Chapter Eleven

There was a flash and that sense of disorientation when I landed back on the platform inside the dimension cannon lab. I checked to make sure Rory was at my side before I looked over at Ben, the man in charge of operating the dimension cannon. He's about my age and a few inches over my height. He's an Indian man who is extremely brilliant. But he's also my best mate and knows how to have a good time outside of work. He's one of the few I trust with my life inside here so I personally asked him to be in charge of sending me out. Ben put his wire rimmed spectacles on and looked at Rory with a confused look on his face while Rory leaned on me.

"This is the Doctor?" he said with a slight accent.

"No, I found the wrong Doctor," I said, slowly helping Rory off the platform. "This is Rory, one of his companions. He's badly injured and needs medical attention."

"The wrong Doctor?" Ben said. "You mean there's more than one?"

"Apparently so," I said. "I gotta get back because he needs me."

"I thought the Doctor told you to look after me," Rory said, looking at me.

"He says that all the time. No one will harm you here. Ben will make sure of that. The Doctor needs all the help he can get and I'm not sitting here while he fights that albino bitch," I said. "Besides, your wife and daughter need help as well and I know how to fight alongside the Doctor. I'll make sure you're safe here but I'm going back."

Rory nodded.

"You're like Amy," he said as Ben walked over and supported his other side. "There's no talking you out of things once your mind is made up."

"No, there isn't," Rose said.

"But can you get back here once you leave?" Rory asked me. "Can the Doctor get here?"

"We have managed to bring Rose back each time she's gone out," Ben said to him. "We can do it again."

"How many times have you gone out then?" Rory asked me.

"Oh…about ten times now," I said. "I think, the universes sorta resemble each other so it's hard to know for sure now."

"And you're willing to risk your life to find your Doctor?" Rory asked.

"I am. Because the universe needs him now more than ever," I said.


We took Rory to the med bay and helped him up onto one of the examination tables. He kept insisting he could help since he was a nurse but Ben told him it was out of the question. A young female nurse and a male doctor came in and examined him with alien tech while I waited to hear the diagnosis.

"He's been injured pretty badly," the doctor said to me when he finished examining him. "Mild concussion and a couple of cracked ribs. We could heal him and send him back if you want to wait."

"How long will it take?" I ask.

"About an hour, we have a machine that can heal the damage," the doctor said.

"Do you want to come back with me, Rory?" I asked him. "You can have a rest if you need to recover from your injuries."

"No. You said it yourself, you need all the help you can get. I'm strong enough to go back once these machines mend me. Let me go with you."

I nodded and told the doctor to heal him and let me know when they were finished. Ben tapped me on the shoulder while the doctor and nurse helped Rory lay down on the table and I turned to face him.

"Your father wants to speak with you as well," Ben said. "He's in his office."

"Alright, get the machine ready to take us back in the meantime."

Ben nodded. I glanced back at Rory before I walked out the door. My dad's office was two floors above this one so I got in the lift and headed up. When I found him, he was sitting behind his desk filling out some paperwork. I knocked on the open door since his attention was focused on doing that and he glanced up at me and smiled.

"Ben said you were back, how'd it go?" he asked as I came inside.

"I found the Doctor but it's not my Doctor," I said, sitting down in a leather chair in front of the desk. "I found an alternate Doctor. This Doctor is the eleventh Doctor and time is going faster than it is here."

"Ben said you didn't bring him back. Instead, you brought back a friend of his called Rory?"

"Yes. The Doctor and his friends were thrown in prison and beaten. Rory was severely injured so the Doctor asked me to bring him back here so he could be mended. The doctor said he could patch him up in an hour and both of us want to go back afterwards."

"But shouldn't you concentrate on finding the proper Doctor?" Pete said. "You keep saying that the timelines should be preserved and if this is a future Doctor…"

"I'm not bringing this Doctor back but I have to help him. He was in trouble and Rory and me want to go back and help him," I said.

"Do you think that's wise, Rose? What if you're not meant to interfere with his reality?" Dad said.

I thought about that for a moment. The Doctor might have sent me back here for that very reason but…I just couldn't leave him, not when Rory and me could go back and help. I had to take that chance and I told Dad that. Dad let out a weary sigh.

"Help him and return to us as quickly as you can," he said. "The universe is in danger and we need to concentrate on that. You do remember the stars going out, right?"

"I do. But to be honest, the Doctor did have the upper hand when I left. I just want to make sure it stays that way."

"Then I have something for you," Dad said, opening his desk drawer. "They made this for you. It's similar to the mobile the Doctor gave you. You can now ring Torchwood and let us know when you need to move. The barriers have faded enough that communication between the void is possible."

"Brilliant!" I said, taking the little black mobile from him.

"And if you're serious about helping the Doctor and helping him quickly, I suggest taking something from the armory to assist him," Dad said.

I nodded and gave him a hug.

"Just be careful, okay? Don't do anything to damage the timelines," Dad said as he hugged me.

"I won't, I promise," I said.


While they were mending Rory, I went down to the armory. The armory contained all manner of alien tech that Torchwood had managed to procure over the years, by any means necessary. I knew that some of the tech had been taken by force and I didn't agree with that which is why I tried to get tech through negotiation during my time here. The last thing we needed was pissed off aliens making war with us. Especially since we didn't have a Doctor to protect us. I looked around and my eyes settled on a large metal gun with a leather shoulder strap. It was huge and looked heavy but when I picked it up, it was surprisingly light. I put the strap on my shoulder and walked around with it. Whatever species made this, they did a good job since I could barely feel the weight of it. I walked down the hall to the shooting range where people practiced using the tech. I spent about a half hour working with the gun, shooting at wooden dummies about thirty feet away from me. To my relief, the gun was also easy to operate and I could handle it with ease after about ten minutes of practice. By the time the practice session was over, I was shooting the heads off the dummies with no problem.

Then Ben rang me on the mobile and told me that Rory was mended and ready. I told him to meet me in the med bay and I put the strap back onto my shoulder and with the gun at my side, I walked out of the shooting range and headed for the lift.

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