Chapter Two

"Hey! Open up!" the Doctor said, slamming his hand against the wall when he reached it first.

He pounded on the wall while Rose ran up beside him and slapped it repeatedly, both of them screaming to be let out. Rose looked behind her and saw the gas was now coming out faster and heavier and it was falling towards them.

"Doctor, there's more of it now," Rose yelled at him.

The Doctor quickly glanced over his shoulder before he resumed his pounding.

"Sir, please stop doing that."

The Doctor stopped pounding when he heard the woman's voice coming from a hidden intercom in the wall.

"What are you doing to us? What is this gas?" the Doctor yelled while Rose stopped slapping the wall and listened.

"It's part of the full package, sir," the woman said in a slightly annoyed voice. "Just relax."

"What? What's the gas s'posed to do?" Rose said to the Doctor.

"I don't know. I don't remember the gas being a part of this the last time I was here," the Doctor said.

"Are they going to kill us?" Rose said.

"I don't know but I have a feeling we're about to find out," the Doctor said as the gas finally reached them.

Rose's heart was pounding furiously and she stepped closer to the Doctor. She debated about holding her breath but she decided it wouldn't matter since the gas was still coming out of the vents and it would probably continue to come out until they were dead. She felt the Doctor put his arm around her while the gas obscured her vision and she took comfort in the fact that she was dying next to the man she loved.

"Well, I suppose that's the last time I'll use the psychic paper to sneak in," she heard the Doctor quip as the gas enveloped them both.

She decided to end it quickly and took in deep breaths. The gas didn't make her cough or gag but she did feel a bit lightheaded from taking it in. She felt woozy and she stumbled as her legs suddenly felt like rubber. She felt the Doctor grabbing her from behind and he managed to lower her face first into the snow drift off to her left before she hurt herself and turn her head so she could breathe.

"What have they done to you?" she heard him saying but she was losing consciousness and his voice sounded like it was across the room now.

"Doctor," she murmured.

She felt the Doctor's hand on her back and her eyelids dropped and closed as she lost consciousness.


Rose's eyes slowly opened. She closed them again when a bright light hit them and tried again after thirty seconds. This time she could keep them open and she looked up at the sky. She frowned. Where was she? Did the Doctor manage to move her out of the room and take her outside? Or was she dead? She moved her fingers and felt something moving through them. She raised her head and noticed she was lying in snow. But she wasn't in the room anymore, she was outside. But there had been no snow, only a field of flowers and yet, there was now snow as far as the eye could see. Now completely confused, she sat up and looked around some more. There were trees all around her and there was a lake in the distance but the building wasn't there and neither was the road. Where the hell was she? She looked up but it was snowing now and the grey clouds obscured the sky, making it impossible to tell how many suns were in the sky.

"Doctor?" she called as she slowly got to her feet and looked around.

"You are safe, Rose."

Rose looked around. She heard a man's soothing voice coming from somewhere. She swore it was the sky but she couldn't see anything except the sky and the snow. Now that she thought about it, the day was warm and so was the snow.

"There are no limits here, Rose," the man's voice said. "You are free to do anything."

"Am I dead?" Rose called back.

There was no answer to that and Rose sighed in frustration.

"Am I dead?" she repeated.


Rose turned and gasped when she suddenly saw the Doctor in front of her. She looked at him and swore a golden aura was emanating from his body.

"Doctor?" Rose said, tentatively reaching out to touch him. "Are we…dead?"


"Where are we?" Rose said, looking around in confusion.

"You're safe, Rose. You're with me."

Rose looked around before looking back at the Doctor. She blinked in surprise when she saw him. Now the aura around him had increased and he looked like he was glowing. She felt herself becoming aroused as she gazed at him and she remembered the voice saying there were no limits here. She wondered again if she was in Heaven. The Doctor said they weren't dead but maybe he meant that their souls weren't dead, only their bodies. If this was Heaven…

She suddenly realized that the voice also said she was free. If she was dead and the Doctor was here too, then he was also free. Free of the barrier that separated them in life. The whole Curse of the Time Lords thing wasn't a factor anymore. They were together at last. Rose moved closer to the Doctor and touched his chest. He felt solid. Were souls solid? She looked into his eyes and saw the familiar loving look but also a tinge of sadness?

"You're real?" Rose said, touching his cheek.

"Yes, Rose," he said.

She put her fingers on his lips, his warm, moist lips and suddenly she longed to kiss them. She took her hand away and moved her lips towards his. She paused a moment and looked at him but he didn't do anything except smile so she very gently put her lips on his. To her delight, the Doctor kissed them and she felt her body tingle as she deepened the kiss. She felt the Doctor's arms go around her and she felt like she was truly in Heaven now. She stopped kissing him and examined his face but there was only that loving look and warm smile that she loved so much so she figured that was a sign for him to go on. She grabbed the lapels of his trench coat and slowly pulled it up and over his shoulders. The Doctor didn't resist as she took it off him and he stood still while she took off his jacket. But the whole fact that he wasn't helping or doing anything other than standing there gave her pause and she let the jacket fall into the snow behind him while she gave him a wary look.

"Doctor?" she said.

"Yes, Rose?"

"Are you…alright?" Rose said.

"I'm fine, Rose."

"It's just that…you're not doing much and I'm wondering if I'm going too far now."

The Doctor smiled at that and embraced her. Rose felt a little better about what she was doing when he leaned in and tenderly kissed her forehead. Maybe he was just as shell-shocked as she was about being dead and he needed time to recover from it.

"Did you hear the voice?" Rose asked him.

The Doctor nodded.

"It said we were free now, there were no more limits," Rose said, caressing his cheek. "We're in Heaven now, I just know it. Now there's nothing to separate us."


Rose leaned in and kissed his lips again. The Doctor stiffened for a moment before he returned it.


The Doctor was fuming inside. He had managed to activate his bypass system and avoid inhaling the gas but Rose couldn't do that. He realized what was going on when Rose woke up and began to hallucinate. He hadn't been to this facility in ages but apparently they changed from being just a pleasant place to play in the snow to one where couples could go and get gassed with an aphrodisiac that would put them in the mood for shagging on the snow. Rose wasn't in control of herself at the moment and the bloody voice that told her she could do anything now didn't help matters. He still couldn't get out, not for another hour or so and he didn't know what to do, except stay with Rose and allow her to live out at least part of her fantasy.

In truth, this was his fantasy as well but not like this, not when Rose was drugged and out of her mind with lust. She was hesitant at the moment because she wasn't sure whether they were alive or dead but she was slowly making the decision that they must be dead and together in the afterlife and she was beginning to undress him, presumably with the intention of making love to him. He loved the idea of that but they had never gone that far in their relationship and he wasn't going to let it happen now, not while she was in this state. But he figured a little snogging couldn't hurt since they'd done that before. But he knew as soon as that door materialized and they were free to go, he was going to give the management of Snowfall sheer hell for this.

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