Chapter One

"Rose! I have a great idea for an adventure!"

Rose was coming into the console room after having a shower. Her hair was still a bit damp but the TARDIS had signaled to her that he needed her so she stopped using the blow dryer and came to the front.

"Yeah?" Rose said, walking over to him.

"Fancy finding a legendary beast?" the Doctor said.

"Umůsure. What legendary beast?" Rose said.

"The Jersey Devil. Heard of it?"

"Vaguely," Rose said.

"It's a beast that is supposed to live in the woods of New Jersey. I figured we might have a look and see if we can find it for a laugh."

"Is it dangerous?" Rose said.

"Well, it supposedly killed livestock in the 9th century so apparently, it's dangerous to cows but as for humans, I know of no attacks, only sightings dating back to the 1700's"

"An alien?" Rose said.

"Dunno. Thought we might have a day out and see if we can locate it?"

"Sounds good to me," Rose said.

"Then we'll go to the Pine Barrens in Southern New Jersey where it supposedly lives and have a Devil safari!" the Doctor said, entering the coordinates in his computer.


Once the TARDIS landed, the Doctor opened the door and peeked out. They were near a road that was running through the middle of a thick forest. The TARDIS had landed on the outskirts of the forest behind a few trees. Beyond the tree line was a small incline that led up to the road and then another slope that led back down and into the forest on the other side of the road. The Doctor and Rose each had a rucksack on their back and Rose adjusted the straps after they came outside and the Doctor closed the door.

"So, where do we start looking?" Rose asked the Doctor.

The Doctor didn't reply. He just started walking up to the road. When he got to the middle of the road, he stopped and turned to look at Rose.

"You just think I'll follow ya wherever you go," Rose teased him.

The Doctor gave her a stern look and pointed down to the road. Rose gave him the vees and the Doctor pointed back down to the road again.

"You don't own me; I'm not your servant!" Rose teased.

The Doctor shrugged, turned and walked down the incline while Rose folded her arms over her chest and leaned against the TARDIS. The incline was a bit steep so she didn't know if he went into the woods or not but she was determined to stay and play this game rather than follow him. Although, she had to admit she would follow him wherever he went. She waited patiently and sure enough, five minutes later, the Doctor walked back up the incline to the road. He stopped in the middle of the road and gave her the stern look again while he pointed down to the road.

"I'm not your doggie," Rose said as she leaned against the TARDIS.

"Heel, Fido," the Doctor said.

"Arf, arf," Rose replied.

"I said, heel!"

Rose went beyond the trees, lifted up her foot and pointed to her heel before going back to the TARDIS. She watched while the Doctor, took off his rucksack, sat down on the road and then lay down on it.

"I no longer wish to live," he yelled to the sky. "Rose no longer trusts me enough to venture into the unknown!"

"Whaa whaa, cry me a river, mate," Rose said as she watched from the TARDIS.

"Goodbye, cruel world!" the Doctor said melodramatically as he put the back of his hand to his head.

"Oh puh-leeze," Rose said, rolling her eyes.

She laughed when she heard a car coming and the Doctor instantly leapt to his feet. The car stopped a few feet from him and an old man got out of it.

"Are you insane, you asshole?" the man said, walking towards the Doctor.

"Well, yes, but I'm sure you didn't mean it like that," the Doctor said while Rose came out of the woods to keep him from seeing the TARDIS. When she climbed up the incline, she noticed that there was a bend in the road not fifteen feet from where they were which explained the Doctor's shock at the sudden appearance of the car. The car was a beat up old red Mustang and the man was in his '70's. He was wearing a long white beard and looked like Santa Claus in jean overalls. Underneath the overalls was a red and black plaid shirt and he wore battered brown leather boots.

"Look, I'm sorry," the Doctor said as he picked up his rucksack "I was just having a giggle with my friend. We're going hiking in search of the Jersey Devil."

"Jersey Devil? You're going to go find an imaginary creature?" the man said.

"Well, we were hoping it wasn't," the Doctor said.

The man snorted.

"Buddy, you better look elsewhere," he said.

"Why is that?" the Doctor said.

"I take it from your accent that you're not from here so I'll understand if you don't know about Jason Voorhees."

"And who is he?" the Doctor said.

"A murderer. Haunts these woods and has done so for about 50 years now," the man said, gesturing to the forest. "Up ahead of ya is the remains of Camp Crystal Lake where he drowned in 1957."

"Wait," Rose said. "If he drowned, how could he murder people for 50 years?"

"Because some say he's immortal."

"Really? Tell us more," the Doctor said.

"Look, come with me to my house. I can fix ya supper and I'll tell you all about him."

The Doctor nodded. The man introduced himself as Luke and after the Doctor and Rose introduced themselves he put their rucksacks in the trunk of his car. The Doctor and Rose climbed into his car and Luke got in and drove them to his house.

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