Chapter Six

The Doctor lay on his stomach on the floor of the Console Room, smiling at Razzy while he flicked a bit of string across the floor. Razzy was pouncing and batting at the end while the Doctor watched lovingly.

"Get it, RazTaz," he said while Razzy mewed and batted at the string. "Pretend it's a Dalek!"

"I knew I'd find you here with the cat."

The Doctor looked up when Rose walked into the room.

"I'm playing with my child," the Doctor said while Rose walked over to him.

Razzy turned when Rose walked over and lay down on her stomach opposite the Doctor. The Doctor grinned and squeezed her tail and jerked his fingers back when Razzy turned and tried to bat at them. Rose grinned and squeezed her tail and Razzy turned to her and mewed.

"Squeeeee," the Doctor said in a high-pitched voice as he squeezed Razzy's tail again.

Razzy turned to him and froze when the Doctor wiggled the string in front of his face. Rose squeezed Razzy's tail when she crouched and readied herself to spring on the string. Rose pouted when Razzy ignored the tail squeeze.

"She doesn't love me, she didn't turn around," Rose said while Razzy pounced on the string and tried to keep it still.

The Doctor waved Rose's hand away and squeezed it, holding his fingers there while Razzy looked around and tried to bat at his fingers.

"Awww, what's wrong, Razzy Tazzy, am I keeping you from your hunting," he said as he stroked her tail with his thumb and forefinger.

Razzy mewed and walked over to his face. Rose laughed when she turned and stood in front of him with the side of her body against his nose and mouth.

"Umů" the Doctor said in a muffled voice while Rose laughed harder, "I'd like to breathe something other than fur, Raz, so could you be a lamb and move please?"

Razzy stood still and mewed while the Doctor gave Rose a peeved look.

"My mouth is filled with cat fur now," he said in a muffled voice while Rose giggled. "It is not pleasant."

"Close your mouth then, ya git," Rose teased.

Razzy began to purr. She rubbed against the Doctor's face as she walked around to his right cheek. She stayed against his cheek while she purred.

"I'm loved," the Doctor said to Rose while Razzy purred and relaxed by his cheek. "I have warm soft furry fur against my cheek now."

Rose grinned a cheeky grin. She tried to reach for Razzy's tail to give it another squeeze and laughed when the Doctor slapped the back of her hand.

"No, my kitty," he said when Rose's hand shot back to her body. "Can't have, she's mine now!"

"Aw, come on, I just want her body up against my cheek, Doctor."

"No, this fur belongs to me and I like the feel of it against my cheek so you get not a sausage now, so there," he said before sticking his tongue out at her.

"Razzy, here Razzy," Rose said, slapping her hand repeatedly on the grating.

"No! Don't!" the Doctor said when Razzy mewed and walked towards her. "Don't Razzy, it's a trick! She's a crafy witch who wants control of your mind!"

Rose gave him a triumphant look when Razzy came close enough for her to stroke her back.

"Traitor," the Doctor said, sulking.

"Who? Me or the cat?" Rose said.

"Both!" the Doctor said while Rose snickered. "You disobeyed me, both of you! I will go to my room, lock the door and come out in fifty years when you are both dead. That'll show you!"

"Hey! I have an idea," Rose said while she stroked Razzy's back.

"Does your idea involve you being punished for taking my Pretty Puss away from me?"

"No, it involves taking Razzy to see Sarah Jane," Rose said.

The Doctor's eyes widened.

"Razzy, would you like to go on an outing and meet someone special?" he said to his cat.

Razzy mewed while Rose stroked her back.

"I think she wants to go," Rose said to the Doctor.

"No, she said stop touching her because you have human germs and she doesn't want to become ill," the Doctor said.

"Yeah, right," Rose said, getting up from the floor.

The Doctor watched while she walked over to the TARDIS console and stood there. He frowned when she put her fingers on her temples and closed her eyes.

"What are you doing now?" the Doctor said to her.

"I command the TARDIS to take us to Sarah Jane now," Rose said in a deep voice while she kept her eyes closed.

The Doctor chortled.

"Yeah, that doesn't work, my little space princess," he said to her. " The TARDIS obeys only me andů"

His eyes bulged when the TARDIS turned direction and headed for Earth.

"Oi, she's not in charge!" the Doctor said, leaping to his feet while Rose laughed. "You don[t listen to her! Traitors, the whole lot!"

"Yeah, right," Rose said, reaching down and picking Razzy up.

"Don't you yeah, right me or I'll put a plasma rod up your bum," the Doctor muttered as Rose sat down on the jump seat and stroked Razzy.

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