upbringing inside the TARDIS.

"So if we do this, how will it work?" Rose said. "You drop me off and then swing round to get me again in future?"

"Perhaps or perhaps I just talk to my tenth self and tell him my plans and let you stay with him until I can come and get you. That way he'll know not to leave you on Pete's World."

He felt the elation in her mind grow and he was soothed by that. It not only gave him hope for the future but also an incentive for the two of them to escape from the sisters in one piece. He also felt even more protective of Rose and he knew the second part of his plan would be figuring out how to get her off the freighter before they did something to her.

As he switched his thought processes and began to tackle that problem, he suddenly became aware that the door was slowly sliding open. He felt Rose's mental elation dissolve into fear and he put his hand on her shoulder to soothe her while he leaned up to take a look at the door. To his surprise, there was nothing in the corridor.

"What?" Rose said when the door slid shut by itself thirty seconds later.

"Maybe the door is broken," the Doctor said excitedly. "If it's short circuiting, we can use that to our advantage."

"It's not short circuiting, that was us."

The Doctor froze when he heard the voice of his tenth self coming out of nowhere beside the bed.

"Bad Wolf Girl?" an older voice said from somewhere beside the bed. "Oh my God, what are you doing here?"

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