Chapter Ten

The Doctor was standing by his console, leaning over to look at his monitor while he did calibrations. While he did that, he felt something land on his head and heard a familiar mewing.

"The TARDIS won't leave you alone, will she, RazTaz," the Doctor said while he continued to stare at the equations on his monitor. "She just picks you up and puts you everywhere. I'm thinking you'll go insane soon from the constant disorientation, eh?"

Suddenly a graphic of Razzy appeared on his monitor. It ran all around the screen chasing a ball of yarn and mewing.

"See, the TARDIS is trying to drive me insane as well," the Doctor said, poking the force field bubble on his head. "You and I will both be barmy if she has her way."

He stood up but the bubble stayed on his head. He walked around but the bubble stayed put. The Doctor leaned forward gently and then leaned back up but the bubble stayed on his head. He grinned and headed off in search of Rose.

Rose was in the kitchen making some eggs and bacon when the Doctor strolled in.

"Hullo, making a bit of brekkie?" he asked as he walked over to her.

Rose turned her head to answer and noticed Razzy. She stared at the kitten while the Doctor walked up to her.

"What? What is it?" the Doctor said, feigning ignorance.

"Your cat is in a bubble on top of your head," she said.

"She is? I hadn't noticed."

He grinned when Rose snorted at that.

"What is my Razzy doing up there?" he said to her.

Rose looked before turning her attention back to her eggs.

"Curled up and sleeping," she said, flipping the eggs with her spatula.

"Is she? My little Razzy has found comfort on top of my head? How sweet."

Rose began to giggle.

"What?" the Doctor said.

"I dare you to go out in public like that," Rose said.

"Sadly, I can't," the Doctor said. "The TARDIS can't sustain the bubble outside herself, otherwise I would."

"Blast, I was hoping you'd go to Mum's with a cat on your head," Rose said.

"Yes, that would be lovely but it won't work," the Doctor said. "The moment I stepped outside, the bubble would disappear and Razzy would go sliding off me noggin. Probably scratching me in the process, come to think of it," he said. "Is she still sleeping?"

"Yup," Rose said after glancing at him.

"My Razzy is sleeping on my head. I love it," the Doctor said. "Although, I'm surprised the pleasant smell of bacon hasn't roused her. Must be a smell proof bubble then."

The Doctor walked over to the table while Rose finished making her meal. He asked the TARDIS for a cup of tea and it appeared in front of him. He sipped it in a contented silence while Rose got some milk out of the fridge and got herself a glass of it.

"What about Jack?" Rose said to him as she put the milk back in the fridge.

"What about him?" the Doctor said after he finished swallowing some tea.

"Show him your cat. Do you know where he's at now?"

"I do but he's busy," the Doctor said.

"Rebuilding the Earth?" Rose said, bringing her things over to the table.

"No, living in Cardiff…at least I think he is," the Doctor said.

"So go see him, show him Puss," Rose said, sitting down. "Or are you afraid Jack might eat your cat?"

"Eat, no. Rape, yes."

He giggled when Rose swatted his arm playfully. The Doctor frowned when he heard Razzy mew.

"You woke her up, you hag," the Doctor said with mock anger. "She was enjoying a peaceful catnap and you had to go and disturb her slumber."

"Actually, she woke up a few minutes ago and was cleaning herself," Rose said.

"Liar," the Doctor said before taking another sip of tea.

Rose frowned when the Doctor paused mid sip before suddenly developing a case of the giggles.

"What?" Rose said.

"I have an idea," he said.

"Oh? Are you going to show Jack your cat then?" Rose said.

"Not yet. I have someone else in mind," the Doctor said. "Eat your breakfast and I'll show you what I mean."

Rose hurried with her breakfast, eager to see what the Doctor had in mind.


"So where are we going?" Rose said after she finished eating.

She and the Doctor were in the console room. The Doctor had set a course for somewhere and was holding Razzy against his chest while they flew through the vortex.

"I'm going somewhere special," the Doctor said with an impish grin.

The TARDIS stopped and powered down and the Doctor leapt up.

"Come on!" he said to Rose.

Rose grinned, leapt up and followed the Doctor to the front door. The Doctor held Razzy against his chest while he headed down the ramp to the front door. He opened it and walked out. Rose walked out and stopped. She looked around at the oval shaped room, thinking it looked familiar. Then it hit her.

"We're in the Oval Office in the White House, yeah?" she said to the Doctor.

"Yes, but he's not here," the Doctor said, looking around the empty office.

"Who? George Bush?" Rose said.

"No, bit earlier than that," the Doctor said, stroking Razzy's head while she mewed.

Just then the door to the Oval Office opened and Rose was floored when Abraham Lincoln entered. At first he didn't see them because he was studying some documents. Then Razzy mewed and Lincoln froze and looked up. He stared at them in shock while Rose shifted uncomfortably.

"Hi, this is my kitten," the Doctor said to the stunned president.

Then he sped back into the TARDIS, leaving Rose standing there with the stunned president.

"Um…hi," Rose said to him. "Good job on running the country and all that."

"Rose, get in here, I was only going to show him the cat and leave," the Doctor said inside the TARDIS. "That was the joke."

"Well, you didn't tell me that," Rose said, walking into the TARDIS and slamming the door.

Lincoln stood there, slack jawed while the TARDIS vanished in front of him. He stood there for a moment in the empty office before going back to the door.

"Andrew!" he yelled, trying to get the attention of his vice president. "Do we have any laudanum? I think I might need some now!"

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