Chapter Seventeen

Once River was fully awake and knew where she was and what was going on, she was on her way to the TARDIS armory. She wanted to stay and get her mother out of cryostasis but the TARDIS told her there was no time to wait and promised her that she would get Amy out as soon as she had the strength. River needed to stop the Valeyard before he succeeded so she decided to take the TARDIS's advice and head for the armory. While she ran she looked down at her pink tank top and khaki shorts and knew she'd need a change of clothes as well if she was heading to an ice planet. She picked up speed since now every moment counted.


The Valeyard called to his slaves and Rose and Rory mounted the transmat platform. He rubbed their backs while they chittered to him.

"So brave, both of you," the Valeyard said to them. "It's a pity to kill you off, not when you could prove so useful but you'd never submit to my will willingly and it's too risky to use external methods. But at least this way you can serve me, even if it's only briefly. But hear me, my pets. Kill the Doctors any way you can and make sure they stay dead. Destroy both of their hearts, rip them to shreds, eat them, scatter the remains to the four winds, I don't care. Just make sure they're dead for good."

He had a thought and gave them an additional command.

"When you see them, tell them who you are, my pets. Let them know who is killing them," he said as he petted them. "And now, stay here while I activate the transmat and send you on your mission."

With a chuckle, he walked off the platform while Rose and Rory waited patiently.


River headed down the stairs, heading away from the wardrobe room after changing into some thermal underwear and a snowsuit. She ran on to the armory, praying that she wasn't too late to stop the Valeyard. She had only a vague notion of who he was but the notion that he was an evil version of her lover filled her with horror. She knew what the Doctor was capable of but for him to turn completely evil. She knew the whole of reality was at risk now as long as this evil version of her beloved remained alive and with that knowledge, she increased her speed even more until she was dashing through the passageways towards the armory.


"So…where is everyone?" Jack asked as they walked across a vast snowy area towards a large rocky mountain. "Did everyone else die? Is it just us now?"

"I don't know but even if the others were transmatted to different areas, we have enough on our plate at the moment," Ten said, pointing up to the comet. "We have to find a way back before the comet hits and vaporizes us."

Jack nodded. He looked at Eleven.

"What happened to your eyebrows? You burn them off in a fire or something?" he said to him.

"No, Jack, I didn't burn my eyebrows off in a fire," Eleven said.

"Just wondering because you don't have much of them," Jack said.

"I can't keep going," they heard Amala say.

Everyone stopped and looked behind them as Amala who was now stumbling through the snow. Her body was blue at the moment but Ten could tell that something was wrong with the lower half of her body. He walked over to her.

"What is it?" he asked.

"I'm freezing, my legs are numb now," Amala said.

"She had frostbite," Eleven said as he and Jack walked up to her.

"She needs trousers," Jack said. "And proper shoes."

"Which weren't provided for her," Ten said. "Which means they weren't expecting her. She got caught in the transmat with us. And I've only got one pair of trousers and trainers and I actually do need them, not to mention I don't want to walk around here in my smalls."

"I'll carry her," Eleven said. "We can't warm her up but maybe the damage will be lessened if she's away from the snow."

Eleven gathered her into his arms and picked her up.

"Sorry, I can't spare trousers or trainers either," he said to Amala.

"That's alright, it feels better not walking in the snow," Amala said weakly.

"We have to find a way back now before Amala freezes to death," Ten said.

Jack was about to say something when he saw a large flash of light off to his left. He pointed to it but he put his hand down when they saw two raptors standing up.

"Great, as if we needed more trouble," Jack said. "What the hell is that though? Looks like raptors who forgot to shave."

"Wooly raptors?" Eleven said with a frown while the raptors shook the loose snow off their bodies and stared at them. "Is there such a thing?"

"Apparently there is now," Ten said.

The raptors were about a hundred feet from them. Ten called to them in raptor, telling them they were friends in the hope the raptors would buy it. One of the raptors chattered back to them and Jack saw the stricken look on both Doctors' faces when it finished speaking.

"What's wrong?" Jack said.

Ten turned towards him, a grim look on his face.

"These aren't just any raptors. They're Rose and Rory, the Valeyard changed them and enslaved them and now they're going to kill us," he said.

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