Chapter Twenty Two

The War Doctor had to admit, he was very intrigued by what was going on around him. For one thing, the girl in the box or Rose as he had to remind himself to call her was in the middle of Ten and Eleven who were practically hanging off her now while the three of them flirted shamelessly with each other. Beyond the cockpit door, there were two rows of six seats each, three seat on each side of a narrow aisle with another three seats behind them. Ten and Eleven walked with Rose to the right side and sat her down in the middle while they chatted amiably and strapped her in. The War Doctor, Twelve and Clara went to the seats across the aisle. Clara sat in the middle and the War Doctor helped strap her in as Twelve sat in the seat nearest the aisle and strapped himself in. As the War Doctor helped Clara, he noticed that Twelve kept throwing sour looks at Ten and Eleven who were now sitting down and strapping themselves in. He finished helping Clara and sat down beside her, studying Twelve while he attended to his own straps.

When everyone was finished strapping in, Twelve yelled to Xapta that they were ready before glowering again at Ten and Eleven who were laughing and giggling with Rose, oblivious to his glares. The War Doctor raised his eyebrow when Twelve turned his gaze to the floor and glared at that. He could sense that this oldest Doctor was more mature than the two giggling teenagers across the way but yet, he still could sense a heavy undercurrent of jealously from the sour looks on his face and the way he kept glaring at his other selves from time to time before looking at the floor again.

Then Xapta went into lightspeed mode and everyone's head was pressed back against the high backed leather chair and the room fell silent since it was harder to speak against the pressure in the cabin. After five minutes, Xapta came out of light speed and the pressure in the cabin returned to normal again.

"Coming in for a landing," Xapta called out to them. "I see a small blue box, is that your ship?"

"Yes!" all Doctors said in unison.

"Okay!" Xapta yelled back while Clara and Rose giggled.

When they landed, everyone got out of their restraints. Twelve quickly unbuckled his and was rushing to the door, fuming that Rose preferred to be with his younger selves instead of him. But when he reached the door, he felt someone grabbing his arm and looked down at Rose.

"Oi, wait a tick, Bob," she teased. "I was trying to get out of my restraints and get to ya before you zoomed off."

"You mean you don't want to be with the pretty boys?" Twelve said.

Rose sighed and leaned against his arm.

"I love all of you, I think I said that before," she said to him. "Besides, you're the one that married me so I s'pose I should spend the most time with you, yeah?"

Twelve smiled when she pinched his cheek.

"You don't have your sonic, do ya?" Rose said to him.

"No, they took it from me when I was at Her Nuttiness's Pleasure," Twelve replied.

"I'll find it for you. They probably stored it with the other valuables they take from the slaves," Rose said, patting his back.

The War Doctor walked up with the others and they stepped back while he used his sonic to open the door.

"Good thing they have a breathable atmosphere on this planet," he muttered. "Is there a ramp or something, Xapta?" he asked when he looked out and noticed it was a ten foot drop to the ground from the portal.

Xapta stuck her fingers in a small groove by the door and opened up a small hatch. She flipped a switch and a ramp oozed out of the hull below the portal and formed a pathway down to the ground. Ten and Eleven walked up behind Rose and Eleven grinned as he playfully flicked at her hair. He and Ten giggled when Rose thrust out her arm behind her and pretended to grab for him, opening and closing her fingers and moving her hand around while she kept her face forward. Ten grinned, grabbed the hand and kissed the back of it gently. Rose jerked her hand up to her face and mimed disgust when he let go of it.

"Ugh, space germs," she said.

She giggled when Eleven flicked her hair again. Eleven noticed Twelve sighing angrily at that as he kept his eyes on the portal and Ten grinned when Eleven stuck his tongue out at him. He quickly put his tongue back in when Twelve turned his head around and he was all innocence while Twelve eyed him a moment before he put his arm around Rose and they headed towards the portal.

Everyone walked down the narrow ramp to the planet's surface.

"Ugh, what an ugly planet they have here," Eleven said, making a face.

"Ah! But we have Rose and Clara to beautify it up," Ten said to him.

"That we do, Rose and Clara are living beautifiers," Eleven said.

"And Xapta," Clara said.

"Oh yes, so sorry, m'lady," Ten said, turning to Xapta. "You beautiful the planet also."

"Could we move on and get into the TARDIS before the Sisterhood finds us and destroys us?" Twelve said.

They walked around the front of the ship. The TARDIS was twenty feet away from it without a scratch on it. Twelve breathed a sigh of relief at the sight of his old ship. When he went inside, the other Doctors and Rose's mouths went slack.

"Wow, this is…different," Ten said, looking around.

"He made some changes to it. I had it the way I liked it and he goes and mucks with it," Eleven said while Rose giggled.

"Dunno, I like the whole Star Trek look to it, now you really are Spock," Rose said to him.

"No, he's Bob," Twelve said from the console.

"Oh yes, Bob. You're Bob and you're Bob and you're Bob," Rose said, pointing to each Doctor in turn.

"Nice to know I have a name I can use besides Doctor," the War Doctor said as he shut the doors behind him.

"Alright, now that we're inside," Twelve said. "Rose, come with me. I want to see if you really are pregnant."

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