Chapter Twenty Eight

When the War Doctor joined them in the Med Bay, Eleven and Twelve told them their theories about Rose. Ten and the War Doctor were stunned into silence after they were finished while Eleven went to check the monitor.

"It's grown," Eleven said grimly.

Ten hesitated a moment before he walked over to the bed and sat down beside Rose. He put his fingertips against Rose's temples and everyone watched while he sent her into an even deeper sleep.

"I'm speaking to the entity known as Bad Wolf," he said as he took his fingertips away. "I want you to use Rose and speak to us and tell us why you are inside her and why you have taken over her baby."

There was silence for a moment while everyone waited for a response. Then just when Ten thought he'd have to repeat his request, Rose's eyes snapped open and her eyes were glowing as she turned her head towards him.

"I am the Bad Wolf," Rose said in the same otherworldly voice she used on the Game Station.

"What do you want with Rose?" Twelve asked her.

"I am Rose's protector. I have been inside her since birth, lying dormant until the TARDIS awakened me."

"What do you want with her child?" Eleven said.

"I have heard you speaking and you are correct, I wish to manifest myself in Rose's child but not to conquer, I wish to help protect the universe as I did once."

"Who are you really?" Ten said.

"I am one of the Eternals."

"The Eternals are no longer here," Ten said.

"Yes, my brothers and sisters escaped during the Time War through The Howling but I stayed on. I looked through history and saw this human child, I looked at her timelines, saw that one day she would travel with you and be an essential part of your life and I entered her mother's womb while she was forming and bonded with her."

"But the Eternals are physical beings," Eleven said. "How did you manage to become a non corporeal being and possess Rose?"

"I do not "possess" her, I am a part of her," the Eternal said angrily. "And as for my form, I volunteered to become like this."

"For what reason?" Twelve said.

"I wish to help the Doctor. I knew that one day he would meet Rose so I bonded with her to protect and serve him."

"Serve him," the War Doctor muttered.

"I have always admired the Doctor and his fight against evil. Unlike my brothers and sisters, I wanted to do more than just observe. I wished to be a part of his crusade and so I allowed my body to be vaporized and become intangible so I could find someone who could help me carry out my wish."

"But you didn't ask if Rose wanted you inside her," Twelve said angrily.

"No. But I knew that Rose would need my assistance. It was I who put the strong desire to return to the Game Station and help you. I knew that together we could save you from the Daleks."

"So why do you want to be born now?" Clara asked.

"Because I feel that it's time for me to become manifest again and assist that way. Rose is wonderful but I can only do so much through her. Now I want to be my own person again."

"And how do you know that I'll accept you onto the TARDIS once you become…manifest," Twelve said. "I don't choose just anyone to travel with me."

"I'm well aware of that, Doctor. I don't have to travel with you in order to affect change."

"So…what becomes of Rose then?" Ten said.

"Rose has grown to be a confident, young woman. I feel that she can survive without my constant protection."

"Unless one of those nutters out there tries to slit her open again," Twelve said.

"The Sisterhood is dangerous, they must be stopped."

"Yes, Miss Bad Wolf, we got that already," Twelve said. "But thanks loads for reminding us."

Bad Wolf fell silent for a moment, her closed eyes moving rapidly under her eyelids.

"Doctor?" she finally said.

"Yes?" Ten, Eleven and Twelve said in unison.

"Do you wish Rose Tyler to stay with you?"

The three Doctors glanced at one another.

"Yes…" Eleven said warily, knowing the thoughts of his counterparts.

"I can help make that happen."

"How?" Ten said.

"I can change what happened after the Crucible was destroyed so that Rose continues to travel with you."

"Really? How can you do that?" Ten said.

"We Eternals are powerful; we can shape events if we wish. Give me the word and Rose can be with you…all of you for the rest of your lives."

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