Chapter Sixteen

The Valeyard smirked while he looked at his captives. Rose and Rory were standing inside a glass dome inside the lab. The Valeyard had transmatted them both into it after he transmatted the Eleventh Doctor to the next game zone. Now he gave them a triumphant look, walking around the dome while Rose and Rory kept turning and keeping him in sight.

"What are you going to do to us?" Rory asked.

"I am going to send you on to the next game zone, the ice planet of Fritopia, which incidentally is about to be destroyed by Comet Kelton."

"So do it then, send us there and have done with it," Rose said.

The Valeyard chuckled.

"So brave and so bold," the Valeyard said, putting his hand on the dome. "But deep inside, I know you're afraid, both of you. But I can't send you to Fritopia yet, my love. You're not ready and neither is he."

"So you're going to use that stuff and make us your slaves," Rory said.

"Yes and no. I'm going to make you my slaves but not with that liquid I made. I decided to do something else. I decided, my former companions, to transform you into raptors."

He chuckled at the stunned looks on their faces.

"Oh yes, the raptors who obey me, they were once people. I picked them from among the fighters I brought to Earth. I chose the ones who were a bit thick and thuggish and made them my enforcers. I was going to spare you that fate but where you're headed you'll need the velociraptor's advantages. Course, being an ice planet, I'll need to make a slight modification to the raptor design but that is easy for someone like me."

"Look, you don't need to do this," Rose said. "You're the Doctor, surely there's some goodness left in ya."

The Valeyard laughed.

"Ah, my love, you'd like that, wouldn't you?" he said. "But unfortunately, any…goodness I had was weeded out long ago. To me, goodness equals weakness and I won't be seen as a weakling! Now…go to sleep so I can work on you."

Rory and Rose gasped when sleeping gas came up from the floor. The Valeyard laughed while they coughed and gasped and stumbled to the floor while the gas filled the dome.


Meanwhile, the TARDIS was observing all of this with sadness. She wanted to help them but Rose had asked her to free Amy and River and she couldn't do both. She decided that perhaps if she freed the captives still in cryostasis, they could undermine the Valeyard and save the others. So she mustered all her strength and turned her attention to the tubes. But to her dismay, she found that she could only muster enough strength to open one. So she chose River since River was closer to her than Amy was and she could communicate with her better. Fighting against the barriers the Valeyard had put on her, she concentrated on River's tube, willing it to wake her up and free her. It took everything she had but finally she heard a hiss inside the tube and she knew River was waking up. She was exhausted and it would take some time before she could try to free Amy but at least River was awake. She watched while the tube opened and River slowly set up, her mind still a bit fuzzy from the cryostasis.

When she was alert, the TARDIS mustered her strength again and River paid attention while she thought to her and told her what was going on.


The Valeyard smiled as he looked at his finished soldiers. Rose and Rory had been put into a machined that manipulated DNA and changed one thing into another. He had used it to change the others into his raptor soldiers but for his two latest pets he had to make a modification for the cold weather. So he added dense fur, similar to wooly mammoth fur all over their bodies. He also programmed the machine to make Rose's eyes blue instead of yellow so he could tell her apart from Rory. While they were still unconscious, he had added the mind control collars, putting them around their necks as he had done for all the others. Then he programmed the machine to wake them up after stepping outside it and when he heard the chittering coming from within the large, black metallic box, he opened the door in the side of it and stepped in.

He called to his new pets and both Rory and Rose came to him without hesitation. He petted their fur while they cooed and chittered. He looked at the blue eyes of the raptor to his left and scratched under Rose's snout.

"And now, my love, you will obey me completely," he said to her. "You and Rory have no choice but to obey and you will kill the two Doctors and tear them to shreds. As for Jack…well…I will leave him there with no way back and you and him will die when the comet slams into the planet. I'm sorry I have to do this to you, Rose and Rory but I can't risk either of you breaking free of your mind control. Especially since the collar is the only thing keeping your minds in my thrall. Of course, the Doctors could figure that out but you won't let them get that close, will you?"

Rose chittered and cooed and the Valeyard chuckled as he rubbed the top of her snout.

"And now, my soldiers, come with me. It's time for you to hunt down the Doctors and kill them once and for all," he said before the raptors followed him out of the machine.

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