Chapter Twelve

The Tenth Doctor, Amala and Jack reached the outskirts of the forest and looked down at the valley below them. They couldn't see anyone, human, alien or raptor.

"So, the coast is clear then?" Jack asked.

"Seems so," the Doctor said.

"Surely you don't believe you can just walk back to the stage without being stopped," Amala said. "The Gamemaster must have anticipated some fighters trying to come back before time was up."

"Well, there's one way to find out, isn't there?" the Doctor said to her before starting down the slope.

Amala shook her head.

"Does he often do this? Walk off without checking to make sure it's safe?" Amala said to Jack.

"All the time," Jack said. "But I'm not worried, I can't stay dead so…"

Jack followed the Doctor. Amala grumbled under her breath and followed them. They managed to make it to the bottom before an energy field surrounded them.

"See, there are safeguards," Amala said to the Doctor.

"Well, we wouldn't have known that unless we tried," the Doctor said defensively.

A bright light surrounded them and they were transmatted away to a different location. When the light faded, they looked around and noticed four bodies around them. Two men, a woman and a white skinned alien were all lying dead.

"Someone's been busy," Jack said.

"And that someone would be me."

They turned around and watched while Trevor stepped between a couple of trees.

"Hello, duckies, miss me?" he said with a sneer while he withdrew a blaster from the holster on his hip.


"You're so predictable, Doctor," the Valeyard said. "I did think about chasing after Rose but then I realized that maybe if I wait, I'll catch her or your previous self here. And lo and behold, I was right. Except you somehow found a way to come back to the present time. Unexpected but not totally surprising considering you usually find a way to break free of any trap you fall into. The TARDIS signaled me when you transmatted in and I figured someone would try to free my prisoners so I came straight here and…I was right again! I'm good. Too bad you managed to free the most worthless one though, Doctor."

"Who is this?" Rory asked the Doctor.

"I am the Valeyard…and I see you explained it to Rose since she isn't surprised. Did he tell you what I am?"

"A possible future evil version of the Doctor," Rose said.

"Very good."

"Possible evil version?" Rory said. "Like the Dream Lord?"

"P'eh, the Dream Lord is a boy scout compared to me. He was just a projection of the Doctor's mind. I am the real deal. And now that there are two of us…"

The Valeyard pulled up his robe and revealed a black metal box strapped to his ankle. He pushed a button on the top of it and there was a shimmer around his body and the youthful body of the eleventh Doctor was replaced with a man who was middle aged and wearing a black skullcap that matched his robe.

"As you can see, I'm older and wiser than the buffoon in front of me," he said, gesturing to Eleven.

"Older but definitely not wiser, you should have stayed hid, Valeyard," Eleven said.

"And miss out on having fun?" the Valeyard said. "Besides, I came back for my beloved Rose."

"I'm not your Rose, mate," Rose said, backing up to the Doctor.

"Oh but you are my Rose. You see, I'm him, whether you want to admit it or not," the Valeyard said. "I meant what I said when you were my true love."

Rose snorted and the Valeyard waved a dismissive hand.

"No matter, you will worship me once I'm through with you," he said.

"Leave them alone," Eleven said.

"Ah, such a classic line, Doctor. Love that one almost as much as the would you like a jelly baby or reverse the polarity of the neutron flow rubbish that used to spew from your mouth. And let's not forget Geronimo, of course, and bow ties are cool. Well, Doctor, you know what else is cool? Mind slaves that do your bidding," he added, pointing to Rose and Rory. "Mind slaves are definitely cool."

Eleven rolled his eyes when the Valeyard laughed at that. He told Rose and Rory to get behind him and the Valeyard snorted.

"As if I can't stop you and just take what I want," he said mockingly. "Rose, come here."

Eleven glanced at Rose. Rose folded her arms over her chest and gave him a pointed look when she didn't move. The Valeyard shrugged.

"As you wish…my love," he said.

The Valeyard barreled into the Doctor and slammed him into Rose and Rory. Both companions gasped when they were shoved into the cryopod and fell backwards over it. They hit the floor while the Valeyard bent the Doctor back over the pod and put his weight on the Doctor's body. Rory gritted his teeth and slammed his open hands into the Valeyard's forehead, snapping his head back.

"Isn't it time you died and stayed dead, nancy boy?" the Valeyard growled at him.

He pulled out a long black strip of metal and slammed it down on Eleven's neck. The metal wrapped around the neck and Eleven gasped when a forcefield covered his body and paralyzed him. The Valeyard let out a derisive snort and stood up while the Doctor yelled for Rose and Rory to run.

"Come to me, my disciples," the Valeyard said, walking around the tube while the Doctor lay paralyzed across it. "You were my companions once, be my companions again."

He laughed when Rose and Rory ran around him, trying to get to the door. But the Valeyard commanded the TARDIS to seal the door and they stopped when the door became part of the wall.

"Let them go, you have me. Let my friends go!" Eleven yelled at the Valeyard.

The Valeyard looked over his shoulder and gave him a disdainful look while he moved towards Rose and Rory.

"Come, children, this can be painless if you don't resist," he said to them.

Rose and Rory tried to dart around him but the Valeyard commanded the TARDIS to entrap their feet and both of them gasped when their feet sank into the floor when it suddenly liquefied. The floor hardened, pinning them in place. The Valeyard chuckled when he saw the fearful look on Rose's face.

"Don't be afraid, Rose," he said, coming up to her. "I told you that before and I meant it. There's no need to fear me. I'm your Doctor."

"Just let them go. Take me. Do whatever you want to do but let them go," Rose said.

The Valeyard rolled his eyes.

"I see the disciple has begun parroting her master," he said. "Don't you get it? I want all of you so offering to sacrifice yourself for the others won't work. And now that I have you where I want you…"

He ordered the TARDIS to bring the door back and told her to move the lab to the door. Rose flinched when he ran a gloved finger down her cheek.

"Wait here, my love. I have a surprise for you and Rory," he purred before he walked between them, opened the door and went into the laboratory.

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