Chapter Three

"Yooooo-hoooo, Jason Voooooorheeeeees!" the Doctor said in a high-pitched voice as he and Rose walked towards the camp. "Where are ya, you hockey mask wearing git?"

"You that anxious to see Jason?" Rose said.

"Never been much of a patient man, Rosie! Wanna dispatch with the decaying corpse and have some real fun in the Jersey woods. Come on, Voorhees, make my day!"

Rose giggled when he started flipping the vees in every direction while he chanted, "Jason is a wanker, wanker, wanker. Jason is a wanker and he's ugly, ugly too!" He kept up the chant while he walked but suddenly, he stopped and fell silent. Rose stopped with him and was about to ask what was wrong when the Doctor held up his hand and put his finger to his lips. The hairs on the back of Rose's neck stood up and she felt gooseflesh on her arms. The Doctor was looking around, deadly serious, and Rose listened for any leaves rustling or twigs snapping. The Doctor made a tight circle as he scanned his surroundings. Then he stopped and looked off to their left. Rose looked in the same direction but the woods were thick and she couldn't see anything. But she knew the Doctor was sensing something and she knew he was usually right so she kept quiet and helped him look for whatever was setting off his senses. She pointed to a group of trees when she suddenly saw movement behind them and the Doctor came up beside her.

"Whoever is following us, show yourself now or you'll be sorry!" he yelled.

Suddenly, a young man with sandy blonde hair jumped out from behind the trees.

"BWAH!" he yelled as he ran at them.

The Doctor ran towards him and clotheslined him before he could get to Rose. The man gasped as he was knocked off his feet and he grunted when he hit the ground.

"What the hell? I was only joking, you idiot!" the man said.

"I'm sorry, I don't appreciate people following us and running towards my friend, especially after hearing about Jason Voorhees," the Doctor said.

"Well, I'm not him, I can assure you," the man said, standing up and dusting himself off. "But you're looking for him?"

"Yes," the Doctor said.

"Name's Tim. Me and some friends of mine are camping in the cabins here. We're interested in the whole Voorhees legend too. You sound like you're from England though. Man, the Jason legend traveled far and wide then."

"We only just heard about it," Rose said. "We were looking for the Jersey Devil and changed our minds."

"P'eh, Jersey Devil is boring," Tim said, rolling his eyes. "You want a real monster, you come to Crystal Lake. But come on, you're welcome here. There's plenty of empty beds in the cabins and we're happy to share our food and brew with ya. Follow me."

The Doctor and Rose followed Tim to the camp. The man was in his late teens with a baby face and pale blue eyes. He had on a blue t-shirt, jean shorts and black trainers. Five minutes later, they saw the campsite. There were several cabins scattered around a clearing in the woods, all of them run down. The campsite was overgrown in places with weeds and tall grass and the Doctor could tell that the campsite hadn't been used in some time. But near the back towards a large lake, there were a couple of large campfires blazing and several more teens were sitting around them on fallen logs. The teens looked at Tim when he called to them.

"Hey! Found two more partiers!" he called to them. "Come and meet them!"

The teens got up and headed towards them. Around the logs, Rose saw coolers and six packs and rucksacks.

"Must be one hell of a party here," Rose said to the Doctor.

The teens gathered around them. Tim pointed to a young black woman who had long, black hair and a piercing in her lower lip.

"This is Denisha," he said to the Doctor and Rose.

"Hi!" Denisha said, waving.

Rose noticed that Denisha was wearing a skimpy bathing suit. In fact, the women were all dressed skimpily. Tim pointed to a red haired girl.

"This is Candice. We call her Candy," he said.

"Hi, nice to meet ya," Candy said.

Tim pointed to a tall bald man that had a tattoo of a dragon on the side of his head. The man smiled seductively at Rose, his brown eyes sparkling.

"This is Derek," Tim said.

"Hello, Rose," Derek said.

"Hey," Rose muttered, trying to avoid his lustful gaze.

Tim pointed to another boy who was shorter than the others. His brow hair was layered with bangs and his eyes were a deep shade of green.

"This is Ian," Tim said.

"Wotcha," Ian said with a cockney accent.

"And last but not least, this is his girlfriend, Jenny," Tim said, pointing to another red haired girl.

Unlike Candy who had shoulder length hair. Jenny's hair was down to the small of her back. She had eyes the same shade of green as Ian and when she spoke it was with an Irish accent.

"They're my friends. I met them when my parents went to England last summer and I invited them to come stay with me this summer," Tim said.

"Nice to see some English faces here," Ian said, nodding to the Doctor and Rose. "We're having a bit of a knee's up if you want to join us."

The Doctor and Rose nodded and followed the teens back to the fire.

"Budweiser?" Tim said, pointing to a six pack.

