Chapter Seven

The Doctor stopped at a door at the front of the passageway.

"I think this is it," the Doctor said before using my sonic on the door.

The door unlocked and the Doctor slowly opened it and went inside. We started to follow him when we suddenly heard the sound of a scuffle and the Doctor yelling for us to run. We looked at each other and tried to run but several guards poured out of the room and aimed their guns at us. There were seven of them and they were blocking the way out so there was no choice except to surrender.

"Where's my mother?" River said to them.

One of the guards, a young Asian man, walked up to her.

"You mean the ginger that was inside here?" he said with a heavy Chinese accent. "We found out what you were doing and went inside the room before you lot came out. We sedated her and took her to a holding cell. You, all of you and her will die along with the Time Lord. Guards, restrain them."

The guards quickly surrounded us. We couldn't do much to defend ourselves, especially since Rory was severely injured. One of the guards, a young female with short dark hair, smirked at Rory and punched him as hard as she could in the stomach. Rory grunted and his feet gave out. I glared at the woman while she laughed viciously in our faces. Two of the guards forced Rory to his feet and Asian Man commanded us to follow them. As we went past, I looked inside Amy's cell and saw the Doctor surrounded by about six more guards. We locked eyes for a moment and he gave me a smile and a wink before I moved past.


We're in a holding cell with Amy Pond awaiting our execution. I finally got to meet the woman and she's just as young as Rory is. So is River adopted then because they must have been fetuses when they had her.

Rory is in a bad way right now. He's lying on the straw in pain while his wife and daughter try to help him. Other than that, it's only me because Donna managed to talk her way out of this. She told them that we took her hostage and forced her to cooperate or else she'd die. When the guards weren't looking though, she winked at me so I realized that she did that so someone from our group was still free to help us from the outside. We haven't heard from the Doctor. No idea where they took him but I'm sure he's probably on the other side of the building and under heavy guard right now. No way are they gonna let him escape again.

The execution has been moved up one hour since they now have to compensate for all of us being there. I suppose they'll boil us alive one by one and make everyone watch while they wait their turn.

I pace around the steel room, trying to think of a solution. I wonder what the Doctor would do at the moment and try to think like he does but my mind keeps wandering and I imagine myself being boiled alive. I look over at Rory when I hear him groan and walk over that way.

"Will he be alright?" I ask them.

"He's in pain at the moment," River said. "I wish I had some medicine for him but there's nothing we can give him."

I look at Amy. Amy was also roughed up but she and River seemed to escape the worst of it. Maybe Rory resisted or maybe they felt the need to rough the men up a bit more since they're men. So far they haven't done anything to me but I'm sure Blondie will be back in here eventually with her fists ready for my face. Her and that black girl probably love that I'm about to be cooked to death.

The door opens and River and Amy stand up, shielding Rory with their bodies. In walks Blondie and I'm right, the first thing she does is hit me in the face. I'm still wearing her uniform so she went and got a spare one apparently since she's dressed like she was before. River and Amy come up beside me and Blondie chuckles.

"Rescue attempt didn't work the way you hoped, did it?" Blondie sneers at me while I rub my aching jaw. "And now you're going to end up dying with the rest of these worthless traitors."

"Where's the Doctor?" I said.

"The Time Lord? He's in another cell far away from this one so don't get your hopes up about sneaking out and rescuing him," Blondie gloated. "Guards are surrounding his cell from every side and there's no chance of him getting out undetected. And the same goes for you lot, so don't even try to break out of here."

"You do realize that the people you're serving aren't even from Earth, right?" River said to her. "They brainwashed you and your fellow humans and you're nothing but puppets to them now. The man you're trying to kill is the one who can help everyone!"

"No, he's the alien threat," Blondie said. "He's a danger and a menace to this planet and he needs to be put to death and anyone who sides with him should also die."

"You're a fool," River said. "In the end they'll turn on you and everyone else and destroy this planet. The Doctor is our only hope."

"Yeah, sure he is," Blondie said.

"Forget about it, River. She's been brainwashed too well," Amy said. "She only thinks what they want her to think."

"Oh really? It ever occur to you lot that this "Doctor" brainwashed all of you and you're thinking what he wants you to think?" she countered. "What if you're the puppets under his control?"

"Well, if we are, at least we get to travel around the universe while you're stuck on Earth in a low paying job as a thug for the government," Amy said.

Blondie snorted. She told us we had twenty minutes left before the guards returned to take us out to Trafalgar Square so we better say goodbye to each other and say our prayers. Then she left and shut the door behind it. We listened to the door being locked and waited a moment before speaking.

"So now what do we do?" Amy said.

"Pretend to submit and find a weakness," River said. "If we act timid and beg for our lives, maybe that'll lull them into a false sense of security."

"Maybe try to get their guns away from them?" I offered.

River nodded.

"The Doctor wouldn't approve of that but I'm not going to be boiled alive for this lot. If it means using force to get us out of this situation, I'm going to do it."

"What about Rory?" Amy said, gesturing to him. "He can barely stand."

"You lot worry about yourselves and I'll worry about me," Rory said. "You need to concentrate on the situation. I'll be alright; I've had worse happen to me."

"Maybe Donna is coming up with a solution," I said. "Maybe she'll smuggle us some weapons."

"Are you sure she's on our side?" River said.

I nodded. I would have done the same in her position and I know from the wink and the smile she gave me that she wasn't betraying us and I said as much to them.

When it was nearly time to go, Rory got up from the floor and came over to us. He hugged his wife and daughter and then to my surprise, gave me a hug as well.

"Nice knowing you if we don't make it out alive," Rory said as he hugged me. "You seem like a nice woman and any friend of the Doctor is a friend of mine. I just wish I could have met you in better circumstances."

I thanked him and he stepped back. Amy hugged me and said much the same and then River hugged me as well. I wanted to ask her so many questions about her and the Doctor and why she was so much older than her parents. But before I could say anything, the door opened and Blondie came in followed by ten guards. She smirked at us as River quickly stepped back from me.

"Aw, how sweet, you're hugging," Blondie said. "That's nice that you're having your goodbyes before you go. And now that you've said goodbye, you will follow us and we'll take you to your execution."

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