Chapter Seventeen

Clara walked with the others to the Console Room. By now, she was feeling better and her strength had returned. But she was still a bit confused about what had happened while she was unconscious and the fact that the Tenth Doctor was back with an unknown companion was a bit much to take in at the moment. The unfamiliar male seemed to be an associate but Rose was definitely with the Tenth Doctor. She seemed nice but Clara wondered why she wasn't around when they were with the future version of the Doctor. Her Doctor filled her in on the basics and told her about the clone but didn't go into too much detail about him, telling her that time was in flux at the moment. She was still fighting off the effects of the anesthetic and she decided to not think too much until she was more lucid. Despite that, she was ready to assist the others in the search for Jackie, John and the Tenth Doctor's TARDIS.

For the moment, she was sitting near the console while her Doctor did a search for Gallifrey.

"I figure if we want to know what's going on, we should go to the source," Eleven said to everyone as he worked.

He eyed Ten suspiciously when he stepped up to the console to assist him. Ten caught his eye and rolled his before Eleven begrudgingly let him assist. Clara smiled at that, remembering the back and forth banter between the two of them and how befuddled the War Doctor had been at his hyper older selves. Nothing much had seemed to change, except the Tenth Doctor did have more of an air of sadness around him than the other time. She glanced at Rose who was standing beside her. She cleared her throat.

"Hello, did you travel with the Doctor as well?" she asked, wanting to be friends with someone who had the same experiences as her.

"Yeah, I'm Rose Tyler," Rose said, extending her hand and smiling warmly.

"Clara Oswald, nice to meet ya," she said, shaking her hand.

"Same," Rose said. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah, still a bit groggy but I'll pull through. And you?" she said to Robert when he walked up to them, "are you travelin' as well?"

"I wish," Robert said. "But no, I work at Torchwood. I'm just a very big fan of the Doctor. Nice to meet you," he said, shaking her hand. "So you do this full time then?" he added.

"Yeah, you get used to it, trust me," Clara said while Rose nodded in agreement.

"AHA! SUCCESS! WE LOCKED ON TO GALLIFREY!" Eleven suddenly crowed.

Clara and Rose looked at one another with excitement.

"I've never been to Gallifrey," Rose said. "The Doctor talked about it but I didn't think it existed anymore."

Clara nodded but remained silent about being on Gallifrey before. She decided it would involve too much explanation. She told Rose she'd never been before to save time. Despite this, she was excited about meeting the other Time Lords and perhaps getting to the bottom of what was going on.

The TARDIS landed and powered down. There was a hush in the room while the two Doctors stared at one another, both of them filled with anticipation but neither of them wanting to make the first move. Then they heard a knock at the front door followed by a male yelling, "Oi! Get this thing out of here!" Eleven turned and ran to the front door. He opened it up and they heard the male telling him to move his thing out of his barn.

"I don't know how you got this thing in here but get it out!" the man was saying while the others walked to the front door.

"So sorry," Eleven said as he stepped outside. "This is my TARDIS."

The others stepped outside the door. They were standing inside a dusty, dimly lit barn. There was straw under their feet and on either side of them were stables filled with nervous, fidgety horses. Rose came up beside the Tenth Doctor.

"There are horses on Gallifrey?" she asked him.

"Yes. The human form isn't the only thing that spans several planets," he said to her.

He smiled and took her hand.

"Welcome to my home, Rose Tyler," he said.

Rose looked up at him and smiled, thrilled to be standing on his homeworld at last. They watched while the farmer inspected the TARDIS. He was in his early thirties, a bit haggard looking with slightly graying hair. He was wearing a white shirt and something that looked like a black kilt with a leather belt holding it in place. He wore long black boots that were slightly muddy. He rubbed his hand over his stubble of beard while he looked at the TARDIS.

"What in Rassilon is this supposed to be?" he said to Eleven.

"It's a police box," Eleven said.

"What is that?" the man said.

"Never mind, you want this moved, we'll move it," Eleven said impatiently.

While they were talking, Ten glanced over and noticed Robert had left the group and was slowly walking towards the barn doors while he looked around him in amazement. Rose glanced at him when he hurried towards him and decided to follow him. Robert reached the front doors and slowly pushed it open. By now, everyone had stopped to watch what he was doing while Ten and Rose caught up to him.

"This is Gallifrey?" Robert said as he stepped outside, "looks like a barn to me."

"Yes. We have barns and horses on Gallifrey, Robert," Ten said as he and Rose stepped outside with him.

When Rose emerged from the barn, she froze and her breath caught in her throat. They were standing in a sea of red grass that stretched from the slightly decaying wooden barn towards a white farmhouse about fifty feet away. In the sky were several planets of varying colors, including a big pale blue one with Saturnlike rings around it. Near the house were three trees with shining silver leaves on it.

"Oh my God, it's beautiful," Rose said breathlessly while the others came outside.

Now Rose couldn't help herself and she began to walk around, taking in the scenery while the Farmer impatiently told Eleven they couldn't stay here.

"I don't know you and you're on my property, you need to leave," he said to Eleven.

"Will you give us a few minutes, we're not destroying anything," Eleven said angrily.

"Well, what are they doing?" the Farmer said, pointing to Robert and Rose as they wandered around and took everything in.

"They're humans and this is their first time here," Eleven said.

Now it was the Farmer's turn to be amazed. Rose was staring at the trees with silent awe when she suddenly felt someone at her back. She turned; expecting to see the Doctor but instead was shocked to see the Farmer gawking at her. She looked at herself, wondered what was wrong while Eleven walked over to her with a huge grin on his face.

"This is a human?" the Farmer said while Eleven walked up beside him.

"Yes, a very nice human actually," Eleven said.

Rose jerked back when the Farmer tried to poke her right breast.

"Oi, watch it!" Rose said, covering her breast with her hand.

"Do you really have one heart?" the Farmer said, ignoring her reaction while he drew nearer to her. "And no respiratory bypass system."

"Doctor!" Rose said desperately as she ran around Eleven and hid behind him.

Eleven smiled at the Farmer's disappointment.

"Yes, it's true on both counts," he said to the Farmer. "They are also skittish creatures who don't like to be touched so you'll excuse her reticence at being groped. And now, I believe we will be going. Come along, Human."

"Gladly," Rose said as Eleven turned and took her hand.

Eleven noticed a slightly jealous look on Ten's face at their handholding but he didn't care, happy to be holding Rose's hand again after so many years. He looked back and noticed the Farmer was following them to the barn.

"We're leaving, alright" Eleven said as Rose looked over her shoulder with him.

"Just observing how a human walks," the Farmer said as he eyed Rose's ass.

Eleven and Rose shared a look and suddenly sprinted hand in hand towards the barn. Ten shooed the others inside and Rose and Eleven ran inside after them while the Farmer asked them to wait so he could see a human naked.

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