Chapter Twenty

An angry sigh escaped from John's nose as he walked off the set. He felt rage, rage at himself and rage at his situation. He didn't want to do this, didn't want to further the myth of the Doctor as a god but what could he do. If he didn't do it, Donna and Jackie would be executed. He still had no idea of Tak'na's overall plan but he didn't have to know in order to hate it.

He stopped backstage several feet from the set and waited for the transmat to come down and collect him. He also had a tracer microchip injected into his bloodstream so if he tried to run away, he would be found and executed along with his friends. He felt trapped and manipulated and this angered him more.


John turned and saw the interviewer, Gareth O'Riley hurrying to catch up with him. He knew the transmat was coming and he held up his hands, trying to stop him while Gareth tried to ask him another question. But before he could stop him, the transmat beam came down, enveloping them both and the last thing John heard was Gareth's terrified scream before they were both broken down into atoms and transported to the ship.


After running a scan, Eleven told the TARDIS to take them to the television studio. The TARDIS ran a quick scan and then everyone held on while she moved through space to get to their destination. Once she was through and powered down, everyone followed Eleven outside. BBC Television Center in this universe was housed in a great glass pyramid that was about thirty feet tall. The sunlight hit the windows, causing a blinding radiance to anyone who gazed on it. Besides the windows, there was double doors at the front with a huge sign that read BBC TELEVISION CENTRE above it. The door was being guarded by an elderly man in a black doorman's uniform. Eleven glanced at his counterpart and both of them whipped out their psychic paper while everyone else followed them. As they walked up to the doorman, he stepped in front of the door and held out his hand. Ten and Eleven showed him their psychic paper. The man read it and looked at everyone behind Ten and Eleven.

"Who are they then?" he said, pointing to them.

"They're our assistants. Now will you allow us to pass, time is of the essence here," Eleven said imperiously.

The doorman shrugged and stepped aside. When they were inside, Clara tugged at Eleven's sleeve.

"What did you show them?" she asked him.

"I said we were two television executives and we were here to inspect the programs," Eleven said.

"And you need all of us as assistants?" Rose said.

"We're very needy and useless without several pairs of hands to assist," Ten said with a grin while Eleven sniggered.

"This is extraordinary," Darius said as they walked through a large lobby towards the lift.

Eleven glanced at him. He was staring up at the inside of the glass pyramid in awe.

"This is amazing," he said while everyone stopped to look at him. "Apes are capable of marvels such as this?"

"What?" Clara said, incensed, while Eleven pushed past her to get to him.

"Um…you're new here, to the group and to Earth so I need to tell you that It's frowned on when you call humans "Apes," he said to Darius.

Darius looked at the humans and said a quick apology to them when he noticed their annoyed looks. Eleven patted him on the shoulder before rejoining his counterpart at the front. Near the lift was a wooden desk where a young and confused receptionist sat. Eleven showed her the psychic paper which caused her even more confusion.

"I don't recall a visit from BBC executives on the schedule today," she said, pushing her wire framed glasses further up her nose to get a good look at them.

"Surprise inspection," Ten said. "We like to come when no one's expecting us. That way, everything is authentic and not spiffed up for us."

"Who are they?" the receptionist said, pointing to the people behind them.

"They're our assistants," Eleven said. "We are quite busy and we need assistants to write memos, fetch coffee and tea and hold our things."

"We need to be hands free, obviously," Ten said.

"Well, I suppose I can let you through but this has never happened before," the receptionist said hesitantly as she studied them. "This is highly unusual."

"That's why we're here," Eleven said. "Our bosses now want surprise inspections. Keeps everyone on their toes. So may we pass?"

"I…suppose," the receptionist said.

"Thanks muchly," Ten said airly as he walked towards the lift.

Eleven waved at the receptionist before following him. The others quickly hurried after them before the receptionist asked them something. When they got to the lift, they clustered together and looked back at the receptionist. She was still watching them but wasn't doing anything to stop them.

"Tell me, Doctor, is there ever a time when this show people the psychic paper thing doesn't work?" Clara asked Eleven in a hushed voice as they waited.

"Never," Eleven said haughtily. "Psychic paper always works when I want it to."

"Didn't work for me when I was in Torchwood the first time," Rose said softly.

Eleven looked over his shoulder at her.

"That's because you nicked my psychic paper from my pocket and the psychic paper didn't like you," he said to her with mock haughtiness.

"She was always nicking things, you notice that?" Ten said to Eleven while Rose eyed them.

"Yeah, she had quite the sticky fingers. Couldn't keep her hands out of anything. She would have put them in the toaster if I hadn't hidden it."

"Oh, shut up," Rose said with a grin as the two Doctors grinned at each other.

"Toaster would have taught her though," Ten said as the lift doors opened. "Pair of burnt hands would have taught her that stealing is wrong."

"You're right," Eleven said as they went inside. "But it's too late now…although we could speak to John about the toaster idea."

"Belt up, will ya?" Rose said as the lift doors closed.

They all stood there for a moment waiting for the lift to start. Rose and Clara looked at Eleven who was closest to the buttons.

"Well?" Clara said to him.

"I forgot to ask what floor we needed. Won't take a tic, everyone," Eleven said as he pushed the door open button.

Rose looked at Clara.

"This is what he gets for banging on about me and toasters," she said to her while Eleven hurried over to the receptionist.

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