Chapter Thirteen

The Doctor stepped aside and let Martha Jones enter the TARDIS. Martha's mouth dropped open when she saw the interior.

"This is incredible," she said to the Doctor as he came inside.

"Yes, my TARDIS is the most magnificent ship in the universe," he said to her. "So…fancy a trip in her?"

"And you're sure you can get me back to this point in time?" Martha said.

"I can do anything," the Doctor said.

"Alright, I accept then," Martha said. "But…this ship is huge. It's just you?"

"No, there's one more passenger in here," the Doctor said.

"Oh? Who?"

"My kitty," the Doctor said as he walked to the console.

"You have a cat?" Martha said.

"Yup. Her name is Razzmatazz. We call her Razzy for short. She's been with me about five months, give or take."

There was a flash of light and Razzy appeared beside the Doctor.

"And here she is," the Doctor said, pointing down to her.

"Awwww!" Martha said, bending down to look at her. "Hello, Razzy. But what was that flash before she appeared?"

"That was the TARDIS. She likes to move Razzy around and put her in odd places. She's sentient and heard us so she moved her here so you can meet her."

Martha held out her hand to Razzy. Razzy sniffed her fingers for a moment before Martha stroked her. The Doctor pulled a tin of tuna out of his pocket and peeled off the top.

"Here, this helps cement the friendship," he said, giving her tin. "She loves being handfed with tuna."

Martha took a bit of tuna and held it out to her. She smiled when Razzy ate the tuna and licked her fingers, getting the residual tuna off it.

"So, while you're making friends, let's discuss where to go, eh?" the Doctor said to Martha.


(A month later…)

"Oh, my aching back," Martha groaned as she entered her bedroom. "I need a shower and some sleep."

She smiled when she saw Razzy lying at the end of her bed. She walked over to her and stroked her back.

"See, you have it easy. No running, no monsters, just sleeping and eating all day," she said while Razzy purred and yawned.

"Razdoodle, where are you?" the Doctor said as he stepped into the room. "Oh, you're here. Sorry. I asked the TARDIS to take me to my favorite feline and she made a path to your room. I see she's become comfortable around you now."

"She sleeps here from time to time," Martha said. "But…doesn't she sleep with you?"

"Yes. When I do sleep. I don't sleep that often and Razzy doesn't like being alone so she finds friends to sleep with. When Rose was here, she slept with her."

Martha nodded politely at that, not really wanting to say anything since she was sure it would start him talking about Rose again.

"Yup, Rose and Razzy were thick as fleas," the Doctor said, rubbing Razzy's back. "She was like her auntie since she thinks I'm her mum."

"The cat thinks you're her mum? How do you know that?" Martha said.

"I speak and understand cat," the Doctor said.

"Pull the other one."

"I do. I speak every language and cat is one of them. Sometimes when she's mewing, she saying, "Mummy, mummy, where are you? I take care of her so why wouldn't I be her mummy? And since I am her mummy, Rose was auntie. And you…you are her best mate which is why she sleeps in here. Sorry if I am interrupting you, just need to do this."

The Doctor picked up Razzy and kissed her head before setting her back down on the bed.

"Needed to kiss her hello, it's been a long, hard day. Anyway, I'll leave you two alone for awhile. I'll be in the console room if you need me. Cheers."

"Cheers," Martha said before the Doctor left the room.

She walked over to Razzy and sat down on the bed with her, stroking her back.

"So that's your mum, eh?" Martha said while Razzy arched her back and purred. "I'm glad he found you. You're a good kitty, you are."

Martha sighed.

"Well…this is not getting me my shower," she said.

She hesitated a moment, picked Razzy up and kissed her head before putting her back down. She gave her back one more stroke before she got up and went into the en suite bathroom.

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