Chapter Twenty

Ortha seethed as she sat on the throne. Mira glanced at her and the other women stayed deathly silent, sensing that she was about to explode with rage.

"Who are these people?" Ortha finally said softly through clenched teeth. "These people who think they can mock us and get away with it! The insolence of the lower orders is appalling. When the Pythia was in power, the lower orders were afraid of her and showed her due reverence. And a man, a man dares to insult me?"

"He will learn not to insult you when we are done with him," Mira said.

"Exactly. I might even burn the unbeliever at the stake after we're finished torturing him. Somehow, I doubt he can be controlled and the last thing I want is for Clara to escape again. But for the moment, he is gone and I will get my emotions under control before he suffers. You lot," she said to the female guards, "go and prepare the torture chamber."

The women bowed and filed out of the room as Ortha took a deep calming breath and brought her emotions back in check.


Once they were away from Ortha, Xapta finally giggled softly and Eleven looked back over his shoulder at her.

"You know that they're going to torture you now, right?" Xapta said when she finally sobered up.

"Let em, I'm not afraid," Eleven said. "Claraboo and I can withstand anything they throw at us!"

"Why do you keep calling me that?" Clara said.

"What?" Eleven said innocently. "Calling you what?"


"Well, I was going to call you Clarabell but I thought that was boring and trite so I thought I'd be a bit twee and call you Claraboo instead."

"Yeah, okay," Clara said.

"What?" Eleven said, pretending to be hurt by that. "Would you rather be known as Monster Mouth Clara with the crooked nose and beady eyes?"

"No, in that case, you keep on calling me Claraboo."

"Splendid! I…"

The Doctor trailed off and he stopped suddenly, causing Xapta to nearly run into him. He looked around while Clara stopped and turned to watch him, a puzzled look on her face.

"What's wrong?" she said.

"Someone or something pinched my cheek just now," he said, looking around.

"Wasn't me," Clara said with a shrug.

"Or me."

"Something just did it…there it is again," the Doctor said, spinning around to look everywhere.

"Are you sure you haven't gone soft in the head?" Clara asked.

"No! Someone is really…"

He trailed off again and his eyes widened.

"Now what?" Xapta said.

"Okay, now someone just kissed my cheek," Eleven said. "I'm beginning to cotton on and I hope that wasn't my tenth self or even worse, Granddad."

"It was me, my husband," Rose whispered in his ear.

"Rose, where are you?" Eleven said.

Realization dawned on Clara's face and she looked around as Xapta did the same.

"You have no eyebrows, you know," Rose whispered into Eleven's ear. "But the Mona Lisa look is sexy to me."

She giggled when Eleven turned in her direction, a withering look on his face.

"I have eyebrows if you'd care to take a look instead of kissing and pinching my cheek," he said.

His eyes bugged when he felt someone pinch his ass.

"I really hope that was you, Rose," Eleven said.

"No, it was me," he heard Ten say. "I really couldn't resist such a cute bum."

"Ha, ha," Eleven said. "So is the other me here?"

"I'm here," he heard Twelve say.

"Are you old? Your body, I mean," Eleven said.

"I'm not ancient," Twelve said while Rose giggled. "And what has that got to do with anything?"

"And what does that entail precisely?" Clara said.

"What?" Twelve said while Eleven and Xapta giggled. "Look, never mind, we're all here and now that you're here with us, we need to go before the whole of the Sisterhood finds us and we end up back where we started."

"Alright, to the glider then," Eleven said to Xapta.

"Walk in front of me and look like a captive till we get near the hangar," Xapta said. "Just in case anyone sees us."

Eleven nodded. He turned and his eyes bulged when he felt his butt being pinched again.

"So firm," he heard Rose say.

"Rose, leave my bum alone for the moment!" Eleven said.

He grinned and shook his head while Rose chuckled. Xapta looked behind her shoulder to make sure no one was coming for them before she and the others headed towards the hangar.

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