Chapter Twenty One

"Okay," Eleven said, hurrying back into the lift after asking the annoyed receptionist what floor they needed. "We need to go to floor three."

"Are you sure about that?" Robert said as he hit the button and the lift doors closed.

"Always sure, I'm sure about everything," Eleven said over his shoulder.

He eyed Clara and Rose when he noticed they were grinning at one another and he looked over at Ten.

"Perhaps hitting her on the noddle with the toaster would do," he said to Ten as the lift went up.

"Yes, knock some sense into her," Ten said, nodding while Rose looked at Clara and shook her head sadly.

The lift stopped and the doors opened. They stepped onto a wide, carpeted balcony. At the edge of the balcony was a glass barrier that was topped with a brass railing. The balcony curved around and led off into two corridors that had multiple closed doors on either side. They stepped out and Eleven looked both ways before walking over to the railing and peering down at the receptionist below.

"Oi! Which way is the television studio where the bloke interviewed the Doctor?" he yelled down to her.

"Right side, third door on the left!" the woman yelled up.

"Thanks! That's all I need for now!" Eleven yelled down.

He leaned back up and turned to see Clara was behind him, snickering.

"What?" he said to her.

"You're the most unorganized bloke I've ever known," she said.

"I am too organized. I was just so involved with getting up here that I forgot to ask a few things," Eleven said defensively.

Just then, there was a scream off to the right and everyone spun around to see a twentysomething year old woman running towards Ten.

"Oh my God, it's the Doctor!" she squealed as she sped towards him.

Darius ran in front of Ten, trying to get in between him and the crazed fan as she hurried towards the stunned Time Lord. Eleven grabbed Darius by the shoulder and gave him a look of warning.

"I will not kill, I'm merely trying to protect him," Darius said tersely.

Eleven nodded and let go. Darius spun around and held out his hands to stop the girl but she stopped herself a few feet from him and squealed with joy.

"Doctor, I'm a huuuuuuge fan," she gushed while Ten shifted in discomfort. "I meant to see your interview but I arrived too late and I decided to wait for you and here you are and I'm sooooo glad to see you and…"

"Whoa," Ten said, holding up his hands while Eleven hid a smile behind his hand. "Alright, calm down, you found me. Don't faint on me, yeah"

"I won't," the girl said, calming down slightly. "But this is so brilliant. I've never met a celebrity before."

"And what is your name?" Ten said to her.

"Tasha, my name is Tasha," the girl said. "Oh my Gawd, can I have your autograph, puh-leeeeeze?"

Rose and Clara bent over in silent laughter and Eleven tried to bite back his as Ten gave Tasha an odd look.

"Um…yeah," he said, reaching into his pocket for a pad and pencil.

"I'm next," Rose said, loud enough for Ten to hear while Ten focused on autographing his name and TO TASHA on the small yellow sheet of paper. He tore it off and directed Darius to give it to her.

"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOOOOOU!" Tasha squealed as she bounced up and down for a few seconds. "This means sooooo much to me."

"I'm sure it does," Ten said, noticing that now everyone was trying not to laugh. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go speak to…that chap that interviewed me…"

"Gareth O'Riley," Robert said.

"Yes! Thank you," Ten said to him. "Yes, must speak to Gareth before I go, I forgot to tell him something. Now if you'll excuse us?"

"Can I have a kiss before you go?" Tasha said.

"Um…well…yeah, a tiny one. Darius, let her through," Ten said, patting the young soldier on the shoulder.

Darius hesitated a moment, seeing the starstruck look in the young girl's eyes but did as Ten said. Ten was about to emphasize a small kiss when Tasha zoomed over and practically pounced on him. Eleven bent over the railing, shaking all over with silent laughter while Ten tried to stop the teen from shoving her tongue down his throat. Darius growled with frustration, grabbed Tasha and pulled her off of Ten, who reeled back in shock at the assault.

"That's enough!" Darius growled at Tasha. "Be on your way now!"

Tasha glared at Darius but turned and stomped off, looking over her shoulder longingly at Ten as she did. Eleven recovered and straightened up while Ten wiped the drool off his lips.

"Thank you," Ten said to Darius.

Darius dropped his head and put his right fist against his left shoulder in salute. Ten finished wiping off the spit and motioned for everyone to follow him while they walked towards the TV studio.

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