Chapter One

"Doctor? Are you in here?"

Rose came into the console room. She looked over and saw the Doctor. He was sitting on the jump seat, his head down but he raised his hand and beckoned her over. Rose walked towards him as he put his hand down and noticed Razzmatazz was resting on his left leg, purring contentedly while the Doctor handfed her bits of tuna from a tin. Rose stood beside him and watched the cat. All she had to do was open her little mouth and the Doctor put the bit of fish inside it. She was stretched out on his leg, her little tail flicking lazily back and forth while the Doctor fed her. Rose grinned. She walked in front of the Doctor, bent down in front of him and put her hands on his right leg and opened her mouth in imitation of Razzmatazz. The Doctor paused with his tuna filled fingers inches from Razz's face while he wondered what the hell his companion was doing. Rose pointed to the fish in his fingers before pointing to her mouth.

"This is for Razzy," the Doctor said, turning his attention back to the cat as he fed her the tuna.

"Everything is for Razzy, you're going to spoil that flipping cat," Rose said, standing up.

"Razzy is my little princess," the Doctor said, stroking her back.

"Bang on," Rose said while Razzy purred away.

The Doctor continued to hand feed his cat and Rose realized she was slightly jealous of the little kitten. She thought the kitten was cute but Razzy was slowly becoming the Doctor's whole world and she thought he was going a bit overboard with the pampering.

"You disapprove of me doing this," the Doctor suddenly said.

Rose was taken aback, wondering if the Doctor was a mind reader. The Doctor looked at her when she didn't answer.

"I'm not allowed to have a pet, is that it?" he said to her.

"No, I don't mind you having a pet. It's just that you pamper her to death."

"She's a baby, she needs care," the Doctor said.

"She also has legs and she can walk to a bowl and fed herself. She doesn't have to be fed by you."

"I know that, Rose. But I enjoy feeding her. I have nothing else to do at the moment and neither does she. Is that alright with you?"

Rose nodded, imagining the Doctor reaching in, pulling out Razzmatazz's poop from her anus and putting it in the litter box for her.

Then suddenly there was a beeping on the Doctor's monitor and he froze with his fingers in the tuna tin. Rose watched him and was floored when he looked at the monitor and then looked at his cat and she knew he was debating on whether to get up and disturb his little princess.

"Doctor, the monitor," Rose said, pointing to it.

"I know, I'm just thinking about how to move Razzy…"

Rose stepped in and picked the kitten up. She was again floored at the angry look on the Doctor's face and she swore he looked like she'd just wrecked his TARDIS.

"I was going to move her gently off my leg, now look at her," the Doctor said, getting up and pointing to Razzy who was now mewing and squirming in Rose's hands. "Her tranquil mood has been disrupted."

"Okay, here, I'm sorry," Rose said, holding Razzy out to him.

The Doctor took Razzy and watched while Rose stomped out of the room, fuming at the Doctor getting angry at her over nothing.

"Bloody kitten," Rose said as she walked quickly back to her room. "I only moved her; I didn't break her little bones, Doctor. I'm sure your kitten will be mellow again soon enough but I'll be in my bedroom in the meantime before I breathe on her wrong."

She got to her bedroom, flopped down on her bed and pulled the covers up. She lay there on her side, thinking to herself before the warmth of the blankets got to her and she drifted off to sleep. She slept for awhile before she felt something gently hitting her nose. She frowned in her sleep before slowly opening her eyes. Razzy was in front of her, mewing and batting at her nose.

"Oh, go away, will you?" Rose muttered after letting out an angry sigh. "Go find the Doctor; I'm sure it's bathtime, yeah?"

Then she felt the Doctor's fingers on her cheek and she realized he was sitting right behind her.

"Why do you hate Razzy?" he asked her as he stroked her cheek.

"I…I don't hate her, Doctor," Rose said while she watched Razzmatazz explore the bed.

"You're telling her to go away and go back to me in a very angry voice and you got angry when I got upset at you for treating her roughly."

Rose looked up at him.

"Doctor, it's a cat, she can handle being picked up in a less than gentle manner," Rose said.

"That alert was just letting me know that I needed to update my spatial ram drive, it wasn't a life or death emergency. If it had been, I would have picked Razzy up in a less than gentle manner and put her aside so I could answer it. I was just debating whether or not to turn it off or let the beeping stop on its own before you snatched Razzy up from my leg."

"I'm sorry," Rose said. "I didn't realize."

"Rose, stop being jealous of my cat and whinging whenever I pamper her. I purchased her and she's mind and I can do whatever I like with her. I'm not shoving you out of my hearts. I know you're still here but you weren't in the room at the time and Razzy was hungry and I was bored so I handfed her to relieve my boredom. I do let her be a cat. You do notice that she's walking on her own. I'm not moving her legs for her so she isn't as pampered as you think. You never had a pet of your own?"

"Yeah, I mean, mum had a dog when I was a kid," Rose said.

"But she was Jackie's dog, not yours?"

"Well, I mean…she was ours, I suppose, but she liked mum more because mum used to fawn over her the way you do Razzy."

"And if you'd fawned over the dog, perhaps the dog would have liked you more, yeah?"

"S'pose," Rose said.

The Doctor put his hand in front of Rose's face and Rose watched while Razzy walked towards it and rubbed against it.

"This is just a wee kitten," the Doctor said while Razz rubbed against the Doctor's hand and purred. "It's not a threat to our relationship. At least I hope not since that would be silly. I have two hearts, literally and metaphorically. I can care for more than one person or thing at a time and I do care for you. Now, if you need me to hold my hand out and have you rub up against it while you purr, I'll do that if it makes you happy and keeps you from tossing Razzy out the door into the vortex. I would like my wee kitty to grow up to be a cat without watching her being incinerated in a supernova. Can Razzy continue to live here then?"

"Yeah, I'm sorry I've been a bitch. I do like Razzy, I just thought you were going a bit overboard with the affection."

"Only Child Syndrome."

"I'm sorry?" Rose said, looking up at him.

"You were an only child growing up, you had your mum all to yourself so you're not used to sharing love with someone else. Only Child Syndrome."

Rose thought about that for a moment and nodded.

"Yeah, I suppose so," Rose said.

"Oops, Razzy, be careful doing that," the Doctor said when Razzmatazz walked over to Rose and sniffed at her face. "She might chuck you in the bin for touching her."

"I will not," Rose said as chuckling for a moment.

Razzy mewed at Rose and Rose smiled and stroked her back.

"See, you can be great friends if you try," the Doctor said. "Razzy is easy to get along with and very loving. She wants to be your friend. See?" he said when Razzy rubbed her cheek.

"I s'pose but when would I be able to be with her since she's always with you?" Rose teased as she stroked Razzy.

"You're right. But she requires constant love and attention and care and nuzzlies and back rubs and tummy rubs and food and water and pillows and toys and strings to bat and…"

"Okay, okay, I get it," Rose said, laughing.

The Doctor kissed her cheek.

"Quit worrying about her taking your place. I care for you both," he whispered in her ear.

Rose nodded and sighed contentedly when he kissed her cheek again. He got up and started to pick up Razzy but Rose stopped him.

"Can I have her for a bit?" Rose said.

"Will you treat her with respect and not chuck her into a supernova?"

"I promise I will treat her respect and not kill her."

"Okay, I'll leave her here with you then. Be good, Razzy," the Doctor said, stroking the cat's back.

He stroked Rose's cheek in the same manner and Rose petted and played with the cat when the Doctor left the room.

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