Chapter Seven

The further they walked into the woods, the more Rose felt uneasy. It was nearly noon now and sunny and bright but the woods had an eerie feeling to it. Rose wondered if the eerie feeling was real or because she'd been listening to stories about Jason all morning long.

The Doctor and Tim called for Derek as they walked along. Rose kept looking around, wondering if their calls to Derek were bringing Jason to them. The Doctor had his rucksack with him but she knew he had nothing more than his sonic screwdriver and a penknife and suddenly, she wished he had a bazooka packed in his rucksack.

And the screwdriver doesn't work on wood, Rose thought as she glanced at the trees. Which leaves just the penknife for protection. Well, I'm sure the Doctor can poke Jason in the eye then.

"Derek? Where are you?" the Doctor yelled. "We're not angry. We just need to speak with you and…"

Everyone froze when they heard a gunshot in the distance.

"Jason?" Rose said.

"I doubt it. From what I've heard, guns aren't his style. There are people who hunt in these woods though," Tim said.

"What a time to be without safety orange then," Rose said dryly. "Now we have to worry about a hunter mistaking us for some deer."

They heard another gunshot and then silence.

"Sounds close, probably about a quarter of a mile away?" the Doctor said. "I don't there's a danger of us being hit by his bull…"

He stopped speaking when they heard a man's terrified scream. The Doctor, Rose and Tim glanced at each other before they ran towards the sound of the screams. The screams lasted for about a minute and then suddenly the woods fell silent. The Doctor, Rose and Tim stopped and stood still for a moment, listening for any more sounds of distress. They ran on when they didn't hear anything. They kept on running until the Doctor finally spied a double barreled shotgun lying in the undergrowth and stopped everyone. They looked around but couldn't see anyone.

"Where'd he go?" Rose said.

"Whoever it was, this was the gun that made the shots, the barrel's still warm," the Doctor said, feeling it.

"Doctor, Rose, look."

The Doctor and Rose looked where Tim was pointing. He was several feet away and when they walked over to him, they could see blood on the undergrowth and sprinklings of it leading away into the forest. The Doctor bent down and put his finger in the blood.

"Fresh, newly shed," the Doctor said, showing his finger to everyone. "And judging from the blood drops, the hunter was carried away from here."

"That's his M.O.," Tim said. "Some of the survivors said they found their friends scattered around like hunting trophies. And...there's this cabin that one girl found. She said that it had a shrine in it to his mother and Mrs. Voorhees severed head was on this table along with candles and...a bunch of bodies were laid in front of it like offerings."

"Where is this cabin?" Rose said.

"Dunno. It's deep in the woods but the girl that was there refused to tell everyone where it was. Sparing other people from looking for it and falling prey to Jason, I guess," Tim said.

"So, this man kills in order to sacrifice to his mum. Sounds like he's a very devoted little boy," the Doctor said. "Perhaps finding this cabin of his might be the key to stopping him. How did the woman escape the cabin?"

She put on one of Mrs. Voorhees's old sweaters and pretended to be her. It fooled Jason long enough for her to strike back and get out of there."

"Didn't Jason know it wasn't his mum?" Rose said.

Tim shrugged.

"Like you said, he's devoted to her," he said.

"Well, before we dress and drag and pretend to be his mummy, we better keep on searching for Derek before he ends up like this poor fellow," the Doctor said.

"What if he's already dead?" Rose said. "If Jason is already killing people, maybe he found Derek as well."

"Tim? What do you think?" the Doctor said.

"I hope it's not true but if it is…we should get back to the others," Tim said.

"Right and get everyone out of here. We can tell the police about the hunter so they can do a proper search for him," the Doctor said. "You lot might get in trouble for being out here but if people are dying, we need to tell someone."

Tim nodded. Rose picked up the shotgun and they hurried back towards the camp. While they walked, Rose checked the gun barrel and groaned.

"What is it?" the Doctor said.

"Empty. No bullets," Rose said, showing him the empty barrels.

"We'll manage. Just keep going," the Doctor said. "I doubt Voorhees will attack three people at once. I have a feeling he likes to get them alone before he attacks them."

And I doubt he'd want to face you, Rose thought. If anyone is with me out here, I'm so glad it's you.

While they walked, Rose kept getting that feeling that someone was watching them but when she looked around she couldn't see anyone. She did notice the absence of wildlife in the area and the fact that few birds were singing. She shivered a bit at the creepiness of it all.

When they got back to camp, Tim led them to one of the cabins he knew was occupied. Tim opened the door and Denisha and Jenny gasped. Both of them were sitting on the bottom bunk bed sharing a joint and a beer.

"Could you knock first before you come in?" Denisha said, "You scared the shit outta us!"

"Where's Ian and Derek and Candy?" Tim said.

"Derek went off into the woods and I don't know where Ian or Candy are," Densiha said. "Why?"

The Doctor showed them the shotgun and explained what they found.

"It might be something else besides Jason," Jenny said when he finished talking. "Maybe another guy was hunting with him and accidentally shot him."

"We heard two gunshots but there was a delay between the second gunshot and the screaming," the Doctor said. "If the man was shot by another hunter, it took him several minutes and two bullets to realize it."

"But…Jason is a myth. Come on, some immortal being that kills people. Surely you lot don't believe it," Jenny said.

"There's something out there and now Derek, at least, is missing," Tim said. "We haven't checked all the cabins yet but we need to find everyone and leave. It's not safe here."

"We also need to ring the police," the Doctor said.

"No, we can't do that, they'll find out we were here," Denisha said.

"They'll find out you're here when you land up dead," Rose said. "Surely the police know that teenagers come out here all the time. Just tell them you were camping."

"What about the drinking and drugs?" Jenny said.

"That's your problem," the Doctor said with a shrug. "Perhaps in future you'll learn not to do that stuff. I'm concerned about the safety of everyone here so get up and come with us and help us find Ian, Candy and Derek."

The girls looked at the Doctor's face and they sighed when they saw there was no arguing with him. They crushed out the joint on the floor and got up. The Doctor sighed when he saw them staggering a bit while they came towards the group.

"Humans," he muttered under his breath. "Come on, follow us," the Doctor said louder. "Let's check the other buildings and make sure Ian, Candy and Derek are truly gone before we go into the forest and start looking for them."

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