Crossover of "Doctor Who" and "Get Smart"

Chapter Fifteen

“Well,” Max said as the four of them entered the apartment. “Everything is wrapped up now, Siegfried, Shtarker and all the KAOS agents are on their way to jail and the world is once again safe from the forces of evil and rottenness.”

He closed the door and he and 99 turned to face the Doctor and Rose.

“So, what will you two do now?” 99 asked them.

The Doctor glanced at Rose.

“We’re going back to the open vortex and see more of the universe.” He said.

99 frowned.

“So soon?” she said sadly. “We were just getting to know the two of you.”

The Doctor gave her an apologetic smile.

“I know, but as much as we’d like to stay here, Rose and I need to keep traveling.” He said. “We really loved meeting you both and we wish you all the luck in the world.”

“And I hope the twins grow up healthy and strong.” Rose added.

99 nodded. Suddenly, she had a thought and whispered in Max’s ear.

“The chief might approve that.” Max replied nodding.

“Approve what?” the Doctor asked.

“Um,” 99 said. “Could you guys at least stay for supper? I have to go to CONTROL headquarters and ask the Chief about something, but I’ll get something on the way back.”

The Doctor and Rose glanced at each other.

“Sure, we can stay for supper.”

99 beamed.

“Great, just don’t go running off yet. I’ll be right back.” She said grabbing her coat.

She gave Max a kiss and hurried back out the door.

The Doctor looked at Max when she closed it behind her.

“What’s that all about?” he said to him.

Max smiled.

“I think 99 wants to give the two of you some parting gifts to remember us by.” He said.

A half hour later, 99 returned with some Chinese takeout and an enormous box. Max took the box from her arm as she walked inside.

“That’s for them.” She said, nodding her head at the box.

Max nodded and handed the box to the Doctor.

“Oooo, what is it?” the Doctor said eagerly.

“Ah, ah,” 99 said on the way to the kitchen. “Open it when you’re in the TARDIS.”

The Doctor’s face fell. He sat the box by his side and stole anxious glances at it as Rose giggled and patted him on the arm.

“Oh, I’m gonna miss you guys so much!” 99 said hugging Rose tightly.

“Me too.”

She stepped back and smiled at her.

“You and the Doctor do this a lot? Say goodbye to new friends?” she asked.

“Yeah, we do, and it never gets any easier each time we do it.” She said.

“I imagine so. We’ve only known you for a short time, but Max and I will never forget you. Please, wherever you’re going, take care of yourselves. I hate to think that something bad will happen to you on some far off planet or something.”

“We will. The Doctor and I always look out for each other.”

99 smiled.


She gave her another hug.

“I hope someday you’ll come back to see us.” She said.

She hugged the Doctor.

“Goodbye, Doctor, it was so nice meeting you.” She said.

“You too, 99. Take care.”

“You too. And I hope you like the gifts we’ve given you. They’ll come in handy if you get into trouble on your adventures.”

“Ah, you didn’t have to do that, 99.” He said.

“I know I didn’t, but I wanted to. If you’re exploring all these strange times and planets, you’ll need all the help you can get.”

She gave him another hug.

“I don’t know if you know this, but you’re so lucky to have someone like Rose.” She whispered in his ear.

“Believe me, I know it.” The Doctor whispered back.

They pulled away and the Doctor looked over at Max.

“Thanks for all your help, Doctor.” He said shaking his hand. “We couldn’t have done it without you and Rose.”

“Always happy to help.” The Doctor said cheerfully.

“I want to join 99 in saying that we will miss you both and please take care.”

The Doctor smiled. Rose came forward and embraced him.

“Goodbye Rose. Good luck.” Max said. “Traveling with an alien is probably not the easiest life, but you seem to handle it well. Take care.”

“I will, Max, take care.”

Max blushed as she gave him a peck on the cheek. The Doctor picked up the box and opened the TARDIS door. Max and 99 stepped back and stood beside each other waving as the door shut and the TARDIS dematerialized.

“Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!” the Doctor said putting the box on the captain’s chair. “What’d they get us?”

“Honestly, Doctor, you’re worse than a little kid.” Rose said laughing.

She came up behind the Doctor as he eagerly opened the box and looked inside.

“What do you see?” Rose asked.

“Well, at the moment, I see a bunch of crumpled up newspapers and a note.” The Doctor replied.

He took the note out and read it to Rose.

Dear Doctor and Rose,

I asked the Chief if you could have some items from CONTROL lab to take with you on your journeys. I can’t even begin to imagine the kind of things you see on your journeys, but I’m betting the two of you get into danger a lot.

Rose snorted.

“That’s an understatement.” She muttered.

Please accept these gifts from me and Max. I’ve had CONTROL lab issue you two pairs of shoe phones, an inflato coat for the Doctor and a fingernail knife for Rose. I hope they help you get out of some tight scrapes. Please know that you will always be in Max’s and my thoughts and when the twins are old enough, we will be sure to tell them about you.

Take care, my friends


“Ah, isn’t that sweet!” The Doctor said.

He laid the note on the captain’s chair and took out the wadded up newspaper. He beamed at Rose as he pulled out a men and women’s pair of plimsolls.

“Yes!” Rose said taking the pink ones. “Oh God, I’ve been wanting a shoe phone ever since I saw Max use it.”

She noticed a little note inside the shoe,pulled it out and read it aloud.

To use the shoe phone, twist the heel and take the bottom off. Then dial the number you want and talk into the speaker.

Rose twisted the heel and squealed with delight when she took the bottom off and saw the little dial.

“This is so cool! I have to show mum this.” She said.

She glanced over at the Doctor’s black plimsolls.

“I like those.” She said pointing to them. “You’ll look good in them.”

"Thanks." he said.

The Doctor looked at the fingernail knife and handed it to Rose as he picked up the inflato coat. He took the little note sticking out of the pocket and read it aloud.

This is an inflato coat. Max uses it from time to time and I thought it would be handy for you. I had the lab try to match it to your coat as closely as they could. Wear it as you would a normal coat and if you are captured take your arms out of the sleeves and pull the cord located near the bottom. Rubber hands and arms will inflate out of the sleeves simulating your hands and arms. Allow whoever has captured you to chain the arms to the wall and then when no one is around, simply unbutton the coat and slip out.

The Doctor beamed.

“How brilliant is that!” he said looking at the coat.

He took his coat off, slipped the inflato coat around his shoulders and buttoned it closed. Rose laughed when the Doctor pulled the cord and two fake hands inflated out of the sleeves and the arms rose into the air.

“Fantastic!” he said looking at the fake hands. “Oh yeah, I will definitely put this to good use!”

He pulled the cord and the hands deflated and the arms lowered. Grinning, he slipped the coat off and put his own coat back on.

“Yup, there is something to be said for the ingenuity of spies.” He said.

He slapped his hands together.

“Now, let’s get on to our next adventure so we can test out our new toys, eh?”


Rose sat down in the captain’s chair fiddling with her shoe phone while the Doctor imputed some coordinates into the computer and found the location of their next adventure.


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