Chapter Nineteen

"What's going on? Where are you?" Twelve demanded.

There was a shimmer and Rose gasped when Ten and the War Doctor became visible. Rose forgot herself during her joy at seeing him and calling his name, she got out of the bed and took three steps towards him before she remembered she was completel y naked and froze with a deer in the headlights look on her face. Ten was bemused as she turned red and covered her breasts and crotch but the War Doctor was staring at her with a stunned look on his face which made Rose even more self conscious. Meanwhile, Twelve was staring at them both with an equally stunned look on his face.

"Why are you naked, Bad Wolf Girl?" the War Doctor said to Rose as she scrambled back under the covers.

"You know here?" Twelve said, pointing to Rose.

"Yes. She's the interface for The Moment, the bomb that'll destroy Gallifrey. The Moment is sentient and it chose her form to communicate with me," the War Doctor said, pointing to Rose.

"That box thing chose Rose's form and talks to you?" Twelve said. "When did that happen?"

"You don't remember it happening?" the War Doctor said.

"No," Twelve and Ten said in unison.

"She said she was from my past at first and then said she was from my future and she had trouble telling which was which. I'm only telling you what…it told me. So you're telling me this is the real person the AI is basing itself on."

"This is Rose Tyler," Twelve said.

"Okay, that's who the AI claimed to be and then she…it said it was Bad Wolf and its eyes gave off this odd golden glow for a moment."

"Oh my God," Rose said while Twelve and Ten shared a stunned look.

"Okay," Ten finally said. "Let's set this aside for the moment and concentrate on what matters. Clara and my Eleventh self are here as well. My other self managed to free one of the women from the mind control and she pretended to capture them to get us here. Me and him," he said, pointing to the War Doctor, "hid in storage compartments with cloaking devices on while the other women searched the ship. Once they were gone, we climbed out and used that woman's instructions to come here and find you. And apparently, you lot have been quite busy," he said, eyeing Rose's naked body.

Rose blushed again and covered up further.

"We have more cloaking devices with us so you can use them…if you put some clothes on," Ten said, bemused, while Twelve chuckled at Rose's embarrassment.

"But we have to go find Clara and the Other Doctor and the woman, she's called Xapta," the War Doctor said.

"So all you have to do is get rid of the brainwashing then?" Rose said.

Ten and the War Doctor glanced at each other.

"For some, Xapta said not everyone is doing this unwillingly. Ortha and Mira aren't brainwashed because they're power hungry."

"Well, that doesn't surprise me in the slightest," Rose muttered.

"But why did Clara go get you lot?" Twelve said.

"She said she asked the TARDIS for help when she got inside it and the TARDIS took her to us," Ten said with a shrug. "Who are we to question the TARDISes motives."

"Well, it's a good thing you're here because we need all the help we can get to bring these nutters to heel," Twelve said. "Rose, stop being so self conscious, you're my wife so you're their wife as well. You can be naked in front of them."

"She's my what?" the War Doctor said.

"Wife, she's your wife," Twelve said, sitting up on the far side of the bed so he could reach for his robe. "Don't worry, she won't bite or give you space herpes. Rose, come on, we have to go find the others before they make my other self and Clara get married and have sex."

"You had sex as well?" the War Doctor said while Ten bit his lip hard and tried not to laugh.

"No, Grandpa, we're lying here in the altogether because we tried to form our own nudist colony. Now there's probably CCTV cameras in here and they're most likely watching and they'll probably be here in a few minutes so everyone get moving!"

Rose flung the blankets off her. Ten sniggered as she covered her private parts and ran around the bed to her robe.

"I'm married to the girl in the box now," the War Doctor muttered. "Can this whole day get any nuttier?"


Eleven and Clara stood before Ortha and Mira as they sat in high backed golden chairs similar to the ones in the Throne Room. Ten other women including Yumiko were scattered around the room, keeping watch and providing security. Xapta stood behind her friends and kept the blaster aimed at their backs but her finger off the trigger while she tried to look as impassive as the others. Ortha smirked at Clara.

"So, you thought you could get away from us?" Ortha said to her.

"I did get away and I found help," Clara said smugly.

"And who are you?" Ortha said.

Eleven had shielded his mind from them so their Gallifreyan minds couldn't sense his and try to make contact with it. The moment she addressed him, he smiled amiably and held out his hand to her.

"John Smith, hello, hello," he said to her.

He was glad that the Sisterhood didn't know much about Earth fashions and weren't inclined to ask why he was dressed as a Victorian. Ortha didn't rise to greet him or take his hand so Eleven put it back down at his side.

"And how did she find you?" Mira asked.

"Old friend," Eleven said amiably. "I own a luxury sun glider and I'm usually taking it out for a glide near here. She simply rang me up, explained the situation and I came. So…she said you're holding her friends captive, is that true?"

"Yes and now you're a captive as well," Ortha said smugly.

"And what does that entail precisely?"

"Well, you are a male…"

"Yes, I am. Bang on, well spotted."

Clara put her hand to her face to hide her grin when Ortha gave him a peeved look. The Doctor grinned and shrugged.

"Sorry, I didn't realize you were still talking. Carry on then," he said.

"Males are enslaved and made to do our bidding here," Ortha said.

"Ah, and what does that entail precisely?" the Doctor said.

"It means that you must serve the Sisterhood."

"And what does that entail precisely?"

Ortha sighed angrily while Clara bit her bottom lip hard.

"It means you are now our slave," Ortha said.

"And what does that entail precisely?"

"It means you shut up and quit asking stupid questions!"

"And what does that entail precisely?"

"If you do not shut up, we will torture you!" Mira said.

"And what does that entail precisely?"

"Do you want to be tortured?" Ortha said angrily.

"No, I want clarification. I like things to be spelled out in a concise and precise manner. When you say enslavement, what does that mean? When you say torture, what does that mean? I do not like people who give me vague threats and then expect me to abide by that. So…I ask again…what does that entail precisely?"

"It means that you will do whatever is asked of you whenever it's asked," Ortha said, her fury rising. "You as a male have no status here, you are a thing to be ordered about and controlled. You will not speak unless you're spoken to, you will not think unless you are required to do so. You are like a drone in a hive, you do your tasks and you do it without questioning others. And as for torture, we have many unpleasant methods at our disposal and if I were you, I wouldn't keep making a nuisance of yourself and finding out what those methods are! You are in our world now and you are under our control!"

"And what does that entail precisely?"

By now, Clara couldn't hold the laughter in and she bent over roaring with it. She knew they wouldn't like it and she'd probably be punished but at the moment she didn't care. The Doctor was just doing everything in his power to piss off these people and even though it was putting them in danger, she had to admit she just loved it.

"That's it; take these two to a cell while we ready the torture chamber!" Ortha said to Xapta. "I'm betting you won't be laughing after we've finished making you scream," she snarled at the Doctor.

"And what does that entail precisely?" the Doctor said flippantly in return.

"GET HIM OUT OF HERE!" Ortha bellowed as Clara burst out laughing again.

Xapta had to fight not to laugh as she sternly ordered her friends to turn and exit the room.

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