Chapter Four

Hello, I am Razzmatazz. I am nine weeks old and I live in a magical flying box that goes anywhere. At least that's what Mummy tells me whenever he pets me. My Mummy rescued me from the metal box inside a shop and brought me here to live. I have lots of room to play and explore and Mummy and the Rose Woman are kind to me and give me lots of love.

I have my own room with a large purple bed and dishes for my water and food and lots of toys. I am content here with Mummy and Rose Woman. This is so much better than the metal box and the strange people that used to stare at me day after day.

My day begins when I wake up in my bed and yawned as I opened my eyes. I usually sleep here. My Mummy doesn't sleep very much but when he rests, I sleep with him on his chest, curled up in a ball. I bathe myself while I sit in my bed and when I'm done, I take a drink of water and eat a bit of food before I meow and ask the magical box to take me to Mummy. And just like that, the magical box makes a way for me to find my Mummy.


"So I was thinking ice skating today?" the Doctor said to Rose while they sat on the jump seat together. "I know several good planets or perhaps a Victorian ice skate straight out of a Currier and Ives scene?"

"You know how to sweet-talk a girl, dontcha?" Rose teased.

"Just offering something fun for us to do," the Doctor said innocently.

He paused when he heard mewing and Rose laughed when his eyes widened and he put his hand to his ear.

"Doth my ears hear the sweet sounds of my princess?" he said while Razzy walked into the console room, mewing for her Mummy. "Hold that thought about the ice skating."


"Mummy, where are you?" I meow as I walk into the big room he's usually in.

I look over and stop when I see him coming towards me, a big grin on his face.

"Mummy!" I meow as I walk towards him.

"There you are! You miss me, Little Madam?" Mummy says as he picks me up.

"I love you!" I mew as Mummy kisses the top of my head repeatedly and carries me back to Rose Woman.


"So anyway," the Doctor said, holding Razzy up under his chin, "ice skating for me, you and Razzy?"

"Razzy can ice skate then?" Rose said, stroking Razzy's head when the Doctor sat down beside her.

"Razzy can do anything. She's my Time Kitten," the Doctor said proudly. "I can put tiny ice skates on her and she'll skate circles around you."

"Somehow I doubt that," Rose said, tickling Razzy under the chin while she mewed.

The Doctor put Razzy down on his leg and Rose stroked her while she tried to cross over to Rose's leg. Rose picked her up and kissed her head.

"You wanna go ice skating, Razzy?" she asked her.


I don't know what ice skating is but I can understand Mummy and Rose Woman. I think the magical box translates what they say into my language. I can understand Mummy, especially when he tries to speak my language. I know humans can't speak like me but Mummy can and he tells me in my own language that he loves me and it makes me love him even more. I barely remember my birth Mummy when they took me from her so I consider this tall human my only Mummy now. But I also like Rose Woman, she smells good and she tickles my tummy and plays with me like Mummy does. I lick her chin and she smiles at me.


"You know, I could train my little princess to ride in my pocket," the Doctor said as he watched Rose put Razzy on her shoulder. "She could go ice skating that way."

"What if you fall?" Rose teased.

"Fall? I never fall, I'm perfectly balanced on ice skates as if they were my own feet," the Doctor said.

"What if I push you then?" Rose said impishly.

"Well…you would be stuck in wherever we were because I would go back to the TARDIS in a huff with Razzy and fly far, far away."

"What if I took Razzy from you if you threatened to do that and hold her hostage?" Rose said, holding Razzy close to her body.

The Doctor looked at Razzy.

"Give her to me," the Doctor said, holding out his hand.

"Nope, mine now," Rose said, standing up and holding Razzy close to her body.

"Rose, give me Razzmatazz," the Doctor said, standing up with her.

"Nope, my hostage now," Rose teased as she backed up to the console.

"Give me Razzmatazz or be pushed out into the vortex," the Doctor said, following her and coming close to her body.

"I will give her back to you on one condition," Rose said as the Doctor put his face close to hers.

"And that is…"

"Kneel," Rose said, pointing down quickly before putting her hand back around Razzy.


"Down, slave. Kneel before me and tell me how beautiful and great and wonderful I am and you can have your cat back."

The Doctor cocked his eyebrow while Rose giggled.

"You heard me. Down or the cat is mine forever," Rose said, raising her chin imperiously.

The Doctor grinned. He knelt down in front of her and looked up at her.

"Oh, Rose, the great and beautiful," he said while Rose laughed. "You are so not a chav. You are more beautiful than the sun, more great than…bananas."

"Wow, that's a big thing to say, coming from you," Rose teased.

"You are the defender of the universe, the arse kicker of the Daleks and I am in your thrall. Now give me kitty," he said.

"Hmmm," Rose said, holding Razzy with one hand while she stroked his hair with the other. "Should I? After all, you being on your knees is so lovely."

"Do you want to die, Rose? Because I can make it happen if you don't surrender Razzy to my possession."

Rose giggled and turned her back to him. The Doctor grinned, stood up and put his arms around her.

"Give me the cat," he growled softly in her ear.

"Ooo, you sound sexy when you say it like that," Rose purred while Razzy purred and listened to them.


My Mummy and Rose Woman are playing, I think. I can feel the love they have for each other and that makes me content and happy. Besides, I know what laughter means and they are both laughing. I love moments like this when we are together, just the three of us and all the love that surrounds us. Mummy is now doing what he calls kissing Rose Woman and Rose Woman turns and holds me against her body while the two of them stand there and kiss each other. I am warm and safe and loved. Life is definitely very, very good.

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