Chapter Fourteen

(Several months later on Malcassairo…)

The Doctor stood frozen in silent horror as he watched his TARDIS vanished, stranding him, Jack and Martha with a bunch of mutant, bloodthirsty humans. He couldn't believe that his old archenemy had been the kindly Yana and now the beast had reawakened and took his time ship away from him.

"Doctor, a little help, please!" Jack yelled at him.

The Doctor snapped out of it and ran to help his friends before the Futurekind got into the room.


Meanwhile, the Master was celebrating inside the console room, hooting and hollering and dancing around it.

"Ha ha, at last I have control of the TARDIS," he said.

He stopped for a moment to look at the damage the Doctor managed to create with his sonic. He noticed the controls were frozen and the furthest he could go back in time was 2006. He figured he could take a look at the damage once he landed and see if it could be fixed.

While he was examining the controls, he heard a mewing and turned to see Razzy entering the room.

"Well, now, what's this?" he said as he walked over to her. "Are you the Doctor's kitten? Gee, it would be a shame if you got a snapped neck, wouldn't it?"

He stopped near the cat, intending to grab the kitten and snap her neck in one go. But as he stood there and looked at the kitten, a smile came to his face. He stroked the cat's back and held his hand there while Razzy ran her back under it, went around his hand and repeated the motion.

"Although…you are a bit cute, it would be a shame to kill you. Besides, the Doctor must care about you. If somehow he does manage to escape, I could threaten to kill you then. He must have a sentimental spot in his hearts for you, eh?"

He picked up Razzy and held her close while he walked out of the room.



The Doctor gasped when he, Jack and Martha teleported on board the Valiant. The three of them had finally figured out part of the Master's plan and where he was going to be when the Toclafane were introduced to the world. They managed to land in a deserted part of the ship.

"So what do we do now?" Martha said.

"We find the Master and stop him. Come on, let's make a search of the ship," the Doctor said to them.


They finally found the Master and his wife inside the large conference room. The three of them slipped inside and stood near the back of the room, using the perception filters to hide themselves. At first the Doctor couldn't see anything but the Master's back but when he stood up, the Doctor sucked in his breath when he noticed the Master was holding Razzy in his arms.

"Oh God," Martha murmured.

"What?" Jack whispered.

"That's the Doctor's cat," Martha whispered at him while she pointed to the cat.

Jack did a double take.

"Cat? When the hell did you get a cat?" he muttered to the Doctor.

The Doctor held up his hand to silence him. He noticed that Razzy was no longer a kitten and he realized his theory about the Master being on Earth before 2007 was correct. Now Razzy was full grown. He looked at her but she seemed okay. The Master handed her off to Lucy Saxon when President Winters entered the room.

"Howdy, pardner," the Master drawled. "How's everything out on the ranch?"

"Act like an adult, Prime Minister," Winters said, annoyed.

"I thought I was being an adult. I only said hello. Anyway, it's nice to see you again, Sir. You met the wife but I don't think you met my cat. This is Hitler. I named her after my favorite Earthling."

"Hitler?" Martha muttered to the Doctor.

The Doctor snorted at that and glared at the Master.

"I realize Hitler is a man. But I just love the name so much. Conjures up images of power and authority. Anyway, now that you've met my family. How is yours doing?"

"Let's get down to business, Saxon," Winters growled.

The Master shrugged.

"I was only introducing my cat to him," he said to Lucy while they sat back down. "I suppose he's not a cat person. Ah well, on with the show, I suppose."

Lucy chuckled while the Master scratched Razzy affectionately behind her ear.

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