Chapter Sixteen

Four months into the Doctor's captivity and the Doctor was nearly finished linking with the Archangel satellites. During that time, Lucy came privately to bring some tuna for Razzy. The Doctor noticed that Lucy had evidence of abuse, sometimes bruises and one time a black eye but when the Doctor pressed her for information, she hurried away. Finally, the Doctor shut up about it but he wondered if this was why Lucy was beginning to show kindness to him and his cat.

At this moment, the Doctor was sitting outside his tent, being bored and looking around the empty room. Razzy was off exploring it and was currently on the upper deck, poking around. He smiled when Razzy came back down the steps.

"Find a way out for us, Razzy?" he said while his cat came towards him. "Or did you find a tasty mouse to snack on?"

He stroked her back and Razzy purred and meowed at him.

"I'm so glad you came back to me, you little traitor," the Doctor teased while Razzy rubbed up against his leg. "Didn't fancy being called Hitler, I hope?"

He picked her up and kissed her head.

"You've grown so much, I wish I'd been there to see you grow but it just wasn't meant to be," he said wistfully while he sat Razzy down.

He stroked her back and Razzy purred while she settled down beside him. The moment the door opened and guards appeared, Razzy hissed and ran inside the tent. The Doctor narrowed his eyes at the guards. Ever since the one guard treated her roughly, she'd hissed at them and hid. The Doctor's eyebrows rose when he saw Jack being shoved into the room. He was even more surprised when the guards turned and left him alone, locking the door behind them.

"You look like shit," Jack said.

"Thanks, so do you," the Doctor said dryly.

Jack was dirty and a bit unkempt but otherwise looked alright. The Doctor did notice a slight limp when he walked towards the tent. He sat down beside the Doctor with a sigh of relief.

"They've chained me to these posts and I have to stand about twenty three hours a day now. So it's a relief when I get to sit down," he said to the Doctor. "What about you?"

"I'm left alone for the most part, until the Master gets bored and decides to torture and taunt me, that is."

"I'd love to torture and taunt him back," Jack said, gritting his teeth.

"No, don't. It'll just make things worse. Just leave him to me."

Jack looked at the tent flap when Razzy stuck her head out.

"Seriously, when did you get a cat?" he said to the Doctor.

"I found her in a London pet shop one day and fell in love with her."

"So, what's her name then? I'm hoping it's not Hitler."

"No, it's Razzmatazz."

Jack chuckled.

"Why am I not surprised that you named your cat that?" he said.

"I wanted a unique name," the Doctor said defensively.

"Well, you were right about it being unique. Here, Razzmatazz, here kitty," he said, wiggling his fingers at her.

Razzy stepped out and sniffed his fingers before nuzzling them. Jack stroked her back while Razzy purred.

"So…Razzmatazz keeping you company then?" he asked the Doctor.

"Yes. My Razzy is an expert when it comes to that," the Doctor said, scratching behind her left ear.

"Figure out something yet?" Jack said, lowering his voice.

"I have a plan but there's still time before it comes to fruition," the Doctor said softly.

"Heard from Martha?" Jack whispered.

The Doctor shook his head. Razzy mrrowed and climbed into Jack's lap.

"See, I'm irresistible to the ladies," Jack said.

He chuckled when the Doctor rolled his eyes at that and both men stroked the cat while she purred contentedly.

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