Chapter Twenty

River breathed a sigh of relief when she shut the armory door. So far, no one had stopped her and she was able to make it here unopposed. Which was good since she needed the element of surprise. The armory resembled a large martial arts dojo because the Doctor practice his skill with weapons here occasionally. The walls were lined with swords from Earth and other planets along with other weapons but River ignored all that as she made her way to a wall panel that had nothing on it. She found a small groove halfway up the panel and opened a smaller panel. Behind it was a small keypad. She put in her personal code and the panel opened like a door. Behind the panel was her gun and blaster collection. Her Doctor allowed her to keep them here but out of sight so he didn't have to look at them. She studied the guns and selected a Chelonian blaster. The blaster was white with gold trim, something a noble would use. But it was extremely powerful and accurate. She also chose her squareness gun, just in case she needed it and grabbed a leather gun belt with two holsters. She strapped it around her waist and put the blaster on her right side and the squareness gun on her left. Then she closed the panel and hurried out of the room.


"Good, it's dry in here," Eleven said as they slowly entered the cave.

Rose and Rory had taken the lead, relying on their heightened senses and vision to make sure there was nothing inside. Eleven was behind Rory, helping to steady Amala. Her head was slumped forward and Eleven was afraid she was about to slid off Rory's back. Once they made sure the cave was uninhabited, Eleven took the coat off Amala's lap and spread it on the rocky floor. Then they gently lowered her onto it and wrapped it around her.

While they were doing that, Rory chittered to Rose. Ten listened to him telling her that they should patrol outside and make sure nothing else would come to the cave. Ten warned them to be careful before the two of them headed outside.

"We need something to burn," Eleven said to his counterpart. "We need to make a fire and warm her up."

"Here, burn this," Jack said, taking Eleven's jacket off and holding it out. "What? You need something to burn, right?" Jack said when Eleven eyed him.

"Where's your coat, anyway?" Eleven said, taking his jacket from him.

"Well, it's a curious thing. See, I was in my office, sans coat, trying to have some coffee and the next thing I know I'm in dinoland," Jack said. "Unfortunately, the Gamemaster or Valeyard or whatever his name is didn't let me go back and get my coat so that's why I don't have it on me."

"Where are the fire starting materials you mentioned?" Ten said, taking off the backpack and his jacket.

Jack took the backpack off Eleven's back and looked through it while both Doctors emptied the pockets of their jackets, putting the items in their trouser pockets. Jack pulled out a small can of kerosene and a box of matches and passed them to the Doctors. Eleven bunched the jackets up and poured kerosene on them. Then he lit a couple of matches and several minutes later they had a small fire going.

"This won't last without wood," Eleven said, fanning the flames with his hand. "We need something else to keep it going."

Ten noticed one raptor was by the door. He looked at the eyes.

"Yes, Rose?" he said when he saw her blue eyes.

I can help, Rose chittered as she pointed to the fire.

"Oh? How?" Ten said.

Rose didn't answer. Both Doctors watched while she went away from the door.

"Did our pet find wood?" Eleven said to his counterpart.

"Perhaps," Ten said. "Our pet is a bright spark. She could find wood when no one else could."

"You two just love this whole Rose as a raptor thing, don't ya?" Jack said, holding out his hands to the warmth of the fire.

"She's useful," Ten said.

"Yes, they took down a big bear, did you see?" Eleven said.

"And don't tell me you aren't turned on by her being a big, hairy raptor," Ten said.

"Just what kind of man do you think I am?" Jack said.

Both Doctors gave him a pointed look.

"Although, I did consider taking a ride on her back but I thought you'd both clobber me if I tried that," Jack said.

Ten was going to reply but Rose came into the cave carrying a tiny furry volelike creature in her mouth.

"Dinner!" Jack said.

He shut up when Rose dropped the vole into the fire.

No wood, she chittered to the Doctors. Rodents burn, she added, pointing to the fire.

