Chapter Twelve

I could tell Rory was feeling better when I entered the med bay. He was sitting up on the exam table chatting with everyone and there were no signs of bruising or injuries. He stopped talking when he saw me and stared at my gun.

"Wow, that is one big gun," he finally said.

"It's the biggest we have," I said. "I figure I can use it to intimidate everyone at least."

"Do you have any more of those?" Rory asked me.

"Not like this but we have more guns," I said.

"I want one," Rory said, sliding off the table.

"Are you well enough?" I asked.

"Yeah, I feel loads better, whatever they have, hospitals need it," Rory said.

Fat chance of them giving it up, I thought to myself.

I made sure Rory could walk and was well enough to join me before we made a quick trip back down to the armory. I could tell Rory was impressed with the selection of weapons. He selected a small, black laser blaster and the two of us headed back up to the dimension cannon room. By the time we got up there, Ben was waiting for us. I gave him the coordinates and he put them into the computer while Rory and I got back up on the platform. When he was finished, Ben wished us luck and started up the cannon.

"Will this make us feel wonky?" Rory asked as a white light started to surround us.

"For a moment but it wears off quickly," I said.

That's all I had time to say before the light intensified and we were reduced to atoms and teleported out of the building. We traveled across the void and reassembled on the other side. We were back at Trafalgar Square and it looked like all hell had broken loose there. The cauldron had been overturned and there was hot oil all over the platform. Luckily for us, we landed away from it but I shook off my disorientation and looked around. The crowds were gone and there were few people outside the boundaries of the square.

"Where is he?" Rory said, coming up beside me.

"Dunno. I hope they're alright," I said. "Are you feeling sorted now?"

"Yeah, the dizziness has passed," Rory said, nodding. "Should we go back to the prison? Maybe they've gone back there. They needed to sort out that Jack bloke before we left."

I nodded and pointed to a few people who had stopped to look at us. I waved to them and Rory and me started walking towards them. But they ran the moment they saw our guns. I sighed as I glanced down at mine.

"Perhaps I should have taken something that I could put in my pocket," I said to Rory.

"Look, the telly," Rory said, pointing to the monitor over the road from the square.

We quickly made our way to it and stopped to look at a news report. According to the newsreader, the Doctor was now back at the prison with Amy and River, holding Marbella hostage inside. They switched to a live feed outside the prison but apparently they couldn't get inside so had to be content with filming the front door. I heard a gasp behind us and turned to see a young black woman was staring at me and my gun in horror.

"Look, don't scream, yeah? We're here to help," I said quickly before she alerted the guards that Rory and me were here. "What's going on?"

"The terrorists have taken Marbella hostage. They're inside the prison," the black woman said. "Are you with them?"

"No, we're…going to liberate the prison," I lied.

"Yes, we're freelancers," Rory said. "We were hired by the government to capture the terrorists."

The woman relaxed and smiled.

"Good luck then, make sure they're punished," the woman said before walking away.

"We will," I said as I waved goodbye.

I turned to Rory and grinned.

"But I didn't say who we'd punish," I said to him while he smiled and nodded.

We looked around, making sure no guards were around before we headed towards the prison.


I found out the reason why the guards were scarce when we reached the prison. There were loads of them surrounding the prison. Rory and I were standing in the alley where I knocked out the two female guards earlier. Rory shook his head when he saw all the guards stationed outside the front door. There was also a camera crew and a female reporter. She was speaking into a microphone while she stood in front of the alley, telling the viewers at home what was happening.

"I don't think they'll let us walk in," Rory said to me.

"No but…"

Rory watched while I pulled out my satnav scanner and my mobile. I nodded at Rory and he followed me as I walked farther into the alley. I called Ben and smiled when the call went through without any problem.

"What's wrong?" Ben asked.

"Can you get us inside a certain building if I get you the coordinates?" I said softly while I started at the satnav nitor.

"I think I can," Ben said. "We can lock on to the mobile and use that to move you around. Something else Research and Development came up with while you were out on holiday."

I snorted at that.

"This is hardly a holiday, Ben," I said, looking around. "But I can give you the coordinates of the prison. I just need you to get us inside it, can you do that?"

"I'll do my best, Rose," he said. "Just wait a tick while I lock on to you."

"Better take hold of my arm since they're locking on to me," I said to Rory before giving Ben the satnav coordinates. .

Rory nodded and grabbed my left arm while I waited for Ben to speak. I could hear him doing something while I waited and I prayed he would get us inside the building.

"I think I can do it," Ben said. "If not, I can bring you back here and send you back out again but I don't think that's necessary."

"Just do whatever you need to, we need to reach the Doctor," I said.

There was another long pause while I glanced around, praying no one would come into the alley and see us.

"Okay, I got it, I think," Ben finally said after five minutes. "I'm gonna try to move you remotely. Ring me back and let me know if it was successful."

I told him I would and ended the call. I put the satnav and mobile back in my pocket and told Rory to hold on to my arm. We waited a few minutes and I smiled when the bright light began to surround us again.

"I think it's working," I said to Rory before the light intensified and we both moved out of the alley.

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