Chapter One

Clara slowly made her way to the TARDIS kitchen. She hadn't been a companion for long but she was still trying to get used to the rhythms and routines of TARDIS life. She found it hard to believe that the Doctor had chosen her to travel with him, everything she'd seen so far had been mind blowing and she was sure there were more amazing things to come.

She walked into the kitchen and froze when she saw the Doctor. He was sitting at the kitchen table staring at a Mister Potato Head in front of him. She raised her eyebrow but stayed in the doorway while she wondered what the hell was going on.

"So...what shall it be?" the Doctor was saying to the toy. "Give me the secret to the Plasmatron or you will suffer the consequences!"

Clara held her hand over her mouth, trying not to laugh or say anything while the Doctor just stared intently at the toy.

"I'm waiting Potato Head, I am serious so don't defy me," the Doctor said to the toy.

He stared at the toy for a moment more while Clara fought to keep from laughing.

"Fine. Feel my wrath," the Doctor said.

Clara raised an eyebrow when he pulled out one of the toy's plastic arms and held it in front of Potato Head's face.

"I warned you there'd be consequences," he said to the toy.

Clara could no longer hold it in and burst out laughing at the absurdity of it all.

"You are aware that's a children's toy, right?" she said to the Doctor.

"No, it's something more. It's...Potato Head," the Doctor said omniously as he finally looked at her.

"Yeah, it's a child's toy," Clara said, walking over to him.

"No, it's more than that."

"So...what, it's alive then?" Clara said.

The Doctor nodded. Then suddenly he jerked his head back around to the toy.

"What? How dare you make fun of Clara," he said to the toy.

"'t say anything."

"Yes, it did. It uses telepathy. I'm mentally linked with it at this very moment."

"Then...why were you talking to it earlier."

"Because I'm trying to sheild my mind as much as possible from it. If I let down my guard, even for a moment, Mister Potato Head could take control of me and that could mean disaster for the universe."

Clara shook her head, suddenly unsure about traveling with a man who talk to toys. Then suddenly the Doctor ripped out the other plastic arm.

"That's for badmouthing Clara, Potato Head. Keep on and I'll have your lips next," the Doctor said to the toy.

"Okay, I'm going. I'll leave you alone with the...toy," Clara said as she slowly backed away from the Doctor.

She turned to hurry out of the room to get away from the loony when she heard him giggling and calling to her. She turned around.

"Sorry, just taking the mick out of ya," he said to her. "The TARDIS told me you were coming into the kitchen so I thought I'd give you a bit of a good morning prank. This is just a toy."

"Thank God for that," Clara said, walking towards him. "I was afraid I signed up to travel with an arm pulling loony that talked to toys."

"Nah, just a bit of a prankster. I do this sort of thing with all my friends. I like to see their reactions. No worries. I'm a madman but not that mad."

"That's good...I think," Clara said.

The Doctor grinned. He jerked his head around and pulled the plastic lips off Mister Potato Head.

"This is what comes of people who run their gob," the Doctor said, holding the lips in front of the toy while Clara giggled.

She reached over the Doctor's shoulder and pulled the hat off Mister Potato Head.

"And now I have his hat," Clara said.

"Wow, that was brave of you to do that," the Doctor said with feigned awe. "He could have launched himself at your body and knocked you out. See, that's why I like you. You aren't afraid to steal the hat right off an insane spud's head."

Clara giggled. The Doctor smiled when she gave him a quick peck on the top of the head before going over to the fridge. The Doctor sighed contentedly, loving the familiar feel of having a friend in his TARDIS as he put Mister Potato Head back together.

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