It began on a cold London day. The Doctor and Rose were exploring and visiting the shops when the Doctor happened to wander into a pet shop for a look round. He entered that shop only with the intention of looking at the cute pets. But then one little kitten caught his eye. She was all by herself in a cage near the back, looking pitiful, sad and lonely. She was a little black kitten with vibrant green eyes and white on her paws. The Doctor bent over and grinned when the kitten came to the front of the cage and mewed at him. The Doctor stuck his finger in the cage and smiled when the kitten chewed and licked it playfully. Then the kitten sat there and mewed pitifully at the Doctor and that was it, he was hooked. He just had to have her.

Rose was in a nearby chippie, getting her and her lover some fish and chips to takeaway for lunch. She came out and found the Doctor waiting for her outside the shop, holding a little blue cat carrier in his hand.

"You got a pet?" Rose said, walking over to her.

"Had to, she needed me," the Doctor said.

Rose heard mewing coming from inside the pet carrier. She bent down to look inside.

"Awww, she's cute!"

"She's mine, you can never have her."

Rose looked up at the Doctor. He winked and held the carrier close to his body.

"You can't have Razzmatazz, she's mine," he teased.

"Razzmatazz?" Rose said.

"Yes, I want a unique name for my little dear. Besides, I can then shorten it to Razzy, Tazzy, Raz, Taz, Raztaz…"

"Okay, I get it, let's just get back to the TARDIS before our food goes cold."

"Ooo, my Razzy will like a bit of fish, won't you, poppet?" he said to the pet carrier as he and Rose walked away.

That was the beginning of it. Razzmatazz soon became a pampered pet and the official TARDIS mascot. The Doctor treated her like a little princess and even though she spent a great deal of time in her own personal room, filled to the brim with all sorts of cat things including a personalize purple pillow, Razz liked to explore the rest of the TARDIS and she had some adventures of her own. This is her story and her adventures traveling with her owner, the Doctor.

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