Chapter Thirteen

John listened to Tak'na in a stunned silence while Tak'na explained his plan. Tak'na wanted him to go down to Earth and keep on stirring up the populace until Doctor mania reached worldwide proportions. He was supposed to act as though he were there to save the Earth and guide it to a better, brighter future and if he didn't do this; his friends would suffer and die.

"So I don't have any choice, I have to do this," John said when he finished speaking.

"Correct, Doctor."

"Why? Why are you setting me up to be some sort of god? What's in it for you?" John said.

He hoped against hope that Tak'na would answer his question but predictably, he only chuckled softly.

"Your questions will be answered in time, Doctor. For now, you will do as I say and nothing more."

Oh Goody, John thought to himself.


Robert was sitting at his desk, entering some data into his computer when he was startled by his door banging against the wall. He spun around in his chair and gasped when the Doctor entered with his companion and Robert's colleagues. The Doctor said nothing until he got to his chair and then he leaned over and got in his face.

"Are you working with the person who wrote the book?" he growled at him.

"N…no," Robert said, cringing away from the Doctor's intense stare. "I don't know who wrote the book, he keeps his face covered."

"Someone knows private information about me," the Doctor growled. "The people closest to me are Rose, her family, Mickey and Jake and everyone except Jackie works at Torchwood. I'm pretty sure none of them are working with this mystery person and you seem to be my biggest fan here. You seem very interested in me."

"I read the book," Robert said quickly. "Everything I know comes from the book and from listening to Rose. Nothing else, I swear. I'm not working with anyone. Please don't hurt me!"

The Doctor snorted at that and leaned back up.

"Sorry, I don't feel like punching boffins today," he said.

Robert sat frozen in his chair and watched them leave with the Doctor. Then he suddenly leapt from his chair and ran after them.

"Wait, please!" he said to the Doctor as he sprinted out of his office. "Wait. I want to help."

The Doctor turned to face him, a dubious look on his face.

"Look, I'm sorry someone is doing this to you," Robert said. "I want to help, honestly."

The Doctor considered that for a moment before nodding.

"Fine. I just need someone to help us locate my TARDIS," he said. "Do you lot have any way to detect transmat beams and pinpoint their locations?"

He raised his eyebrow when the Torchwood employees glanced at one another and he could tell that no one knew what he was talking about.

"Fine," he said, raising his hand when they turned to him with blank looks on their faces. "Look. Just let me see what you have. I know what I'm looking for."

He signed when everyone glanced at one another with hesitant looks on their faces.

"I'm not the enemy. I'm not gonna nick your precious collection of alien artifacts, I just want my TARDIS back," he said.

"I'll go with him," Rose said. "I'll keep an eye on him and you have my word that he won't steal anything or try to take over the building."

Catherine nodded.

"Very well but he needs an ID badge if he's going into restricted areas so he needs to wait until we make him one," she said.

"I have my own ID badge," the Doctor said, holding up his psychic paper.

"No, that won't work. Everyone has been trained to see through psychic paper," Catherine said.

"Trust me, that's how I was captured in the other universe," Rose said to him.

"Fine, just…make it happen then," the Doctor said impatiently.

Everyone walked off except Rose and Robert. The Doctor stared at Robert inquiringly. Robert shrugged.

"I said I wanted to help," he said.

The Doctor kept his face passive while he tried to determine Robert's true motives. He still didn't entirely trust him but he decided to keep that to himself and see how things played out so he nodded in response.


The Doctor studied his ID card once Catherine handed it to him. They had taken his picture with a digital camera and the tiny photo was at the bottom of the card with THE DOCTOR in bold letters above it. The Doctor thought it was a tad unnecessary since he was sure everyone knew who he was now but if it meant access to Torchwood and their archives, he was willing to play along. He clipped the ID badge to his lapel before looking at Catherine.

"Can we go now?" he said.

"Yes, you may go and good luck to you," she said.

The Doctor thanked her, nodded to Rose and he and Robert followed her as she led the way.

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