Chapter Eighteen

"That son of a bitch," Jack growled. "I'm gonna kill him the moment I see him again."

The two Doctors glanced at each other and began to call out to their companions in raptor, chittering furiously in an attempt to hold off the attack. Rose and Rory stared at them for a moment before they began walking towards them.

"They're walking, that's a good sign, right?" Jack said. "Doesn't mean they're hellbent on killing us?"

"No, they're probably getting us within striking range," Eleven said. "Can you take Amala from me for the moment while I try to talk to them."

Jack nodded. He gathered Amala into his arms and smiled warmly at her.

"Hello there, fancy meeting you here," he said.

"I'm so cold," Amala said weakly.

"I know, we're working on that," Jack said, looking around for any sort of shelter for her.

In his rucksack were materials for starting a fire but all he could see was rocks and snow everywhere he looked. Meanwhile, the Doctors were waiting for their companions to draw near to them. The two raptors were still walking and when they were halfway to them, Ten glanced at Eleven.

"See that? They have the mind control collars on their necks. Why would they need those if they're under the Valeyard's control?" he said softly to Eleven.

"Which means we can get them off and maybe Rose and Rory will…well, they won't go back to being themselves but they won't attack us," Eleven said.

"Do you have a sonic?" Ten muttered to him.

"Yeah, have to find the right setting for the collars though," Eleven muttered back.

"Do it. I'll distract them," Ten muttered before walking forward.

While he walked, Ten noticed that Rose had blue eyes and Rory had yellow. He snorted at that. He figured since Rose was the one to speak, the Valeyard had specifically asked her to tell them who they were. Ten was glad that their other self had given them a way to tell them apart. He didn't know who Rory was but if he was a future friend he was just as valuable to him as Rose was and he didn't want either one of them to be hurt or killed. He stopped when he came within twenty feet of them and to his relief, both raptors stopped when he did and studied him.

You are not afraid? Rose chittered to him.

You know I'm not, Rose, the Doctor chittered back.

I am no longer Rose, she no longer exists, Rose chittered.

Then why did you identify yourself as such? the Doctor chittered back.

Because you need to know who we were before we kill you, Rose chittered.

You won't kill me. You're not capable of it. Neither of you are. I don't know you, Rory, but you know me in the future and you won't hurt me. I trust you both.

Rose fell silent and both raptors studied him. He stiffened when Rose began to walk around him while Rory stayed where he was. He figured they were going to come at him from both sides so he turned sideways, keeping both raptors in his sight. He glanced at his predecessor who was trying different settings and aiming them at Rose. But so far he hadn't found the right setting. Rose followed his gaze and shrieked when she saw what he was doing. She ran towards him and Eleven dashed away. The Doctor jumped out of the way when Rory started to attack him and he quickly got to his feet. Jack ran with Amala to nearby rock. He tore off his winter coat and put it down on the rock. He wrapped Amala's legs and torso inside it and picked up a large rock that was off to the side. He ran towards Rose who was trying to get at Eleven while Eleven ducked and weaved and ran in a zigzag pattern. Jack ran up to Rose and hurled the rock at her legs. Rose had just enough time to look back and see him before the rock struck her right leg. She shrieked out in pain and stumbled, her arms flailing as she fought to regain her balance. Jack muttered an apology to his friend and slammed into Rose from the side. Rose shrieked again when she fell over in the snow and Jack tried to pin her down. He gasped and pulled his legs in while Rose flailed in the snow, trying to get back up.

"Come on, Blondie, don't fight!" Jack said, through gritted teeth while he tried to keep her on the ground.

"Jack, watch out, don't let her slice you open," Eleven said as he tried another setting on the sonic. "We can't afford to have you die right now."

"I'm not planning on dying," Jack said through gritted teeth as he tried to pin down Rose's neck with his elbow.

Meanwhile, the Doctor found another large rock and was trying to bring Rory down. But Rory kept his distance after seeing what happened to Rose. He backed up and hissed at Ten while Ten held the large rock with both hands.

"You know me, Rory. You know what I'm capable of," Ten said while Rory hissed at him. "You know I could take you down with no problem. You may be enslaved but I'm betting you still have a sense of self preservation, eh? Perhaps you're even reluctant to hurt me because you're fighting his control?"

Rory took a few steps to the right and the Doctor could tell he was trying to work out a strategy.

"I have a sonic, Rory, and once my other self figures out the proper setting, I'll be using it on you," the Doctor said to him.

Meanwhile, Rose was trying to find a foothold in the snow while Jack pinned her down with all his strength.

"Come on, Blondie, you can't resist my charms," he said to her when she raised her head and snapped at him. "Why fight the inevitable?"

"Only you would think of shagging a raptor, Jack," the Doctor said, trying another setting.

He jerked his head up when Rory suddenly decided to attack Jack. He shrieked at Jack and Jack muttered an "Oh, shit!" as Rory made for him with claws bared. Eleven tried the newest setting and his hearts soared when the collar clicked open.

"Oh no you don't, Rory Williams," he said, swinging the sonic around and turning it on Rory.

The collar clicked open and Rory stopped a foot away from Jack. Jack, who was flinching, relaxed when Rory stopped his assault. He looked at Rose who was lying silently in the snow.

"Did it work?" Jack said to Eleven.

Keeping his eye on Rory, Eleven knelt down to Rose.

"Rose? Are you going to hurt me now?" he asked gently.

No hurt, Rose chattered back to him.

"Jack, get off her, I think it's safe now," Eleven said to him.

Jack hesitated a moment before slowly sliding off Rose. Eleven slowly put his hand out and smiled when Rose let him put it on her snout.

"They're free, they won't hurt us now," Eleven said to Jack.

Ten dropped the rock and walked over to Rory. Rory looked behind him and Ten smiled when he lowered his head and sheepishly walked towards him.

"Are you apologizing now?" Ten said, laying his hand on Rory's head. "I think you are, aren't you?"

Rory let out a mournful chirp and the Doctor rubbed his neck and assured him all was forgiven. Eleven helped Rose to her feet and she nuzzled his hand and cooed at him.

"It's alright, Rose. You're forgiven," Eleven said gently as he took the collar off her and threw it down.

Ten did the same to Rory and smiled when Rose walked up to him and nuzzled his arm.

"Hello, long time no see," Ten said softly as he rubbed her neck. "I see we'll have to sort you out when we get back to the TARDIS. I don't think I want a raptor for a companion."

"And I don't think Amy wants a raptor for a husband," Eleven said, coming up and putting his hand on Rory's back. "But at least we stopped them from attacking."

Ten glanced over at Amala and noticed she was lying very still.

"Come on, we need to find a way out of here for all of us before it's too late," he said.

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