Amy, Rory and River were relaxing together in the TARDIS lounge when the Doctor suddenly came into the room, a grim look on his youthful face.

"I have some bad news," he said to them.

"Yeah?" Amy said while everyone gave him their full attention.

"Well, how do I explain this," the Doctor said, walking over to a chair and slumping down into it. "We have to stay inside the TARDIS for the next three days."

"Why?" Rory said.

"Because…I won't be myself and the TARDIS is going to have us on lockdown…or me, at any rate."

His wife and in-laws shared a look.

"And why won't you be yourself?" Amy said.

"Well, see…a Time Lord's brain is filled with all the knowledge of the universe along with knowledge of all the timelines and sometimes…it needs a break, my mind, I mean. So every few centuries, my mind…well, it sorta shuts down so it can get a bit of rest."

"So…you're going into a coma for three days?" River said.

"Not exactly. Well, it'll feel like a coma for me but it's like when something is overheating and you put it on minimal power to let it cool down? My IQ points will be dropping down to the level of let's say…Forest Gump."

"You're going to be retarded for three days?" Amy said in disbelief.

"Well, you could put it that way. I won't be a drooling idiot but I won't be the brightest spark either," the Doctor said.

"And when does this IQ drop start?" Amy said warily.

"Midnight. So by the time morning rolls around, I'll be acting peculiar," the Doctor said. "Thought I'd give you fair warning."

"And we're going to be locked in here with you," Rory said.

"Well, the TARDIS locks me in to keep me safe and keep others safe. You could leave but you wouldn't be able to get back inside for three days. So, you'd be homeless during that time, which is why I think you should stay."

"You won't hurt us, will you?" Amy said.

"No, no, no. I'll just act weird but I'll still know who you are and who I am so there's no danger," the Doctor said. "Anyway, carry on. I'll go and read and enjoy my IQ for the rest of the day. Cheers!"

The Doctor got up and everyone watched while he strolled out the door. Once he was gone, Amy looked at her daughter and husband.

"Why am I suddenly dreading the next three days?" she said to them.

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