Chapter Eleven

It's hard to believe that I'm trapped in another universe now. After all that happened with me and the Doctor, it has to end this way. The morning started out innocently enough. I was going to my room to gather up some washing for mum and when I entered, there was little Razzy sitting on my bed…

"Hey, Puss," Rose said as she entered her room. "Did you climb up there or did the TARDIS make another escalator for ya?"

By now, Razzy was ten months old and was much bigger than when the Doctor first bought her. But she was still a bit small and Rose figured that the TARDIS put her on the bed. She walked over to Razzy and stroked her back. Razzy mewed and arched her back while Rose ran her hand over it. She scratched behind her left ear for a moment before collecting her clothes and putting them in her rucksack.

"Gotta go see Mum for a bit, Razzy," Rose said, glancing at the cat while she put her clothes in the rucksack. "You be good and I'll see you tonight, yeah?"

Razzy watched her for a moment before she slid off the bed onto the floor. She mewed and walked over to Rose's leg. Rose stopped and watched while Razzy purred and rubbed up against it, weaving in and out of her legs while she rubbed them.

"Aww, are you loving me now?" Rose said, bending down to stroke her back as she passed by her hand. "I'd take you with me but I'm sure the Doctor will say something about Mum wanting to eat you."

While I pet her, she suddenly stopped and rose up on her back legs and put her front paws against my leg and mewed at me. I'd never seen her do that before. Looking back now, I think she was begging to be picked up and held. Maybe she knew…I'm sure the TARDIS knew what was going to happen and maybe she told Razzy. I know the Doctor knew now, that's why he said a storm was approaching. If he didn't know the exact details, he knew something bad was coming. Maybe Razzy knew it as well because she kept meowing at me, wanting to be picked up. And when I did, she purred loudly.

I'm on the other side of the void now, separated from her and the Doctor. And God, I miss them both so much. I just hope Razzy can comfort the Doctor tonight…


The Doctor staggered into the TARDIS, his hearts torn to shreds. He didn't know how he was able to make it back to his ship without having a total breakdown. He surprised himself by how calmly he walked but his mind was completely numbed by what had happened earlier. He closed the door and a ragged sigh escaped his throat. The TARDIS seemed empty to him. No longer would he hear Rose's voice or her laughter or listen to her as she teased him. He'd never see her face again or feel her body next to his as they lay together in bed.

He staggered towards the back door. Bed sounded good at the moment. Just crawl into it and never come out.

As he made his way past the console, he froze when he heard Razzy's mewing and turned to see her by the railing. He stared at her numbly for a moment and was about to just leave her there and continue on but staring at her, he realized he needed her now. So he walked over, picked her up and held her close to him. He kissed her head and stood by the railing, holding his cat while she purred softly.

"She's gone, Raz. Our Rose is gone," he said as he looked down at her. "I don't know what to do. She's been such a huge part of my life that it feels empty without her. I've lost people before but she…"

He fell silent and nuzzled Razzy. He held her close to him as he walked out of the room. Razzy kept purring and the Doctor imagined his kitten was trying to comfort him while he made his way to his bedroom.

When he got there, he closed the door and put Razzy down on his bed. Razzy walked up to the pillow he had given to her and curled up on it, waiting while the Doctor took a shower and dressed in his jim jams. When he was finished, he came out and smiled sadly while he stroked Razzy's back and pulled down his blanket. He sat down gently on the bed, taking care not to disturb her or frighten her and make her get off the bed. He climbed under the covers and pulled them up to his chest, lying beside Razzy while she purred and groomed herself.

The Doctor glanced at her and then looked up at the ceiling.

"TARDIS, can you translate what I'm saying so Razzy can understand?" he said to her.

The TARDIS grumbled and the Doctor cleared his throat.

"Razzy, Rose is gone now," he said, glancing at her. "She's trapped in another universe and won't be back. But I was thinking there may be a way for us to say goodbye to her. Would you like that?"

Razzy walked off the pillow and walked onto his chest. She walked up to his chin and licked it while she purred. She mewed at him and the Doctor smiled, knowing Razzy meant yes by that. He stayed still and let Razzy lay down under his chin, curling up with her back towards his face.

"You're a good kitty," the Doctor said, patting her back. "We'll stay here a bit and then we'll find a way to contact Rose and say goodbye to her."

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