Chapter Nine

On the way towards the cabin, Rose kept looking around, half expecting Jason to jump out of the woods and gut them with a machete.

"Nah, that's not his style," she murmured to herself as she shook the thought from her head.

"What's not who's style?" the Doctor said, glancing over his shoulder.

"You have good hearing, you know that?"

"I do know it; it's what kept me alive all these years."

"I was just thinking Jason might pop out and kill us while we're walking to his house but that's not his style," Rose said.

"No, it's not. The coward prefers to hide and ambush people. Haven't known the Voorhees legend that long but even you and me can deduce that much."

They froze when they heard Denisha's scream in the distance and they spun around. By now they were too far from the others and they listened with dread while Denisha called to Tim and Jenny to help her.

"Oh God…he's over there with them," Rose said.

"We can't get there in time to help," the Doctor said. "But if he's there, we can get into his cabin and maybe find something to destroy him. We need to hurry in case some of them do survive."

Rose turned and ran with him. While she ran, she pulled her mobile out of her pocket and tried it but there was no signal.

"I gave Tim my bleedin' phone number and he can't even ring me," Rose said.

"Maybe they're close enough to the road to ring Luke," the Doctor said. "Even if he could phone you, there's nothing you can do for him from here."

Rose nodded. She put the phone back in her pocket and picked up her speed as she tried to keep up with the Doctor's long, lanky legs. He could hear Densiha screaming again and then the forest fell silent. Rose glanced back over her shoulder and gasped when her foot hit a hole and she started to stumble. The Doctor spun around and managed to grab her before her face hit the ground.

"Got enough trouble from Jason without you breaking your leg," he said, helping her to stand.

"Sorry, I didn't hear Denisha after that last scream and I was trying to listen for her."

"There's nothing we can do, Rose. We need to get to the cabin just in case Jason is taking his victims to it. Come on, we're nearly there."

He took Rose's hand and she ran with him the rest of the way. Once they entered the forest, they slowed their pace as they neared the dilapidated cabin. The place looked like it hadn't been used in years and most of the windows were dirty with missing glass. Rose felt uneasy as they approached the house. She wondered if Jason had an accomplice and the other person was hiding in the cabin. The interior was dark and with the filthy windows there was no way to see inside. As they went around the front to the door, she noticed the windows in the front were covered over with black garbage bags.

"Doctor, be careful," Rose said, touching his arm. "I…just have a bad feelin' about this."

"You're not the only one," the Doctor said. "Just be ready for anything. I'm gonna open the door."

Rose looked around and picked up a fallen tree limb. She knew it would be much against a machete but she felt better having some kind of weapon. The Doctor tried the doorknob and the door creaked open. He froze, his head bent forward while he listened for any sounds inside. Then he opened the door quickly and aimed his screwdriver at the darkened interior. He slowly went in while Rose followed, tree limb ready to strike. The interior was dusty and there was no furniture in sight. The Doctor turned on his sonic and used the light while he searched in his trouser pocket for his torch. He found it and turned it on, giving the interior a little bit of light but not much. The Doctor glanced over his shoulder and Rose waved.

"Still here," she said.

"Good. Keep your eyes peeled. He'll try to strike at any moment if he's in here so we have to be fast on our feet."

Rose nodded. She tried to put on a brave front but her insides were churning and the hand holding the limb was trembling slightly as she tried to keep calm. They walked into the next room where the windows weren't covered over but Rose could see garbage bags on the floor under the two windows and she could see they fell away and exposed the daylight to the interior. The room was still bare but Rose thought she saw blood stains in a few places. The Doctor looked behind him and pointed to a closed door off to their right. He beckoned to her and Rose nodded, holding the limb ready while the Doctor walked to the door. He tried the door and it opened.

"Seems Voorhees doesn't believe in locks," the Doctor muttered to Rose as he opened the door wider.

He jumped back and Rose gasped.

"I think I found Mummy's head," the Doctor said, steadying Rose with his hand to her arm. "Sorry, didn't mean to startle ya."

"S'alright, I'm glad it's you who scared me and not Jason," she said.

They walked inside together and Rose grimaced when she saw a small round table in the center of the room. The table was covered with a dirty and blood stained white sheet and in the center of the table was a mummified head. Around the head were several candles that had been lit in the past and left to burn for awhile since a lot of them were stubs now. To Rose's relief, no dead bodies were piled around the table but she could see a lot of dried blood.

"Hello, Mrs. Voorhees," the Doctor said as they walked over to the table. "Chatted with Norman Bate's mother lately?"

There were no windows in this room and the only light came from the other room and the Doctor's torch. Rose walked around the Doctor to the back of the table. She noticed something in the corner and asked the Doctor to shine his light that way. She saw a bloodstained pickaxe propped up in the corner along with an old flour sack. She picked up the flour sack and noticed eyeholes had been poked into it. She dropped it and the limb and grabbed the pickaxe.

"Upgrading the weaponry then?" the Doctor said to her.

"Better a pickaxe than a tree limb," Rose said.

The Doctor grabbed the tree limb after putting his screwdriver in his jacket pocket. He hefted the limb over his shoulder while he swung the torch around. There were no other doors so they went back into the other room. There were no doors besides that one so the Doctor and Rose made their way back towards the front door. The floorboards squeaked underfoot which made Rose nervous since their squeaking could disguise Jason's squeaking. They walked outside the cabin and Rose looked around at the thick forest.


Rose looked at the Doctor.

"I'm sorry?" she said.

"Fire. We burn the cabin to the ground."

"But the woods…won't we start a forest fire as well?"

"Perhaps but there's something I'm willing to bet my lives on. I'm betting as soon as Voorhees sees the cabin burning, he'll race over here to either put it out or save Mummy and we lay in wait for him and strike! But I'll give him some time to come here before I start burning the cabin."

"But what if the woods catch on fire when you burn the cabin?"

Well, I suppose we go to the road and ring the authorities and tell them there's a fire. I just want to get Jason's attention and I'm betting he'll move Heaven and Earth to save the remains of his mother."

"How do we start a fire?" Rose asked.

The Doctor set the limb down and fished through his trousers. He found a handkerchief and a bottle of lighter fluid. He tied the handkerchief around the end of the limb and doused it with the lighter fluid. He then ignited the lighter fluid with the screwdriver. He walked to the front door and shut the door. Rose followed him back to the edge of the forest. He walked out of the forest to edge of the lake and Rose watched while he waved the flaming torch around.


He stopped yelling and beckoned to Rose.

"Come on, let's see if we can flush him out of hiding and turn the tables on him once and for all," he said to her as they walked back towards the cabin.

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