Chapter Twenty Nine

The room fell into a stunned silence as everyone looked at the Bad Wolf.

"Do you want Rose Tyler to stay with you as your lives mate?" Bad Wolf repeated. "And live on past her brief existence?"

The Doctors glanced at one another.

"I do," Eleven finally said resolutely.

"I do as well," Ten said.

They looked at Twelve. Twelve cocked his eyebrow and looked at his counterparts.

"What? I married her, didn't I?" he said to them.

"I think the answer is yes," Eleven said to Bad Wolf.

"So be it," Bad Wolf replied.

Suddenly, an intense golden glow surrounded Rose's body and everyone turned away and shielded their eyes. When the glow faded and they turned back, they were stunned when Rose wasn't there anymore.

"What?" Eleven said, looking around in shock. "Where'd she go?"

They ran their hands over the spot where Rose had been in case she'd turned invisible but all they could feel was air.

"Why did she do that?" Clara said to them.

The Doctors leaned back up and looked at each other.

"At a guess, I'm thinking the Bad Wolf has gone to fix things so Rose was always with us and there was no universe imploding paradox," Twelve said. "I'm guessing she needed our permission before she did this so it would legitimize the whole thing in its eyes."

"So when is she coming back?" Xapta asked.

The three Doctors were about to reply when suddenly their bodies stiffened and their eyes widened. The War Doctor frowned and leaned in to look at them.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

The three Doctors stood there, frozen as if in a trance. The War Doctor snapped his fingers at them and waved his hand in front of their faces but no one responded. Clara walked over to Eleven and Twelve and tried to shake them but neither of them responded.

"What's wrong with them?" Clara said to the War Doctor.

"I don't know, it's like they're frozen in time now," the War Doctor said.

There was another flash behind them and they spun around to see Rose standing near the War Doctor, also frozen with her eyes open. Beside her was a young woman with shoulder length brown hair, a slim, muscular figure and a face and jaw line similar to the Twelfth Doctor. Both women were wearing black jeans, white t shirts and a black leather jacket with white tennis shoes. The mystery woman was also unmoving and wide eyed.

"What is going on?" Xapta said.

"My theory is the Bad Wolf is rewriting history and she's paused everyone involved until it's finished. Rose is here because of the rewrite and at a guess, that's her and the Doctor's daughter," he said, pointing to the mystery woman.

Clara was about to reply to that when suddenly, her body stiffened and she too became frozen and wide eyed.

"Now what?" Xapta said to the War Doctor.

"She's being rewritten as well, at a guess," the War Doctor said.

"What about me…and you, why aren't we frozen?"

"Well, I'm before their time," he said, gesturing to the three Doctors. "If Rose was inserted into their timelines, they are the ones that need to be rewritten, not me. As for you…perhaps she hasn't gotten to you yet. Clara didn't freeze up right away, which says to me that this all started back before she came along."

"Yes, but all the Doctors froze up together," Xapta said.

"Yes, but usually what affects one affects the ones that come after so I'm guessing…again…that they needed to be stopped together in order to save time and fix their timelines together. Just a theory since I've never seen this happen before," the War Doctor said with a shrug.

"So when they unfreeze, what do you think'll happen?" Xapta said.

"Again, just guessing, but they'll have altered memories and they will carry on as if Rose had always been with them. So if you tell them that they had their memories altered they probably won't remember all this happening," he said, gesturing to the frozen people.

He raised his eyebrows when Xapta froze.

"And apparently we're near the end of the rewrite now," the War Doctor said.

He looked at Ten and Eleven, still frozen in time and shook his head.

"Too bad the all powerful Eternal didn't do something about their fashion sense and age," he said when he noticed nothing had changed about them physically.

There was another bright flash of light and the War Doctor shielded his eyes. When the light faded, he took his hand away and noticed they were now back by the front door. Twelve had his ear to the door, Eleven and Ten were standing behind him, leaning against the railing with their arms folded over their chests and Rose, Xapta and the mystery woman were standing near the console. The War Doctor walked over and put his ear to the door but he couldn't hear anything outside and he wondered if the Bad Wolf had frozen all the women too. Then suddenly, everyone started moving again as if it were a movie being played again after a lengthy pause. This time he did hear shouting outside the door and more pounding and he knew that time had been rewritten for the women as well.


"Good luck with that, mate," Eleven said. "They've been going at it for the last five minutes. You'd think they're fists would be all bloodied and bruised by now."

The War Doctor was fascinated with all this since he alone remembered the past as it was. He also was curious about the mystery woman standing beside Rose but was stymied on how to ask without it looking like he was a doddering old idiot since he assumed they had been introduced by now. Then he got an idea and casually walked over to the woman.

"Excuse me…I'm sorry, what was your name again?" he said to her.

"Alicia," the woman replied.

"Ah yes, Alicia, that's it. Sorry, I'm getting soft in the head in my old age," the War Doctor said. "I was wanting to know if you could come with me for a moment. I haven't been inside this TARDIS for long and I need help locating something. Could you show me where it is?"

"Mum, is that okay?" Alicia said to Rose.

"Yeah, I doubt all these nutters can do is pound and scream, go ahead," Rose said.

The War Doctor smiled, happy that his suspicions were correct about Alicia's identity. He walked with Alicia towards the back door while the rest of the occupants kept their vigil by the door.

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