Chapter Two

Rose sank down into the hot bath water with a sigh of relief. She and the Doctor had just defeated a madman and his minions and there had been a lot of running and strenuous work involved. The Doctor had gone to his room to rest while Rose decided to have a soak in the tub. She reached over and grabbed a pink bottle. During the early days of traveling the Doctor had put together a concoction of herbs and berries that he said came from Gallifrey. He told her they would soothe any aches and pains and he was right. Rose loved the stuff and ever since the TARDIS would supply her with a fresh bottle whenever she ran low on it. She poured some of the rose colored liquid into the bath after unscrewing the lid. She screwed it back on and put it back before relaxing.

Ten minutes later, her eyes opened when she heard a mewling outside her door.

"Raz?" Rose said, leaning up slightly while she listened to the cat mewing repeatedly. "Doctor, are you there?"

She watched while the TARDIS opened up a tiny arched doorway in the bottom of the bathroom door and Razzy walked inside, mewing.

"Hey, Puss Cat, is the Doctor outside?" she said as Razzy walked over to her.

She put her hand down near the floor and smiled when Razzy licked the water droplets from it.

"Doctor, are you there?" she called out while Razzy licked her hand.

There was no answer so Rose shrugged and stroked Razzy's backside while she explored the area around the tub.

"You better go find the Doctor, Razzy, he might get worried if you're not there," Rose said as she used her thumb and first finger to stroke Razzy's tail. "He might say, "Where is my princess, I need some lovin'."

She smiled when Razzy turned and batted at her fingers playfully.

"Had a hard day, Puss Cat," Rose said, relaxing and staring at the ceiling while Razzy nuzzled her fingers. "Lots of running and fighting. I'm shagged out right now. You're lucky, you got to stay in here all day long and explore and rest and…OW!" Rose said when Razzy bit her middle finger. "Oi, watch the teeth, you!"

She stroked Razzy's back and went back to staring at the ceiling.

"This bloke, he wanted to turn people into zombies," she said as she stroked Razzy. "He captured the Doctor and nearly turned him into one. But I rescued him. Nearly did me in, he did and now I'm completely sore all over. And you…" she said, looking at Razzy and pressing on her nose, "munching on my finger didn't help matters."

Her eyes widened when the bathroom door suddenly disappeared and she could see the Doctor coming down a long corridor.

"Razzy?" he said, looking around. "Where did you…oh!" he said when he saw Rose. "Sorry, looking for my little Razzmatazz and I asked the TARDIS to take me to her. Didn't realize you were in the bath, sorry."

"S'alright, I figured you'd come looking for her eventually," Rose said, glancing down at Razzy.

The Doctor bent down, picked up Razzy and kissed the top of her head while Razzy mewed.

"Are you alright?" the Doctor said, looking at Rose while he held Razzy against his chest.

"Bit sore but that stuff from Gallifrey is sorting that out now," Rose said.

"I'm glad I recommended it," the Doctor said.

He bent over and put Razzy on his back. Razzy mewed and looked around.

"Look, Razzy is on Mount Doctor now," the Doctor said, pointing to her.

Rose chuckled while Razzy headed towards the Doctor's head.

"Look, I'm glad you're here as well because just wanted to say thanks for saving me today," the Doctor said, putting his hands on the rim of the tub for support while Razzy pawed the back of his hair.

"Well, I couldn't let you become a zombie, could I?" Rose said.

"Well, it was very brave of you to face down his zombie soldiers and pull me out of that mutation chamber. I'm very grateful. Razzy would have been bereft if I'd been made over into a zombie."

"And I wouldn't have?"

"Well, you as well," the Doctor said with a shrug while Rose chuckled. "I'm just glad you're safe and…OW!" the Doctor yelled when Razzy bit his ear. "Razzmatazz, how could you?" he said, looking at the kitten while Rose laughed. "That wasn't very nice, Misses!"

"She wants down from Mount Doctor now, I suppose," Rose said.

"Come on now, Misses, down from Mount Doctor," the Doctor said, trying to take Razzy off his shoulder.

Rose laughed when Razzy batted at his fingers.

"Being belligerent, are we?" the Doctor said while Rose sniggered.

"I thought she was your princess," Rose said sweetly. "Why is she attacking you then?"

"Because she's being playful, that's why," the Doctor said. "Rose, be a lamb and…"

The Doctor was kneeling down so Rose could get her off his back but when he did it, Razzy lost her balance and Rose grimaced at the Doctor's pained expression when she skidded down the back of the Doctor, using her claws to try to stop herself.

"Are you alright?" Rose said to the Doctor when Razzy picked herself up from the floor and walked towards the wall.

"I will be once I stop bleeding," the Doctor said, straightening up and picking up Razzy. "Poor thing, I'm sorry, I was trying to go slow enough that you could be picked up and put down, didn't mean for you to go sliding down my back. Sorry, Razzy."

He held Razzy up under his chin and Rose laughed when he got a maniacal look on his face.

"My cat, mine!" he said in a raspy voice before letting out a demented laugh.

"Are you going to eat it then, crazy person?" Rose said.

The Doctor pretended to think that over and then Rose laughed when the Doctor made "Om nom nom" sounds while he pretended to eat Razzy's head.

"Yes, cat good," he said with the raspy voice and maniacal look on his face.

"Can I have my bath now, the water is sorta cold now," Rose said.

"Would you like a bath, love?" the Doctor said to Razzy. "I'd love to throw you in and see Rose struggle to get away from the paws and claws when you panic."

"Right, you do that and I'll deepen the wound marks on your back," Rose said.

"Nah, don't want that. I'll just leave you alone. We'll both leave you alone then," he said.

He gave Rose a kiss on the cheek and wished her a relaxing bath before he held Razzy near him and went out of the room.

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