Chapter Five

Rose was sitting on the sofa watching the television when the Doctor came into the room, holding Razzy in his hand. He had a stern look on his face while Razzy mewed in his hands.

"What's wrong?" Rose said as the Doctor plopped down beside her.

"Razzy was naughty, she must be punished," the Doctor said darkly.

"Oh? What did she do?"

"Naughty things," the Doctor said ominously. "Didn't you, Misses?" he said, holding Razzy up to his face. "You were naughty, naughty, naughty and you need a spank bottom! Observe, Rose, while punishment is meted out."

The Doctor positioned Razzy so she was straddling his leg just above his knee.

"Now, feel my wrath, Misses," the Doctor said.

He began to lightly smack her bottom with his first finger.

"Yes, punishment is meted out, eh, eh?" he said, giving Razzy a one finger spanking while Rose giggled. "You were naughty, weren't you? Eh? I will spank you until waterfalls of blood come from your bum, Razzy!"

Razzy mewed as she looked around.

"See, she's screaming in pain," the Doctor said to Rose while he continued to use the one finger spank on her backside. "I am showing her who's boss."

"Oh yeah, you are, all right," Rose said.

The Doctor finished his mock punishment and held Razzy up to his face again.

"So, what do you have to say for yourself now, Misses?" he said to her.

"Mrrrow," Razzy said.

Rose laughed at the incensed look on the Doctor's face and he put her over his knee again and resumed the one finger spank.

"No, stop," Rose said in a monotone voice while the Doctor gritted his teeth and pretended to give his kitten a good thrashing. "My God, is there no limits to your depravity, Doctor?"

"Hmmm, is there a limit?" the Doctor said, momentarily stopping and looking at her. "I suppose there isn't since Razzy's pleas for mercy have fallen on deaf ears. And now, I shall resume punishment."

Rose laughed when he resumed the one finger spank.

"Yeah, feel the pain, Puss Cat," the Doctor said while Razzy mewed over his knee. "You'll never survive my assault on your tender kitty bottom! Will you, eh? Eh?"

"Run, Razzy, flee from this madman!" Rose said while the Doctor grinned and continued his punishment. "Oh, the horror of watching her being beaten half to death by an alien madman."

Razzy mewed and the Doctor paused with his finger up in the air.

"What's that? More cries of mercy, Kitty?" the Doctor said while Razzy mewed. "Will you behave or shall I administer more torture to your furry behind?"

"You're really bored, aren't you?" Rose said.

The Doctor chuckled, picked Razzy up and kissed her forehead as he cuddled her close.

"Razzy is a good little kitty so I decided to do a bit of mock punishment since she's never experienced that," he said. "She's a good kitty witty, yes, she is," the Doctor said to Razzy in a baby voice. "My Razzy Tazzy is a good puss, yes," he said before kissing the top of her head.

"Mrrrow," Razzy said, looking up at the Doctor.

Rose laughed when the Doctor widened his eyes in mock anger.

"Backchat, eh?" he said, putting her back on his knee while Rose laughed. "I shall teach thee manners, Sassy Mouth!"

"No, stop, mercy," Rose said between laughter while the Doctor resumed his one finger punishment.

"I must be cruel to be kind, Rose," the Doctor said to her while he continued his punishment. "She must learn obedience and not to run her gob at me. Her kitty mouth must be silenced!"

He stopped and picked Razzy up, holding her to his face.

"I will have respect, Razzy Tazzy," he said to her while Rose laughed. "Otherwise, I will bring out the cat o nine tails and use it on your own tender tail and it will hurt. Yes, it will," he said touching her nose with his own. "I will not have backchat from the cat!"


Rose bent over laughing when the Doctor breathed angrily and put Razzy back over his leg.

"Her bum oughta be numb by now," Rose said when the Doctor resumed the one finger punishment again.

"She will never sit again, I will see to that," the Doctor said. "I am the Oncoming Storm and Razzy's bum will never forget that."

The Doctor's mouth fell open when Razzy used her claws to get a grip on the Doctor's trousers and she slid off his leg onto the floor.

"Running away, eh?" he said while Razzy walked towards the TV. "Had enough torment? Yeah, I sure showed you, didn't I, Miss Kitty. You won't be able to sit down for years now!"

"She looks alright to me," Rose said with a shrug while Razzy explored the area around the TV.

"That's because I'm an expert and I leave no marks," the Doctor said, relaxing. "But don't worry, Razzy now fears me and soon I will make her my obedient slave."

"Mm," Rose said while Razzy went behind the TV. "So what did she do to bring this punishment down on her?"

"Nothing, just felt like beating her within an inch of her life," the Doctor said with a shrug.



"You're weird."

"I know but I've come to terms with that," the Doctor said.

Razzy came out from behind the TV and the Doctor got up from the sofa.

"Well, now that I've beaten my cat, we'll go find something else to do. I'll speak to you later," the Doctor said.

"Okay, arsehole," Rose said.

She laughed when the Doctor spun around with a look of mock anger and laughed harder when he used the one finger punishment on the top of Rose's head.

"See, Razzy disobedience is rubbing off on you, Tyler!" he said while Rose laughed. "Everyone is disrespecting me!"

He patted Rose on the head and kissed it before walking over to Razzy.

"Come on, Poppet, let's go play with a bit of string now," he said to her as he held her close and walked out of the room.

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