Chapter Five

Rose could tell the mood had changed when they reached the campfire. The party had gone silent and everyone except for Ian and Derek were watching Rose quietly. Rose felt the Doctor's hold on her hand increase and she knew that he was silently indicating to everyone there that she was with him so there'd be no more trouble.

"We're sorry about Derek," Danisha said to her.

"It's alright, wouldn't be the first time that happened," Rose said. "Where did he go?"

"Ran into the woods," Jenny said, pointing off to her left. "He's upset so I'd let him be for the moment."

"What about Ian? Did he go with him?" the Doctor said.

"He tried to," Tim said. "He was trying to get him to calm down but Derek told him to fuck off so Ian went towards the cabins."

"We're going there as well," the Doctor said.

"We really are sorry," Danisha said as the Doctor and Rose started to walk off. "Normally, Derek doesn't act like that."

"That may be so but you lot are drinking and doing drugs and that can change anyone's personality. Perhaps in future you might refrain from partying to excess before you all do something you regret," the Doctor said.

Without another word, the Doctor walked off but Rose could see how embarrassed they all were and how they were hurrying to put their clothes back on. When Rose told this to the Doctor, he smirked.

"Good. Perhaps that means there will be no more manhandling of you," he said. "Now let's see if we can find Ian and see if he found anything else interesting."

Rose nodded and smiled when the Doctor squeezed her hand.


"Fucking bitch!" Derek snarled as he stomped through the forest. "Too good for us, eh? Fucking limey bitch! Her and her limey boyfriend oughta turn around and go away. Probably a couple of prudes who don't like joining in the fun and…"

He suddenly stopped in his tracks when he heard a twig snap off to his left. He sighed, thinking Ian had decided to follow him after all.

"Fuck off, Ian! I've had enough British bullshit for one day!" he yelled.

He paused, listening, but he couldn't hear anything. He sensed someone was nearby though and he rolled his eyes.

"Tim, Ian, whoever the fuck is following me, show yourself!" he yelled.

He listened but there was no answer. He shrugged, thinking he might have been wrong about someone following him and he resumed his leisurely pace. But a minute later, he heard another twig snap and he froze. Now he definitely sensed someone behind him and the hairs on his arms stood on end. He turned around intending to confront whoever it was and his eyes bulged when he saw Jason standing right behind him. He opened his mouth to scream and Jason rammed his machete directly into his mouth. The blade came out the back end and Derek gagged a moment while Jason used his momentum to ram him into a tree, pinning him into a trunk. Jason stood and admired his handiwork while the light slowly went out of Derek's eyes.



The Doctor peeked inside the cabin after opening the creaky front door.

"Anyone here?" he called out.

There was silence so he opened the door wide and he and Rose went inside. The inside was dirty and there were dead leaves scattered on the floor. There were a few old and rusted bunk beds, the mattresses old and musty. The air had a musty smell as well and Rose wrinkled her nose.

"No one's been in here in ages," she said, looking around. "You can tell that much."

"Yup," the Doctor said, glancing at the dirty window near the back.

Rose let go of his hand and walked over to the bunk beds while the Doctor reached into his trouser pocket for a handkerchief. He used the handkerchief on the window, wiping off as much of the dust and dirt as he could while Rose knelt down and examined the mattress on the bottom bunk. The dirt that flew off the window floated through the air and Rose sneezed.

"Sorry," the Doctor said to her. "Just trying to give us a bit more light in here."

"S'alright, the whole cabin is dusty anyway," Rose said. "Come and look at this though."

The Doctor laid the filthy handkerchief on the wooden windowpane and walked over to her. He knelt down and looked at a hole in the mattress up near the neck. He could see dried blood ringing the hole and shared a look with Rose. The Doctor stood up, pulled out a torch from his pocket, turned it on and lay down on the floor. He shone the light under the mattress while Rose watched.

"I see a hole in the floor directly under the hole in the mattress," he said to Rose. "The hole goes all the way through so something came up from underneath the bed."

"It's a round hole so it couldn't have been a knife," Rose said to him.

"No, a knife wouldn't make a hole like this and if someone was under the floor…"

He sat up and asked Rose to help him move the bed. They got on both ends of the bed and pushed it away from the hole. Once the bed was out of the way, Rose could see the round knothole in one of the planks. She also saw more dried blood around the knothole. The Doctor walked back to the plank and knocked on the floor.

"It's hollow under this floorboard," he said to Rose.

He put his fingers in the knothole and Rose gasped when he pulled up and revealed a large trapdoor. The Doctor stood up and pulled the wooden hatch back. Then he knelt down and shined his flashlight in the hole. Then he climbed down into it and shined the flashlight around.

"This hole is manmade," the Doctor called up to her while Rose knelt by the opening. "But it's not a tunnel. This was dug by someone for one person."

"So someone could hide under here and kill someone in the bed?" Rose said.

"Seems so. Look."

He tossed up the front half of a harpoon.

"I think I found the murder weapon," he said to her. "Blood on it."

"Yeah," Rose said, picking it up and examining the dry blood on the spear tip and the part of the shaft underneath it. "Someone hid under here, waiting for someone to lay down and then they thrust the harpoon up through the hole into the bed."

"I believe so, Watson," the Doctor said, climbing out of the hole. "Someone put a lot of thought into this."

"Jason's mother? They said she was out for revenge," Rose said, turning the harpoon over and over in her hands.

"Either that or her son," the Doctor said.

"So you believe the story?"

"I'm becoming more and more convinced that there's a serial killer here. Whether or not it's a drowned boy come back to life is still open for debate. But we have here evidence of premeditated murder which fits the whole revenge story."

Rose shook her head and lay down the spear. They made a quick inspection but could find nothing else so they left the cabin and closed the door.

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