Chapter Twenty Five

The Doctors came out of the storage room and walked up to the Console Room. By the time they got up there, the War Doctor, Xapta and Clara were standing by the front door, listening through it.

"What's going on?" Twelve said as they headed over to them.

"I think they're outside," Clara said. "At least some of them are. We can hear them through the door. They're talking about breaking in here."

"Let them try, it's nearly impossible to do that," the War Doctor said.

Twelve inserted himself in between him and Xapta and pressed his ear to the door while Eleven stood behind him. Ten leaned against the railing at the back and crossed his arms over his chest while he listened. There really was no need to put their ears directly to the door since they could hear the women shouting outside. Twelve jerked his head back when someone started pounding on the door.

"Oh yeah, like we'd open the door for them," Clara said dryly.

"Now, now, Claraboo," Eleven said, putting his arm around her. "We must be more tolerant of a religious, megalomaniac nutters who want to take over the universe. They are people too, you know."

Clara giggled at that but she sobered up when more people started pounding on the door.

"Do they really think this is going to help them?" the War Doctor said, gesturing to the door.

"They can't get inside, can they?" Xapta said, worried.

"Highly unlikely," the War Doctor said. "The outside may look wooden but it's built to withstand most anything. Don't worry, all they can do is knock and yell at us."

Ten listened to them but he kept his eyes to the floor while he thought over the recent events. He had longed for Rose ever since he left her in the other universe and wished that he could have a do over. Many times he had contemplated going back for her but the fear of destroying two universes held him back. He wondered if perhaps he could persuade Rose to come with him. He could pop back in time to the events after the Crucible and pull aside his past self for a conversation and tell him to keep her and let the clone go with Sarah Jane. But he wasn't going to force Rose to do anything she didn't want to do. Just knowing that she would come back to him at some point in his lives made him happy, even if it meant it would take a few centuries from his point in time for that to happen.

He saw movement out of the corner of his eye and he looked up to see Rose was coming towards them. He smiled tenderly at her and held his hand over to her. Rose smiled in return and walked over to him. When she reached him, he put his arm around her and smiled when she snuggled against him, loving the feel of her body against his and the familiar scents that came with her. Rose jerked her head up when someone resumed their pounding on the door and yelled that they better let them in or else. The War Doctor snorted.

"Or else what?" he said, rolling his eyes. "They can't get in here!"

"Are you sure?"

Everyone looked at Rose when she said that. Twelve felt another twinge of jealously when he saw where she was but kept silent about it.

"What do you mean, are you sure?" Eleven said to her. "You know as well as we do that nothing can get in here….well, almost nothing," he conceded.

"That's my point. What about that…tractor beam that pulled us out and took us to the Gamestation? That came right through the walls," Rose said.

"That was the Daleks," Twelve said. "The Daleks are more sophisticated than these nutters, trust me," he added, pointing to the door.

"What about that arsenal," Clara said. "Would they have something inside that?"

"And this lot, they're from Gallifrey as well, yeah?" Rose said. "So…wouldn't they know about TARDISes?"

"They're ancestors were from Gallifrey but this lot is far removed from that," the War Doctor said to her. "I doubt if they have the knowhow to break into a TARDIS. They didn't even have TARDISes when the Pythia ruled. As for happening to have something that could break into one. I didn't see anything like that when we were in the arsenal so I doubt it."

Suddenly, there was a shift and the floor tilted downwards. Twelve and the War Doctor reached out to stop Xapta while Ten clutched the railing with one hand and held onto Rose with the other. Eleven grabbed onto the railing on the other side and grabbed onto Clara as the room tilted downwards.

"What's going on?" Xapta said.

"The TARDIS is going sideways," the War Doctor said. "They're either lowering it to the ground or lifting it up and carrying it."

"Great, now they can carry us inside the monastery," Clara said.

After thirty seconds, the room righted itself again and everyone relaxed.

"What happened? Did they put us down again?" Clara said as Eleven let go of her.

"No, the room has a stabilizer," Twelve said. "If it tilts, the interior rights itself so we're always remaining upright. My guess is they didn't put us back, they're more than likely carrying us away."

"They still couldn't get in here," Ten said as he relaxed his deathlike grip on Rose and held her gently.

"They can't force us out then?" Xapta said.

The War Doctor chuckled.

"My dear, this ship is self contained. Not only could they not get inside but if they tried to starve us out, it wouldn't work. This ship has everything a house has in endless supply. They'd die and turn to dust before we ran out of anything," he said.

"So we don't have to go outside until we're good and ready to," Eleven said.

Rose was lying against Ten listening to all this when suddenly she felt funny and her body started aching. She grunted softly in response and Ten looked at her.

"Rose, are you alright?" he asked.

Rose was about to respond when suddenly a huge agonizing jolt of pain surged throughout her body. Her mouth opened in a silent scream as she staggered back and to everyone's horror, she fell back onto the floor and the lower half of her body began to glow with a golden light.

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