Chapter Seven

Sarah Jane was working in her office, trying to finish a story for Metropolitan Magazine and meet the deadline her editor gave her. While she was working, her ears pricked up and she smiled when she heard a familiar wheezing sound outside. She stopped working and ran out of the office, eager to see the Doctor again.

She opened the door and squealed when she saw Rose.

"I'm so glad you came back," Sarah Jane said, hugging her. "I've missed you both. I've thought about you and I hoped you were okay."

"Yeah, we're fine," Rose said when Sarah Jane ended the hug. "Actually we have a friend we want you to meet."

"Oh good, where is this friend," Sarah Jane said.

Rose stepped aside and the Doctor stepped into view. He was holding Razzy in his hands and he kissed her head.

"Sarah, this is Razzmatazz, my kitten," he said, stepping forward.

Sarah let out another squeal at the sight of Razzy. She frowned though when she got a better look at the kitten and noticed Razzy was wearing a tiny white angora sweater over the top half of her body.

"Doctor, your cat is wearing a jumper," she said to him.

"Yes. I checked the weather forecast and it was a bit nipply today. Thought I'd take precautions," the Doctor said.

"Doctor, a cat has fur; you know that, don't you?" Sarah Jane said while Rose giggled.

"I know she has fur," the Doctor said indignantly. "But my Razzy has never been outside the TARDIS before and it's a bit nippy. I don't want her catching kitty pneumonia."

"Can I hold her?" Sarah Jane said.

"Are your hands clean?"

Sarah Jane was shocked by that and then grinned when the Doctor winked at her.

"Let me see her, you git," she said fondly.

The Doctor came close and Sarah Jane took Razzy from her. She checked Razzy's back and noticed the sweater was held on by a Velcro strap up the back. Sarah Jane held up the kitten and smiled when she mewed at her.

"So what prompted you to get a kitten?" Sarah Jane said while she led them indoors. "You never had a pet when I was with you. At least I never saw one."

"No, I didn't have any pets until my seventh life. I had a cat then as well. To be honest, I never had the time for pets but Razzy just spoke to me and I fell in love with her. She's my little princess."

"Too right," Rose said to Sarah Jane while they followed her to the kitchen. "She's the most pampered cat I've ever seen. Which explains the jumper."

"It's nipply outside," the Doctor said indignantly.

"Does she drink milk and eat tuna?" Sarah Jane said over her shoulder.

"She does and she will love you if you give her some," the Doctor said.

Sarah Jane asked Rose to help her and the Doctor watched while they got two small bowls and put some milk and tuna in them. They sat them on the floor and Sarah Jane put Razzy down. She made a beeline for the bowls and purred while she lapped the milk and ate the tuna.

"So, anything interesting happen lately?" Sarah Jane said while they sat down at the kitchen table.

The Doctor and Rose chatted with her while Razzy finished her snack. As they were talking, K9 suddenly rolled into the room. Razzy hissed in fright and the Doctor leapt up and ran over to her as K9 stopped near the refrigerator.

"Feline presence detected, Mistress," K9 said while the Doctor picked Razzy up.

"I know, K9, she's our guest. Her name is Razzy," Sarah Jane said while the Doctor pet his kitten and tried to calm her down while he walked back to his seat.

"Greetings, DoctorMaster," K9 said as he glided over to him.

"Hello, K9, back up a bit, will you? You're scaring Razzy," he said.

"Affirmative, DoctorMaster," K9 said, backing up slightly.

"There, there, the tin dog won't hurt you," the Doctor said, stroking Razzy's head.

"So…are you going to show Rose's mother your little princess?" Sarah Jane said while the Doctor gave K9 an affectionate pat on the head.

"Hey! We could do that as well! Show Mum your kitten!"

"But…she might eat her," the Doctor said, holding Razzy close to his chest.

Rose flipped him off while Sarah Jane laughed.

"What are you doing now?" the Doctor said while Rose stood up and retrieved her mobile from her pocket.

"Ringing Mum and asking her if she wants to see Razzy," Rose said.

"But…she might eat her," the Doctor said.

"Oh come now, Doctor, she can't be that bad," Sarah Jane said.

"You've never met her, Sarah. Eighty year old chav with bad breath and a bad attitude. She makes Sutekh look like a kitten."

"Really? Can I meet her as well? She does live in London, yeah?" Sarah Jane said.

"But…she might eat you," the Doctor said to her.

Sarah Jane laughed when Rose rolled her eyes.

"Mum?" she said when Jackie answered the phone.


The Doctor gave Sarah Jane a pointed look when Rose had to hold her mobile away from her ear the moment Jackie shrieked in her ear.

"YOU NEVER CALL! I DON'T KNOW WHY YOU EVEN HAVE THAT PHONE!" Jackie hollered while Sarah Jane giggled.

"Um…well, I'm busy, Mum," Rose said, tentatively putting the mobile back on her ear. "I mean, the Doctor and me do have a life as well."

The Doctor stroked Razzy's head while he listened.

"Amazing, she didn't shriek out that she has a life as well," the Doctor said to Sarah Jane when he didn't hear her mother scream over the phone.

"Listen, is it alright if we come over. We have a couple of friends we want you to meet," Rose said.

She nodded.

"Mum says it's okay," she said.

"But I'm the driver so it hinges on whether or not I believe it's okay, especially since she might eat all of you and…"

Sarah Jane laughed when Rose swatted his arm. The Doctor feigned a sigh of exasperation.

"Oh, alright, we'll go and visit your mother then," he said, rolling his eyes skyward.

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