Chapter Three

Rose had to admit that Heaven was extremely peaceful. She wondered if the snow was permanent or if Heaven had seasons just like Earth did. But she decided it really didn't matter. A hurricane could be going on and she wouldn't mind, not as long as the Doctor was with her. Wherever the Doctor was, that was Heaven for her.

At the moment, she was walking beside him. She had tried to kiss him but he told her he just wanted to enjoy the scenery for the moment. She decided to do what he wanted, after all they now had all of eternity to be together and make love, right?

"It's beautiful here," Rose said while they walked. "I never imagined Heaven could be like this."

"Rose, listen to me, we're not dead," the Doctor said.

"But…you're glowing," Rose said, looking at him. "You look positively angelic."

The Doctor stopped her and put her hands on her arms.

"Rose, it's the gas, it made you hallucinate," the Doctor said.

"But…we're outside; we're not in that room any longer."

"It's a hallucination."

"So are you a hallucination as well?" Rose said.

"No, I'm real. But what you're seeing around us is the hallucination."

Rose stared at him in disbelief.

"You knew this would happen?" she said.

"No, I didn't know about the gas," the Doctor said, shaking his head. "I haven't been here in ages and when I was here, it was a family friendly place. They gassed you and tried to gas me so we'd lose our minds and have sex. The lustful feelings you have at the moment are due to the gas."

"But you kissed me, you let me kiss you," Rose said. "Are you fighting the gas then?"

"I didn't inhale the gas; I have a respiratory bypass system."

"Then why did you let me snog you?" Rose said, tilting her head slightly.

She raised her eyebrow when the Doctor didn't say anything.

"If you're sober, why did you let me think we were dead for a moment?" Rose said. "You could have stopped me at any time but you let it go on for a bit. And you were into it as well, I could tell that. So tell me why you didn't tell me all this sooner?"


The Doctor trailed off, knowing he really didn't have a good excuse for why he didn't inform her right away that she'd been drugged.

"You want me just as much as I want you and you enjoyed the thought that I might make love to you," Rose said when he didn't say anything else. "You stopped yourself when you realized you'd be taking advantage of me, am I right?"

"Rose, I'm sorry. I…"

He sighed deeply and nodded.

"Yeah, you're right," he muttered. "You're right about everything."

"And what are you going to do when this gas wears off. Pretend none of this ever happened and go on with life?"

"Rose, it's not the place or time. For all I know, the staff here watches everyone that comes in here."

"And you didn't think of that when your tongue was in my mouth?"

The Doctor let out a weary sigh and Rose moved closer to him and put her hand on his cheek.

"I may have been gassed but I know that what I'm feeling right now is what I've always felt for you," she said to him. "I'm sorry if that scares you and you can't admit the same but I think that we could have a relationship, despite the whole Curse of the Time Lords thing."

"But I'd rather do it in the privacy of the TARDIS, Rose."

"Why? You ashamed of me?"

The Doctor was about to protest that and then he realized by the impish expression on her face that she was teasing him.

"No, ashamed is not a word that springs to mind when I look at you," he said.

"I was so happy when I thought we were in Heaven because I realized that there would be no barriers between us now. Just you and me and all of eternity to enjoy each other. But…apparently I'm back in the real world now where there's barriers galore."

"Rose, I…"

The Doctor trailed off again, knowing she was right. He looked at her when Rose cupped his face with her hands.

"Just this once, for however long we have here, let's pretend we're dead," she said to him. "We're in Heaven, finally free of all restrictions that keep us apart in reality. Just this once, let's give in and be together. And I won't hate you for taking advantage of me when I'm drugged. You have my permission to love me."

The Doctor gazed at her and saw the usual loving and trusting look she always had. She waited in expectation while he thought this over. He glanced up at the ceiling, scanning it for any cameras. He looked at Rose when she chuckled.

"Not a fan of voyeurism, I see," she teased. "You are checking for cameras, right?"

"Yes. But not because I'm not a fan of voyeurism," he said.

He moved her close to him and put his hand on her cheek.

"It's because I don't want to share you with anyone," he said softly as he ran the back of his fingers down her cheek. "If I'm going to do this, no one gets to watch it."

Rose's heart began to race when she saw the loving look mingled with desire now.

"You belong with me and no one else," he murmured as his face moved in close to hers.

Rose whispered his name and closed her eyes when he nuzzled her forehead with his cheek.

"You know, I was going to have words with the management here about drugging you," the Doctor said softly while he caressed her cheek. "I was even contemplating putting my screwdriver up their arses for this."

Rose giggled.

"I'd love to see that," she said.

She watched while the Doctor looked around.

"You lead," Rose said, sensing what he was thinking. "Take me wherever you want, I'll follow you anywhere."

The Doctor looked off to his right for a moment before he kissed the back of Rose's hand and whispered for her to follow him.

"Anywhere, just lead me," Rose murmured.

The Doctor took her hand, squeezed it and led her to a secluded spot off to the right.

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