Chapter Fifteen

While President Winters stood on the steps and addressed the people of the world, the Doctor watched both the Master and his cat intently. At the moment, Razzy was in Lucy's lap and she was stroking her while she purred. But the moment the Master rose to interrupt Winters, Razzy leapt off Lucy's lap. For a moment, she wandered around the conference room and then suddenly, she saw the Doctor. The Doctor stiffened, hoping it was just his imagination but Razzy suddenly made a beeline to him, purring happily. Jack and Martha watched while Razzy purred and rubbed his way around the Doctor's legs while the Doctor stood frozen to the spot.

"Shoo, kitty, shoo!" Jack whispered as he tried discreetly to push Razzy away from the Doctor.

The Doctor quickly scooped Razzy up in his arms and held her close to him, hoping no one noticed her.

Just then the Toclafane flew out in front of Winters and killed him. Chaos suddenly reigned inside the conference room and in the confusion, the Doctor was seized by the guards and Razzy dropped to the floor when the guards pulled on his arms.

"Bring the cat as well," the Master said, pointing to Razzy who was now trying to flee out of the room.

The Doctor looked over his shoulder and gained some satisfaction when Razzy bit the guard that tried to grab her roughly. He gritted his teeth when the guard seized her and smacked her hard in the head before carrying the wriggling cat over to the Master.

"Is this yours?" the Master said, holding the cat up while the guards kept the Doctor on his knees at the bottom of the steps. "When I first saw it, I was going to snap his neck but I figured you liked it so I kept it just in case you showed up. And lo and behold, you did. So I suppose I can kill the fleabag now, right?"

"Leave her alone," the Doctor said.

The Master gave him a withering look. He threw the cat at the Doctor and Razzy ran out of sight the moment she hit the floor in front of him.

"Waste of time breaking the animal's neck. I have better things in store for you and your friends," he said.

He gave the Doctor an evil grin and smacked his hands.

"Now, let the fun begin," he said to everyone.


(Two months later…)

The Doctor lay inside the tarp canvas the Master had set up for him. Straw had been laid on the floor, providing some comfort but not much. However, the Master had been merciful and let Razzy stay with him. She was beside him now, curled up at his side, sleeping on the straw while the Doctor tuned into the Archangel Network. The Doctor pretended to be compliant with the Master's orders, as much for Razzy's safety as for his own since the Master kept threatening to throw his cat over the side of the ship if he didn't obey him. Other than the threats, he didn't touch Razzy. Although, he didn't provide any extra food for her and the Doctor had to share his meal. The reason he had managed to get through the past two months was because of her. She provided comfort and companionship, especially during the times he had to recover from the Master's beatings and torture.

While he lay there, he absentmindedly stroked Razzy's back, smiling at the gentle purring of his cat while he focused on the satellites.

He focused on the here and now when he sensed someone approaching from the outside. He tensed, figuring it was the Master. But he was surprised when Lucy leaned over and looked at him through the opening in the tarp. He was even more surprised when she brought her hand inside and held out a small plate filled with tuna.

"For the cat," she said to him.

"Thank you," the Doctor said, taking it from her.

She watched while the Doctor gently nudged Razzy and set the plate in front of her when she raised her head. Razzy stood up and eagerly ate the tuna while the Doctor smiled lovingly and stroked her back.

"What's her name? I'm pretty sure it's not Hitler," Lucy said.

The Doctor snorted.

"No, it's not Hitler. Her name is Razzmatazz but I usually call her Razzy," he said, looking at her while he continued to stroke Razzy's back.

"Harry had her when I met him. He wasn't that impressed by her so he let me have it. I never called her Hitler; I think that was his idea of a joke. Not a very good one."

"Sounds like him," the Doctor said.

"I never hurt her and I didn't let Harry abuse her either. I could tell she was well cared for."

"Thank you for looking after her," the Doctor said, taking a bit of tuna from the plate and holding it up to Razzy.

Lucy smiled as she watched Razzy eat from his hand. The Doctor glanced at her.

"So…what brings you here then?" he said to her. "Master summoned me?"

"No. Harry's asleep. I just wanted to bring…Razzy something to eat. I know Harry doesn't care if she lives or dies but I do. I figured she might be hungry."

"She was. Thanks."

"I'll leave you two alone now," Lucy said, straightening up.

"Wait," the Doctor said.

But Lucy was already hurrying to the door. The Doctor lay there for a moment while Razzy finished eating the tuna.

"Something's going on here, RazTaz," he said to her while he stroked her back. "I'm beginning to get the feeling that there is a little dissention among the Saxons. Perhaps, with a little convincing, we can bring Lucy to our side and finally go home."

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