Chapter One

"Oh come on, you're having me on," Rose said as the TARDIS stopped and powered down.

"All the civilizations in the universe, you don't think one of them came up with the idea of warm snow that never melts?" the Doctor said as they stood at the console. "Oh, ye of little faith. Just follow me then and see for yourself."

Rose grinned at that. She was wearing a pink t-shirt and jean dungarees without a coat or gloves or hat. The Doctor made her dress that way on purpose to prove his point about being able to lie in the snow and not freeze. But even though Rose figured he was telling the truth, she couldn't resist teasing him.

"So if I freeze to death, you gonna bring me back in here and set me up in the console room then?" she said as they walked to the front door.

"You mean…as an icicle?" the Doctor said, pausing to look at her with wide eyes.

"Yeah, a great big icicle, right by the console," Rose said, pointing back to it.

"Just follow me," the Doctor said before opening the doors.

Rose went down the ramp and stopped short when she got outside. They were in the middle of a field that was filled with vibrant wildflowers that swayed in the breeze. The wildflowers were purple, yellow and dark blue with a small black center and the perfume from them was overpowering after being inside the console room. But as far as Rose could see, there was no snow anywhere, just the field and a large white building in the distance with a black asphalt road winding away from it into the distance.

"So…warm snow is flowers then," Rose teased him.

"Follow me, Tyler," the Doctor said, beckoning to her.

Rose tagged along behind the Doctor while they walked through the field towards the building. As far as she could tell, the building was the only one for miles around. There was the field and a few forests and mountains far in the distance and two suns overhead but apart from the road; there was no sign of civilization of any kind. But she trusted the Doctor so she followed him without comment until they reached the building. The Doctor walked around it until they reached the road. The road led up to a tiny car park in front of the building but there were no cars inside it. There was one set of glass double doors in the center of the building by the car park and above it were the words SNOWFALL in big black letters but there were no windows, no people, nothing.

"Are you sure this is it?" Rose said while the Doctor headed to the pavement between the building and car park.

"Pretty sure," the Doctor said, glancing back on his shoulder as he lightly stepped up onto the pavement.

Rose followed him to the doors. The Doctor looked through the glass and nodded to Rose.

"Come on," he said to her before opening the door and going inside.

Rose looked inside the glass. The Doctor was on the other side of the room, speaking to someone at a desk. The floor was made of linoleum and she could see overhead lights reflected in the polished surface. She opened the door and went inside. The room was air conditioned and pleasant with some sort of rose scent wafting through the air. There were several black plastic chairs on either side of the door and a wooden table on each side of the chairs with magazines on them. There were a few framed paintings on the walls, mostly swirly colors and abstract designs. Off to the left were a few desks and some people sat in front of them, quietly typing on computers and doing paperwork. Rose walked up to the Doctor who was talking to a prim looking older lady that Rose thought wouldn't look out of place in a library.

The Doctor was holding his psychic paper out to her and she was peering at it through reading glasses.

"See, I had this coupon for two free admissions," the Doctor said, pointing to the paper. "But I forgot I had it and well, my friend and I wanted to come and experience the snow. Is it still valid?"

"It seems to be," the lady said, squinting at the paper. "I just don't recall the management ever approving the use of coupons."

"Well, I won them ages ago in a contest," the Doctor said. "We just want to see the snow, is all. Nothing more than that."

"Well, I suppose that's alright," she said, typing on her keyboard. "Names?"

"Doctor and Rose Tyler."


"902 and 20."

Rose bit her lip when the woman stopped typing and stared at the Doctor's face in a stunned silence.

"I've had loads of plastic surgery," the Doctor said.

"Would you like the basic experience or the full package?" the woman asked when she resumed typing.

"Well…I think the full package if the coupon allows that," the Doctor said, glancing at Rose. "Yes, that will do nicely," the Doctor said when Rose nodded in agreement.

"Very well," the woman said, finishing her typing. "Follow me."

She got up from the desk and the Doctor and Rose followed her. The Doctor grinned at Rose as he put his psychic paper back in his trouser pocket. Rose knew the look. It was the "Damn, I'm good," look he used when he managed to fool people into believing his lies. The woman walked to the wall beside the desk and pushed on a part of the wall at chest level. A tiny panel swung open and Rose saw a tiny keypad mounted into the wall. The woman typed in a code and the wall beside the door dematerialized and Rose could see piles of snow inside. The Doctor and Rose moved until they were behind the woman and Rose saw a dirt path leading from the doorway through piles of snow that were heaped up on either side of it. The woman stepped aside.

"You have two hours," she said to them. "I'll come and get you when time's up."

"Thank you," the Doctor said.

He grinned at Rose and they went inside. Rose looked back over her shoulder and watched while the doorway disappeared back into the steel wall. She looked around but all she could see was the snow, the path and the steel ceiling above them. The ceiling had vents spaced out evenly and there was a slight humming coming from them. The room was about the length of a football field but the snow was so high, Rose couldn't tell how wide the room was. The Doctor reached down, picked up some snow and put it on her head. Rose automatically recoiled from what she thought was the freezing snow but she realized the Doctor was right. The snow was warm. She reached up and touched it while flakes fell off her head and drifted down to the path.

"Come on," the Doctor said, beckoning to her.

She walked with him and realized that once they got past the huge mounds of snow there were tinier, more manageable hills to climb. They found one that was small enough to get on top of and the Doctor went up first. Rose noticed that the snow seemed to be firmer than actual snow since the Doctor's shoes didn't sink very far as he went up. She tried it and found her suspicions were correct. She sank a little but only a few inches and unlike real snow, she could climb the tiny hill without having to lift her legs up and slog through the snow. And there was no cold whatsoever, the snow felt warm and soothing on her ankles.

"So, am I right then?" the Doctor said when he reached the top of the hill.

"Okay, yeah, you're right," Rose said as she stepped up onto the top of the snow. "I never should doubt you."

"I keep telling you that but apparently, you never listen to me," he said.

He sat down on the snow and then laid back in it.

"Do this, it's soft," he said to Rose.

Rose followed his lead and sighed as she lay down in the soft, warm snow. They stared up at the ceiling above them while they lay there together. Rose lay there, contented, for about five minutes until she started getting bored.

"So…this is it?" she said to the Doctor. "No skiing, no sledding, nothing?"

"Well, maybe that's extra," the Doctor said, turning his head towards her.

"Yeah but they said you got the full package. Doesn't that mean skis and sleds if they got em?" she asked.

"Dunno. I suppose we could go back up to the door and knock on it and ask," the Doctor said.

"Will they let us…"

The Doctor suddenly shushed Rose and stopped her in midsentence. She gave him a confused look and he pointed up while he looked at her.

"The humming sound's gone. There's a hissing sound now," he said.

They looked up and their eyes widened when they saw a pink gas wafting down through the vents.

"Is that…supposed to happen?" Rose said, her heart racing.

The Doctor looked at her. They stared at each other for a moment before both of them leapt up. The Doctor took Rose's hand while they ran down the hill and headed back towards the wall.

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