"I'll have one," Rose said while the Doctor politely declined. Tim threw her a can and Rose caught it. The Doctor and Rose sat down on one of the logs and Ian sat with them. Denisha passed around the beer cans and Ian grinned at Rose when he took one.

"Being polite. Don't like American beer. I'd rather have a lager," he said.

"Yeah, you and me both," Rose said.

The Doctor was the only one not drinking. Rose noticed that but she made a decision just to have one can of beer to be sociable. With a serial killer on the loose, the last thing she wanted was to be completely hammered. She and Ian made small talk while they drank and the Doctor scanned the campsite, taking everything in.

"So," the Doctor said to Tim when he got done making sure the campsite was safe, "any recent sightings of Jason?"

"Not lately. But there's been periods when he's been dormant and then he starts killing again."

"Dormant? As in hibernation?" the Doctor said.

"Well, most of the time the killings occur whenever someone tries to open this camp up for business. Jason's mother killed people because of that and now Jason is doing it. He doesn't want the camp to be operational."

"But people go ahead and do it anyway?" the Doctor said. "You're telling me that all you have to do to keep him from killing is keep the camp from opening for business?"

"Well…there have been a few killings and sightings of Jason besides the camp. There was even in a rumor he was in Manhattan several years ago. Don't know if that's true or not though."

"Sounds like the boy gets around," the Doctor said. "And you're hoping to see him tonight?"

"Not really. We're just partying but we thought this campsite would make a cool, spooky place to party. Besides, no one comes back here except other partiers which is why you're invited to share the fire with us."

The Doctor nodded and smiled at that. He smelled the pungent odor of marijuana and noticed that Denisha and Candy were sharing a joint on the other side of the fire. Tim noticed his displeasure at that and shrugged.

"I don't do that but hey, it's their bodies," he said. "I take it you don't do it either."

"No, I don't but I'm not their father," the Doctor said.

"No one will force you to do anything you don't want to do," Tim said.

I hope that includes rape because this wanker isn't getting his hands on my body, Rose thought when she noticed Derek was staring at her while he sipped his beer.

She turned her head away and concentrated on the Doctor while he spoke to Tim. Tim filled him in on more of the legend while Rose listened intently. She didn't know if she believed in a man who could come back to life repeatedly and keep on killing people but she'd seen enough traveling with the Doctor not to dismiss anything out of hand. Besides, listening to Tim kept her attention off Derek. She sensed he was still staring at her and she felt the urge to turn and spout off a rude epithet to get Romeo to stop lusting after her. She was glad she was with the Doctor since she knew the Doctor would break off Derek's hands if he tried to touch her.

Rose and Ian finished their beers but everyone else kept drinking until they were visibly drunk. Rose could tell Ian was getting pissed off at Jenny, especially since he wasn't drinking any more and he wasn't partaking of the joints that kept getting passed around.

Then suddenly, the women started to take off their clothes and get naked and most of the men began to fondle and kiss their bodies. Rose caught Derek's eye and saw how hopeful he looked. Rose snorted and got up from the log. She turned her back to Derek and walked off towards the lake, not wanting to sit there and watch the snogging become a campfire orgy. She sensed someone was behind her and she sighed angrily.

"Not in a million years, mate!" she snarled as she turned around.

She froze when she saw the Doctor and Ian were behind her.

"What's not in a million years?" the Doctor said.

"Derek keeps staring at me. I think he fancies me and I'm sure he's disappointed I didn't get naked and have a go at em," she said. "I'm sorry; I didn't mean you or Ian."

"Derek's a good guy. He just likes the ladies. But he won't hurt you or rape you. He respects people's boundaries," Ian said.

"And I would be on him in a second if he tried anything," the Doctor said.

"I know. That's why I'm glad you're here. But I just couldn't take any more of the drunken party there so I left."

"Yeah, I was about to do the same," the Doctor said.

"And me. I admit I do get drunk from time to time but not on the piss the yanks call beer. That stuff is disgusting," Ian said. "And if anyone lays hands on ya, I'll also rip their penises off. I believe in treating a woman with respect."

"Thank you," Rose said.

"Well, perhaps the three of us can go explore the camp and see if there is anything to this Jason legend?" the Doctor said to them.

Rose glanced over at the campfire and noticed the teens were making out and fondling one another in between getting drunk and high.

"I vote for exploring," Rose said.

"So do I," Ian said, glaring at Jenny who was giggling insanely while Derek sucked on one of her nipples. "I'm beginning to reevaluate my relationship with Jenny and I want time to cool off before I confront her about all this."

"Well, let's start down by the lake then since that's supposedly where Jason drowned," the Doctor said.

The three of them turned their backs on the partiers and headed towards the lake.

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