Chapter Nine

After returning to the TARDIS, the Doctor put Razzy in her special room so she could rest awhile before he followed Rose to her bedroom. They had decided to cuddle a bit and relax before deciding where to do next.

Once they reached her bedroom, they stripped down to their underpants and climbed into the bed. Rose was lying nearest the wall, facing the Doctor who was turned towards her and holding her close to him. Rose was wearing her rose necklace and the Doctor fiddled with it while they cuddled.

"See, Mum didn't eat your cat," Rose teased him.

"Good. Your mum resembles a big, scary lizard and lizards eat cats," he said.

"Oh, you," Rose said, swatting his arm playfully.

They began to kiss and caress each other. They were thirty minutes in to their makeout session when the Doctor suddenly heard Razzy mewing next to the bed.

"Cat is in the room," Rose said to the Doctor.

"Yes, I recall putting my RazTaz in her room. I think the TARDIS has decided to be an arse and let the cat come in here while we're snogging."

He trailed off and got an odd look on his face.

"Rose, what's against my back? Something is now against my back and it's cold and metallic…I think," he said.

Rose sat up and leaned over. Her eyes widened when she noticed there was a tiny escalator that started at the floor and ended at the Doctor's side. She giggled when she noticed Razzy was now sitting on the escalator, mewing while she rode it up to the Doctor.

"The TARDIS made a tiny escalator and Razzy is now riding up to you," Rose said.

She laughed when the Doctor looked up at the ceiling with a peeved look on his face. She watched while Razzy rode up to his side, slid off the end of the escalator and stood there for a moment with what Rose swore was a confused look on her face. Meanwhile, the escalator vanished in front of Rose's eyes, leaving the cat stranded on the Doctor.

"Hello, Puss, are you having an interesting day?" Rose said, stroking Razzy's head.

"I think the TARDIS is trying to interrupt my cuddle with kitty," the Doctor said while Razzy walked along the Doctor's side towards his head.

"You wanted her," Rose said.

"Yes, but I didn't want her all the time. And is this the beginning of a trend now? Will I be at the console and suddenly an escalator appears behind me and Razzy rides up to my shoulder?"

Rose shrugged and took Razzy off the Doctor's side and held her close to her body. She put her down beside the Doctor and lay down so Razzy was in between them. Razzy went over to Rose's face and nuzzled it while she purred.

"So much for intimacy," the Doctor said, squeezing Razzy's tail.

"Nah, Razzy wants cuddles as well, dontcha, Puss?" she said to Razzy.

The Doctor's eyebrow cocked when a force field bubble suddenly surrounded Razzy. Rose laughed when the TARDIS gently lifted it up the bed and they could see Razzy inside, going around in a circle while she stared at the ground beneath her and mewed.

"Hey!" the Doctor said when the TARDIS floated the bubble up to the ceiling.

Rose giggled when the TARDIS moved the bubble around the room while Razzy pawed at the interior of the bubble and mewed.

"What was that you were saying about her having an interesting day?" the Doctor said while he and Rose watched the bubble float around the room.

"Well, not every cat can claim to go through time and climb escalators to their owners and float around the room in tiny bubbles," Rose said.

The bubble floated back to the Doctor's head where it gently landed on his forehead.

"Hello, Poppet," the Doctor said, looking in at Razzy while Razzy mewed and looked down at him. "Having fun or are you terrified beyond all reason now?"

The bubble lifted off and Razzy walked around in a tight circle while it went up to the ceiling and lightly bounced off it.

"I'm surprised she hasn't soiled herself yet," the Doctor said as he and Rose lay side by side and watch the bubble gently bounce off the ceiling and back down to them. Rose held out her hands and the bubble floated into it. Rose blew on it and the bubble sailed away towards the door. Razzy mewed at her as she left her hands.

"Aw, she wants me," Rose said.

"No, I think she just wants someone to stop the bubble and get her out of it," the Doctor said.

The bubble floated back to the Doctor's forehead and settled on it. The Doctor tried to blow up on it and Rose giggled when it stayed put on his head while Razzy sat down, licked her paw and began to groom herself.

"She's used to it now, look," Rose said, pointing to Razzy. "She's having a bath now."

"My Razzy is a time cat, she can handle anything," the Doctor said.

The bubble floated down to the space in between him and Rose and disappeared. Razzy, unaware that the bubble had gone, continued to groom herself while the Doctor and Rose stroked her back and head.

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