"Great, now the entire cave will smell like burnt rat," Eleven said to Ten.


Rose looked at Jack when he said her name. He came up beside her.

"You look so divine as a big, furry reptile," he said breathlessly.

Both Doctors snickered when Rose just stared at him silently. Jack licked his finger and put it on her furry snout.

"Honey, can I ride you?" he purred. "Or would you like to ride me instead?"

The Doctors laughed harder when Rose backed away from Jack.

"Ah, come on, Blondie. You look like Cousin Itt off the Addams Family now. It turns me on," Jack said.

"Help me," Rose chittered to the Doctors.

"What did she say?" Jack said to Ten.

"I believe it was something like, get away from me, you raptor rapist," Ten said, getting up. "Relax, Rose, I think Jack's taking the mickey out of you. We told him we were surprised he hadn't tried to chat you up yet."

"So…" Jack purred as he moved to Rose's side. "Can I have a ride?"

Ten swore he saw a smile on Rose's face as she squatted down.

"Seriously?" Jack said. "Cool!"

"Comet heading for the planet, Amala's freezing to death and he's acting like a kid riding the camel at the circus," Eleven said to Ten as Jack slowly straddled Rose.

Rose waited till he was on and slowly stood up.

"Wow, she can actually carry his fat arse, that's impressive," Ten said.

"Tee hee," Jack said, dryly. "Okay, Old Paint, Giddy up!" Jack said to Rose.

Jack let out a "Wheee!" when Rose turned and walked back towards the entrance.

"I'm next!" Ten called out while they went outside.

They watched while Rose took a few experimental steps before she began to run across the snow. They laughed when Jack gasped and grabbed onto her long neck.

"Hi-ho, Silver!" Eleven yelled out as Rose ran across the snow with Jack.

"Cor, it does smell like burnt rodent in here now," Ten said, wrinkling his nose as he got up to check on Amala. "Are you warmer now?"

"Yes," Amala said, opening her eyes slightly to look at him. "Thank you for doing this."

"I told you, we're allies, I'm not about to let you freeze to death," Ten said, patting her shoulder before he walked over and sat back down.

"Hey, Lassie, we need more rats when you stop carrying Lard Arse on your back!" Eleven yelled out the entrance.

They laughed when Rory peeked in at them.

"Or you, Pond, you can get us the rats," Eleven said to him. "Rose is busy carrying dead weight on her back."

Rory sniffed the air and walked inside the cave. He walked over to the fire and stared at the charred rodent.

"I wouldn't fish it out, mate. You might become a fireball with all that fur," Eleven said to him.

I wasn't going to, Rory chittered in annoyed tone of voice. I can control myself.

"Well, good, because Jack can't," Eleven said while Ten sniggered. "He's out there riding your future wife around the snowy plains."

"I'm next," Ten said.

Rory turned his attention to Ten and put his snout close to his face. Ten smiled and patted it.

"Good boy," Ten said. "Keep up the reconnaissance and rat catching for us."

Rory looked at Eleven.

I see you acted like a child in your last life too, he chittered to Eleven.

"Well, as I said in my forth life, what's the point of being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes."

He patted Rory's snout and looked around him when Rose entered the cave.

"He didn't fall off, I'm mega impressed," Eleven said as Jack slid off.

"Whooo, you gotta try this ride, it's awesome!" Jack said, pointing to Rose. "Better than Disneyland!"

Rose chittered something to Eleven.

"What'd she say?" Jack said to him.

"She's begging me to disembowel you one time since you can come back to life," Eleven said. "I'm considering it. I'M CONSIDERING IT, ROSE!" he said loudly to her.

Alright, I can hear you, I'm not deaf, Rose chittered in annoyance before she headed back outside.

"Go to her, Rory, comfort your wife," Jack said.

The Doctors laughed when Rory snapped at him and he jumped back.

"Just trying to plan ahead in case you don't become human again," Jack said before he sat down in between the Doctors.

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