Chapter Four

The Doctor led Rose to a large snowy hill near the back of the room. He wasn't sure if they were being watched but he felt safer having a huge hill in between them and any possible camera. While he walked, he had to fight his urge not to do this. His head was telling him he shouldn't be doing it, that Rose wasn't in her right mind at the moment but his hearts longed for her and he realized he wanted this badly. He just hoped he wasn't knocking down a barrier that should be kept in place. His head and hearts continued to war with one another while he led her to the hill.

Then suddenly, Rose began to giggle and the Doctor looked at her with a questioning look on his face.

"What? What's so funny?" he said, stopping.

"What do you see right now?" Rose said.

The Doctor was thrown off by the question.

"I see you," he said.

"I know but what do you see around you?" Rose said.

"The room, lots of snow," the Doctor said, looking around. "Why?"

Rose giggled.

"I see a forest," Rose said. "We're in the middle of a forest now and you keep walking me through the trees."

The Doctor stared at her for a few seconds before a huge grin broke out on his face.

"It's very surreal," Rose said. "I didn't say anything but I can't laughing because it's like you're making this big beeline through the trees just so you can have me."

The Doctor chuckled.

"Well, the direct route is always best, I think," he said while Rose giggled.

He started walking with her again, leading her while she kept giggling to herself. He figured part of that was due to the gas making her a bit giddy but he had to admit he did enjoy her laughter.

"Doctor, quit stepping on the bunnies," Rose finally said.

The Doctor stopped and looked back at her.

"You're stepping on the rabbits now," Rose said, pointing to the snow at his feet. "You're going through the trees and stepping on the bunnies. You must be really desperate for sex," she added, winking at him.

"Then you warn me when I'm about to hit something," the Doctor teased.

He led her to the hill and grinned when Rose kept laughing.

"DEER!" she suddenly screamed.

The Doctor stopped short and looked at her.

"There's a deer right in front of you, you were about to hit it," Rose said, pointing to thin air in front of him.

The Doctor gave her a toothy grin and walked off with her behind him.

"Bugger the deer!" he proclaimed as he walked on.

"Bugger the deer? Sounds kinky," Rose said, giggling when the Doctor gave her a bemused look.

He got to the hill and led her around it before stopping her. He faced her and looked around once more, checking for any sign of cameras.

"Here?" Rose said, looking around. "We're in the middle of the lake."

"Blimey, they need to adjust their gas so everything fits with reality," the Doctor said. "Normally, your vision would be compensating for reality.

"No, we're in the middle of the lake now, you just walked us right into it," Rose said, looking around. "You sure you want to do it here?"

"Ah, why not, always wanted to do it in the middle of a lake," the Doctor said while Rose laughed.

He urged her to lay down and Rose giggled again as she lay down in the snow.

"Wow, we're on top of the lake now, this is Heaven if we can do that," she said to the Doctor while he sat down beside her.

"What about the deer?" the Doctor teased as he fingered the hem of her dungarees.

"Um," Rose leaned her head up and looked around. "The deer is back there, munching on grass," she said, pointing to the hill behind her.

"Am I sitting on any rabbits at the moment?"

"No, you're sitting on top of the lake though," Rose said.

"Just making sure I'm not squashing any wildlife while I do this," the Doctor said.

He positioned himself on top of her and Rose sighed when she ran her hand down the back of his light blue shirt while he kissed her forehead.

"So, how did it happen then?" Rose said while the Doctor kissed her cheek and her ear.

"How did what happen?" he said, looking at her.

"How did we die?" Rose teased.

The Doctor frowned.

"Why do you need to know that?" he said.

"Just curious," Rose said innocently while she ran her hand down her cheek. "Were we executed by a Dalek firing squad?"

"No. We were squashed by a gigantic bunny that was pissed off because I kept stepping on his brothers and sisters."

Rose giggled at that and kissed his lips.

"And the bunny hopped on top of our heads," she said while the Doctor kissed her nose.

"Yes, it was a 60 stone rabbit and it squished us flat with its monster bunny feet," the Doctor said.

