A/N: This story is based on elements of Mortal Kombat and The Hunger Games.

Chapter One

"Doctor? Are you in here?" Rose said as she walked into the console room.

The Doctor looked over his shoulder while he stood at his console. He smiled warmly and beckoned to her when she came in.

"I'm here. What do you need?" he asked her.

"Just wanted to know what you were doing today," Rose said.

"Well…I dunno. What do you wanna do?" the Doctor said.


The Doctor raised his eyebrow.

"Dinosaurs," he repeated.

"Yeah. Let's go kill a T-Rex or one of those velociraptor things," Rose said, sitting down on the jump seat.

"Are you bored?" the Doctor said while she laughed. "I mean…REEEEALLY bored? Because it sounds like you're in a mood to challenge death."

"I just want to see you in action," Rose said. "I want to see you take on forty raptors like in Jurassic Park."

"That's wrong, you know. Most of the animals from Jurassic Park were from the Cretaceous period," the Doctor said.

"Yeah," Rose said, "so…raptors then?"

"You do know that for the most part they were spot on in that film about how raptors hunt and kill, right? And you want me to go after them? With what, a red matador cape saying heeere, raptor, raptor, raptor?"

"I want to see you fight one."

"One…or forty," the Doctor said.

"Um…two hundred."

Rose sniggered at the withering look on the Doctor's face.

"Okay…two hundred raptors coming right up!" he said, turning to his monitor.

Rose stopped laughing and watched while he ran around the TARDIS, doing his usual manic dance while he changed course.

"You're really going?" Rose said.

"TARDIS, take us to two hundred raptors!" the Doctor called up to the ceiling.

"Oh my God, you're serious then," Rose said.

The Doctor finished changing course and leaned back against the console, a smug look on his face.

"If we do this, you go first," he said to her.

"I said, you fight the raptors," Rose said.

"And I said, you go first. You're my partner in crime, you go first…if you have the guts," the Doctor said.

The TARDIS landed and powered down and the Doctor gestured to the door.

"You first, Tyler," he said.

"No, you first," Rose said.

"No, this is your idea," the Doctor said.

"No, I said you were the one who was gonna fight the raptors so get out…"

She shut up when they heard something pounding on the door. The Doctor jerked around.

"Can raptors knock on doors?" Rose said.


The Doctor staggered back when he heard Jack calling his name outside the TARDIS before more pounding.

"Jack?" Rose said, getting to her feet. "Jack!" she said when Jack called the Doctor's name again and she ran to the door.

She opened it and Jack grinned as he grabbed her and gave her a tight hug.

"Blondie! Are you a sight for sore eyes!" he said.

He looked over Rose's shoulder at the Doctor. The Doctor hadn't moved and Jack raised his eyebrow.

"Hi, Dad, I'm home," Jack said to the Doctor.

"You're in the cretaceous period then?" the Doctor said, not coming towards the door.

"Is that where I am?" Jack said, letting go of Rose and looking around.

"You don't know where you are?" Rose said.

"Well, I was in my office in Cardiff and there was this flash of light and I found myself in this forest. I was about to go explore when I heard the TARDIS. When you say cretaceous period, you mean…"

"Dinosaurs, Jack. I took Rose back to the cretaceous period and I find you instead of raptors."

"Raptors?" Jack said, looking around. "As in the Jurassic Park raptors?"

Jack ran inside the door with Rose and shut it. He turned and noticed the Doctor had stepped back several paces.

"You're not glad to see me?" Jack said while Rose gave the Doctor a confused look. "I've been looking for you."

"I know," the Doctor said. "And I am glad but at the same time, I'm not glad to see you, Jack."

"Wanna tell me why?" Jack said. "I came back to life on the Gamestation and I was almost to the TARDIS when you left me there. If I didn't have my vortex manipulator, I might still be stuck there."

"I know all about that, Jack. And I left you there on purpose," the Doctor said.

"Care to tell me why?" Jack said, folding his arms over his chest.

"Because of what you've become," the Doctor said.

"How'd ya mean?" Rose said.

The Doctor was about to explain when they heard another knock on the front door.

"Friends of yours?" the Doctor said to Jack as he pointed to the door.

"No, I came here alone," Jack said.

"Who is it?" the Doctor yelled.

Suddenly the TARDIS tilted and they stumbled towards the back of the room. They were about to hit the back wall when the TARDIS righted the room. The Doctor ran back to the console and checked it.

"The TARDIS is being carried," he said, reading the monitor. "It's being taken somewhere and I have a feeling raptors aren't doing it."

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