It never gets easier…

I've been to several universes now and the landing is still just as rough as the first time we tried the dimension cannon. There's nausea and a feeling of disorientation that comes from crossing the void at rapid speed. Plus, I never know what I'm going to find once I land. The Doctor was right about the universes being similar with a few differences between them. Most of the ones I've been to have been similar to my universe, nothing terribly dangerous which is a good thing since I've yet to find the Doctor. I have a special scanner that can scan for any artron energy on the planet. That's that background radiation one gets from being inside the TARDIS. I programmed the device so it doesn't pick up my artron energy. So far though, not a sausage. The Doctor is nowhere to be found and I'm getting nervous. I need to find him and find him fast.

I have a quick look round before I scan for the energy. I'm in London and it looks like the London I know except no zeppelins in the air. I'm wondering if it means I'm back home. God, I hope so. I use the scanner and my heart soars when it finally registers a signal. Oh, my beloved Doctor, at last I found you.

The SATNAV map comes up and I notice he's not too far from me. I race out of an alleyway and skid to a stop when my feet hit the pavement. I notice several men dressed in dark uniforms with black leather boots, black helmets and thick sunglasses. They're walking around here and on the other side of the street as if on patrol. This can't be right. Perhaps I landed in the future somewhere. I find a newsagents and scan the dates on the newspapers. They say it's the 25th of June, 2008. That can't be right. Maybe there was a terrorist attack then?

Then my heart stops when I get a proper look at the headline on the Times…


I unfold the paper and look at the photo but it's not the Doctor. At least it's not the Doctor I know. It's someone younger with brown hair that hangs off the side. Did he regenerate again?

"Excuse me, ducky, are you gonna buy that?"

I look up when I heard that and look at the elderly man behind the counter who is glaring at me and pointing to the paper. I sigh, reached into my pocket and give him a quid for it. He thanks me and steps back, watching warily while I walk away as if I'm going to pinch something from his precious shop. I check the SATNAV and head towards the energy signature while I quickly scan the article. According to the article, the Doctor had been taken prisoner with three other people whose names I didn't recognize and put on trial for trying to dismantle the Argelion Regime, whatever that is. He was going to be…boiled alive in Trafalgar Square at three in the afternoon. I check my watch and notice I have two hours until that happens. It also said the three others were awaiting their own executions to be carried out at a later date. I folded the paper up and put it under my arm and ran through the crowd past the patrolling men and on towards the Doctor.

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