"Ooo, nasty. I'm glad it was a quick death then," Rose said.

They began to undress one another. Rose was still giggling about being in the middle of the lake and seeing fish swim by while they were lying on top of it. The Doctor smiled at that and caressed her bare breast. Rose's teasing turned to moans and groans and the Doctor positioned his naked body over hers. He still kept glancing around for cameras. He didn't like the thought of a bunch of randy people viewing this from some remote location. Rose was far too special to be shared with others. But the more this scenario went on, the more he forgot about being cautious and he finally surrendered to his desire and entered her. He was pleased that everything seemed to work and they seemed to be compatible as far as parts went. That was another concern of his, that he might hurt her by doing this. But he could see that she was enjoying it and it allowed him to focus on pleasuring her completely. While he moved with her, he tried to imagine being on the lake and seeing what she was seeing. Then he imagined something that made him giggle. Rose gave him a wry look.

"What?" she said.

"I was trying to imagine the lake," he said while he thrust into her. "And I just imagined all these fish under you nibbling at your bum while we do this."

Rose's eyes widened and the Doctor giggled when she looked at the snow to her right.

"They better not be nibbling my bum," she said, looking back at him.

The Doctor chuckled and put his mouth on hers. They snogged passionately while he continued pleasuring her. He didn't know how much time had passed but he figured their time was probably almost up so he quickened his pace in case the receptionist decided to come looking for them to tell them to get out. Rose gasped and groaned as he thrust deep into her.

"Doctor, love me, please love me," Rose gasped as she arched her neck back. "Don't pretend this never happened…Ooooo," she moaned. "Love me, please."

The Doctor kissed her face all over and nuzzled it.

"I do," he gasped while Rose put her hand on the back of his head and ran it down his neck and back. "I always will."

Then suddenly, there was a loud buzzer that startled them both.

"You have five minutes left," the receptionist's voice boomed throughout the room.

"Shit!" the Doctor growled, wanting to run out there and throttle the woman for interrupting them.

He went even faster, trying to beat the clock until he finally came a couple of minutes before time was up. He exploded into her and Rose arched her head back and gasped as all words left her throat. When they were finished, the Doctor relaxed and let out another curse as he pulled out of her. He wanted to lay with her and enjoy the snow and her naked body but he was sure security would be on them in a moment if they didn't move fast enough. He urged Rose to get dressed and both of them hastily threw on their clothes. They dressed even faster when the woman told them time was up and when they finally got up, both of them were disheveled. The Doctor put his arm around Rose and led her back to the path, half expecting the receptionist to leap out from behind a hill and scream at them to get out. Rose was exhausted but he noticed there was a smile on her face. He was glad she enjoyed their lovemaking, even if it was a bit rushed at the end.

When they got back on the path, they headed back to the wall, stopping only long enough for the Doctor to collect his coat and jacket where Rose dropped it. Rose seemed to have sobered up; at least she wasn't going on about stepping on rabbits. The Doctor figured the gas was timed to last only as long as they were in the room. But Rose was still tired and she leaned on the Doctor while they walked. The Doctor smiled at her.

"Do you need a kip now?" he asked.

"In the worst way," Rose said, looking up at him.

"What do you see around us now?"

"The room, the gas wore off, I suppose, because I see what you see now."

The Doctor nodded, his suspicions confirmed.

"Will you share my bed with me while I sleep?" Rose said, glancing at him.

"Only if there's no lake involved," the Doctor said.

Rose chuckled.

"Why not? The lake was fun," she teased. "Not many people can claim they had sex on top of a lake."

"True," the Doctor said.

They stopped at the wall and it slid open. The receptionist noticed their rumpled appearance and smiled.

"So was the whole experience satisfactory?" she asked.

The Doctor looked at Rose and smiled lovingly.

"Very satisfactory," he said.

"Good, I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves," the woman said. "I hope you come back soon then."

Rose giggled at the impish look on the Doctor's face. He took her hand, squeezed it and she stayed near to him while they walked out of the room and headed for the front door.


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