Crossover of "Doctor Who" and "Get Smart"

A/N: I’m picking this up again after not working on it. I want to get it finished up along with all the others I’m still working on.

The Get Smart movie comes out next summer and although Don Adams will always be Maxwell Smart to me, I’m looking forward to seeing Steve Carell play Max. He’s one of my favorite actors and judging from the teaser trailer, it looks like it’ll be really good. Anyway, for those reading this, sorry it took so long to get back to it. Without further ado….

Chapter Eleven

The Doctor’s hearts thudded in his chest as he stared at the package. He looked over at Max who slowly took it from Larrabee.

“I know what this is.” He said softly to the Doctor. “I’ve gotten them before. KAOS always sends a video message after they’ve…”

He swallowed hard and looked at the Doctor.

“Play it.” He said, nodding.

Max nodded. As Larrabee exited the room, the Chief pushed a button on his desk and the wall in front of them slid up to reveal a huge TV and a video cassette player. The Doctor stared at the VCR and looked at Max.

“You shouldn’t have anything like this in 1969.” He said.

“It’s something CONTROL lab came up with.” Max explained as he took the videotape out of the brown package. We invented it first and then KAOS got wind of it and made their own. That’s why they send messages this way because no one but us can play them.”

He slid it into the player and stepped back to stand beside the Doctor. Both of them turned to the side so the Chief could see from his desk. The TV showed static for a few seconds and then they saw Siegfried sitting at his desk.

“Greetings, Shmart,” he said. “I am sending this message to you because I vant you to turn over ze alien and its TARDIS to us. You have two hours to do it or else ve will kill Mrs. Shmart and ze girl. And just to show you ve mean business...”

Max and the Doctor gasped as the camera cut to Rose and 99. They were tied to chairs and both sported black eyes, cuts and bruises. The Doctor stared at the dried blood under Rose’s left nostril and his fist clenched as he felt his blood boil. The camera went back to Siegfried who had a smug smile on his face.”

“A picture is vorth a thousand vords, eh, Shmart?” he said. “Zo, here is vat I vant you to do. You vill bring ze alien with you to ze Lincoln Monument and you vill vait for my men to pick you up. You vill come along quietly and dere vill be no funny business or the next message I send will show your vife and ze girl in coffins. I shall see you soon, Shmart!”

The Doctor and Max stared quietly at the static on the TV for a moment and then Max turned and walked over to the Chief’s desk.

“I need to talk to you in private, Chief.” He said.

The Chief nodded. He looked at the Doctor.

“Could you excuse us a moment?” he asked him.

“No,” Max said stopping the Doctor. “I don’t want you out of my sight. Anything can happen. KAOS agents could be anywhere. We’ll use the Cone of Silence.”

The Chief sighed.

“Max, why do you keep insisting on using that? It doesn’t work.”

“We have to use it, Chief. The CONTROL handbook states that top secret communication must be conducted under the Cone of Silence and you know how I’m a stickler for the rules.”

“I know, Max, I know.” The Chief muttered.

He rolled his eyes and pushed a button under his desk as Max pulled up a chair and sat down opposite him. The Doctor watched, fascinated, as a clear plastic object came down and landed on the desk with a thump enveloping them both. He moved over to stand beside the Cone of Silence and watched them quietly. Max waited a moment and then began speaking.

“Chief, we can’t let them get a hold of the Doctor or the TARDIS.” He said.

“What?” The Chief yelled back.


“Yes, Max, I know that.”

“What?” Max yelled.

“I SAID, I KNOW THAT!” the Chief screamed.

“Then what do we do, Chief?”



“We can’t let the Doctor fall into Siegfried’s hands, Max. I’m afraid we might have to sacrifice 99 and Rose. National Security is more important.”


“I SAID---“

The Chief looked over at the Doctor when he tapped on the outside of the dome covering the Chief's head.

“I’m sorry to interrupt you two.” He said. “But, what is the point of all this? I can hear both of you just fine so if you’re trying to hold a private conversation, it isn’t working.”

“WHAT?” Max screamed at him.


He sighed as he pressed the button under the desk and the Cone of Silence rose back up into the ceiling.

“Chief, we weren’t finished yet.” Max said.

“Just…wait, Max.” the Chief said.

He looked at the Doctor.

“Raise your right hand.” He told him.

The Doctor raised his right hand.

“By the power invested in me as Chief of CONTROL, I hereby grant you temporary security clearance. You are now authorized to listen in on top-secret conversations. Do you swear that you will not reveal anything you hear here?”

“I swear.” The Doctor replied.

“Good. That’s all I need.”

He looked back at Max as the Doctor lowered his hand.

“Okay, he’s got security clearance. Now we can talk without the Cone of Silence.”

“But, Chief, the handbook says---“

“JUST TALK, MAX!” the Chief bellowed.

Max shrugged.

“Fine, Chief, you wanna bend the rules, I can go along with that.” He said.

The Chief sighed. He shot a look at the Doctor who chuckled.

“I was saying Max that 99 and Rose may have to be sacrificed to protect national security.” The Chief said.

“Nope, not an option.” Max said.

“Not an option for me either.” The Doctor added.

“You do know what’s at stake here?” The Chief said looking at the Doctor.

“I know exactly what’s at stake. I know what it means if Siegfried gets a hold of me and my TARDIS. But, there are other ways we can stop Siegfried and his men without sacrificing 99 or Rose.”

“So, you want to surrender to him?” The Chief asked.

“I will surrender, but I will not submit to him. I will not fly my TARDIS back in time so he can change history. However, I can buy Max and me enough time to come up with a plan.”

“You sure you can do this without Siegfried getting control of the TARDIS?” the Chief asked.

“Yes, if I fail, I will die willingly rather than let him use me.” He replied.

The Chief looked at Max.

“I trust him, Chief. I’ve seen this TARDIS. He’s got technology that’s way beyond anything we have here. I believe he’ll be able to think up a plan to defeat Siegfried and rescue Rose and 99.”

“Alright, I’ll let you take this risk.” The Chief said. “But, remember, above all else you must not let the TARDIS or the Doctor fall into KAOS’s hands.”

“I won’t, Chief, you can count on me.” Max said.

The Chief looked at them.

“I’m telling you now that this won’t be an easy task. The two of you will be facing danger at every turn and possibly a painful, torturous, unmerciful death.”

The Doctor and Max glanced at each other and said in unison…

“And…loving it!”

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