Chapter Two

"Just make yourselves at home," Luke said when they stepped into his cabin deep in the woods. "Would you like some tea? That's what you English people drink, isn't it?"

"Yes, please," Rose said, looking around.

The log cabin was sparsely decorated. Most of the furniture was made from wood with plump cushions in the chairs and lining the sofa. Off to the right was a TV sitting on a homemade TV stand and on the wall above it was a deer head. The Doctor wandered over it and examined the head while Rose sat down in one of the chairs. A few minutes later, Luke came into the room carrying a wooden tray. On the tray was a pitcher of iced tea and three mugs.

"Sorry, I only have iced tea," he said to them.

"No worries, that's fine," the Doctor said, tearing his attention away from the deer. "So…what about this Jason chap? You said he drowned in 1957."

"He did. He went to summer camp that year when his mother got a job at CampCrystalLake up the road from here. Somehow he drowned in the lake because the damn kids who were supposed to be keeping an eye on him were screwing each other inside the cabin. His mother went beserk and eventually came back to the camp in the late '70's and started killing the teenagers for revenge. No one survived, not even the one who beheaded that bitch. They think the one who beheaded Mrs. Voorhees drowned in the lake and rumor has it Jason came up from beneath the lake and dragged her down to the depths."

"Oh, come off it," Rose said. "Surely you don't believe that rubbish."

"Missy, there's been many more murders out there. Every time they try to open that damn camp back up, more teenagers and adults end up dead."

"Okay but how do you know it's this Jason bloke," Rose said. "Maybe you have a non-zombie serial killer somewhere around here. You live in the forest, maybe this killer does as well."

"Oh, he lives in the woods alright. But it's not some random nutcase. It's Jason. There's been too many sightings over the years of the same guy."

"What does he look like?" the Doctor said.

"Tall, decaying man. Wears dirty clothes and a hockey mask."

"Hockey mask?" the Doctor said.

"Yeah. Found it somewhere. Covers his ugly, maggot infested face which I suppose is a blessing for his victims. They don't have to look at his rotting face while they die.

Rose glanced at the Doctor and noticed he was intrigued with all this. She knew then and there that they would be switching safaris and going after Jason instead of the Jersey Devil.

"Is the camp open right now?" the Doctor asked.

"Hell no," Luke said. "Mind you, stupid kids go in there and get high and drunk but most sane people stay away from that place…unless they want a machete in the gut."

"Well, call me insane then because I want to see this camp and find Jason."

Luke stared at him in disbelief.

"Did you hear a word I just said, son?" Luke said.

"I did and I believe I can stop Jason from killing again."

Luke threw back his head and laughed.

"Aw, son, you wouldn't be the first to say that and most of the others ended up insane or in body bags. You and your gal would do well to get on a plane and get back to the England before you end up in the morgue."

"Don't worry about us," the Doctor said. "We can take care of ourselves. Could you be so kind as to take us to the entrance of CampCrystalLake?"

"Your funeral," Luke said with a shrug. "You got a death wish, I ain't gonna stop ya. I'll take ya after dinner, okay? Might as well have a last meal before going, right?"

"That would be lovely and thank you," the Doctor said.

Luke shook his head.

"Damn fool tourists, no wonder Voorhees has a mountain of bodies now. Most of his victims walk willingly into his clutches."


After eating lunch, Luke drove them back down the road. He stopped at a road overgrown with weeds and a downed wooden sign that read Welcome To Camp Crystal Lake in faded black paint. The road led back into the forest and Luke pointed to it.

"Follow this road into the woods and you'll soon see the camp. I just hope you two know what you're doing. Woulda been more merciful to run you down when you were laying in the road."

"We'll be fine," the Doctor said. "Thank you for bringing us here."

Luke sighed.

"Look. I like you. I'm gonna drive back here tomorrow morning and check on ya. I hope you two survive the night because I don't wanna see your cut up bodies in the morning."

"We'll be alive," the Doctor said, opening the car door. "Thank you for your hospitality."

Luke nodded.

"Just be careful. Come to think of it…do you have a cell phone?"

"I do," Rose said.

Luke found a scrap of paper and wrote his phone number on it. He handed it to the Doctor and told them to call if they needed to get out of the camp quickly. Rose thanked him and took the piece of paper from the Doctor. She put it in her jean pocket and both she and the Doctor put their rucksacks on their back. The Doctor thanked Luke again before closing the door. Luke wished them luck and watched while they crossed the road and started down the road that led to the campsite.

"I hope you two know what you're doing," Luke muttered as he watched them walk away.

He waited till they were in the woods and out of sight before he turned the car on, did a U-turn and headed back to his house.


Rose looked around while they walked down the path towards the camp. The woods looked benign but that was because it was daylight. She wondered how friendly the woods would look after dark.

"You're doing it again," the Doctor said, looking over his shoulder.

"Doing what?" Rose said.

"Following me without a second thought."

Rose grinned and stopped in her tracks. The Doctor stopped, turned to her and pointed to the ground. Rose shook his head and giggled when the Doctor shrugged off his rucksack and lay down in the road again.

"I love these suicide attempts of yours, especially since you'd just regenerate into a new body," Rose said, walking up to him.

"Ooo! Gallifreyan joke for ya! What goes bang, thump, bang, thump, bang, thump, bang, thump, bang, thump, bang, thump, bang, thump, bang, thump, bang, thump, bang, thump, bang, thump, bang, thump?"

"What?" Rose said.

"A Time Lord committing suicide."

Rose rolled her eyes and groaned while the Doctor gave her an impish grin and poked her leg.

"Come on, ya muppet, let's get goin'," Rose said.

"Okley-dokley!" the Doctor said, standing up.

Rose watched while he put his rucksack on his back. But while she watched the Doctor, she was unaware that someone was watching them from the nearby woods. The watcher kept his eyes on them and followed them as the Doctor and Rose walked on towards the camp.

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