Chapter One

Micky strolled along the beach. The chilly morning air combined with the sound of the ocean waves soothed him and allowed him to get focused for the day ahead. He picked a seashell up from the sand and chucked it into the waves. He got closer to the edge of the beach and let the waves run over his feet smiling at the feel of the cool water on his skin. It had been a couple of years since he and his band mates had rented the old beach house. Since then, they had struggled to find enough gigs to pay the rent and put food on the table. But Micky never regretted the decision to come here. It was wonderful to live somewhere where you could go out on the beach whenever you wanted to. It was rough being a struggling band and making ends meet, but somehow they always managed to scrape by.

As he continued to stare out at the sunrise, he frowned when he suddenly heard a strange roaring sound. He could barely hear it over the pounding of the surf, but he was sure he could hear it. However, the sound stopped after a couple of seconds and Micky shrugged figuring it was probably just the roaring of the waves.

He paused a moment more enjoying the sound of the surf and the rythmic motion of the waves; then he turned to go. He paused when he noticed an odd blue phone booth a few feet away from him. Micky shook his head and blinked. He coulda sworn the beach was empty a few minutes ago. He walked over to it and knocked on the wood.

"Okay, either I'm freaking out or someone is playing an elaborate prank." He muttered.

He frowned when he heard the door on the other side open. He peeked around the side and saw a man and a woman emerge from the phone booth. The woman looked around and looked at the man.

"So, this is LA, yeah?" she asked.

The man rubbed his earlobe.

"Um, not sure." He said.

The woman sighed.

"You got it wrong again!"

"I did not! This is LA, I'm sure of it!" the man said indignantly.

The woman sighed and turned around. She caught Micky just as he ducked back around the corner.

"Oi, what are you doing back there?" she yelled at him as the Doctor turned around.

Micky came around the corner.

"I was taking a walk on the beach until I ran into this phone booth." He said. "What are you doing here? Is this some kind of prank or something?"

The Doctor stared at him for a moment.

"No, this is a new beach phone booth. They just installed it so people can make calls if they need to."

Micky looked down at the waves lapping the edge of the phone booth.

"Uh-huh, and they figure as soon as people get out of the water, they'll need to make a call right then and there?" he said.

Rose snickered as the Doctor cleared his throat.

"I'm not sure about that, I just know that this phone booth was here and I was attempting to use it." He said as nonchalantly as he could.

"Huh, I could have sworn that the beach was clear a moment ago."

He shrugged.

"Eh, I've seen weirder things in my life. Anyway, I thought I heard you say something about LA?" he asked.

"Yes," the Doctor said relieved to get onto another subject. "My friend and I are looking for the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. We want to see The Doors. So which way do you go to get to downtown LA?"

Micky stared at him.

"Are you serious?" he said.

"Yes, very serious. Where is downtown LA?"

"Man, you aren't even in LA." Micky replied.

Rose groaned and put her head in her hands as the Doctor coughed nervously.

"Oh…well, um, where are we?" he asked.

Micky stared at him.

"What do you mean where are you?"

"I mean, where is here?" he said, indicating the beach.

"You don't know where you are?"

"Yes, I don't know where I am. Now, where are we at?"

"Man that must have been one freaky acid trip you were on."

Rose laughed as the Doctor shot him an indignant look.

"I wasn't taking acid." He said.

"Okay, you were drunk then." Micky replied.

"No, I wasn't drunk. I'm just lost. Rose and I are travelers and we are on our way to LA."

"And you don't have a map or anything with you to tell you where you at?"

"Just…please tell us where we're at." The Doctor said impatiently.

Micky sighed.

"Okay, you're in Malibu Beach, California. LA is east of us." He said.

The Doctor looked at Rose.

"See, at least I'm in the same state this time."

"Hurray for small miracles."

The Doctor eyed her for a moment and then looked back at Micky.

"Thanks." He said to him.

"No problem, just go easy on the pot next time, okay?"

"I am not a drug addict!" the Doctor yelled as Rose bent over laughing.

Micky shrugged.

"Whatever man, if you are, that's your bag. I'm not gonna judge ya." He said. "We get all kinds living here."

"Well, I can assure you I'm not…"

"Micky…Micky Dolenz." He said extending his hand.

"I'm the Doctor." He said shaking his hand.

"Doctor who?"

"It's just the Doctor." Rose said. "And I'm Rose."

Micky smiled at her.

"Pretty name for a pretty lady." he said kissing her hand.

Rose blushed as the Doctor eyed him.

"Anyway," Micky continued. "Just head east and you'll reach LA. You can't miss it."

"Thank you, Micky." He said. "Come on, Rose, LA awaits."


They looked over as Micky turned and looked further up the beach. They saw a tall skinny man wearing a green woolen hat yelling at him from a deck at the back of one of the houses.

"Yeah?" Micky yelled back.

"You done with your walk? We need to practice for that gig tonight!" the man yelled back.

"Yeah, just a moment, I'm helping a couple of stoners get to LA!"


The Doctor sighed.

"Never mind, not worth yelling about." He muttered.

"Well, get in here, we're warming up!" the man yelled.

"Okay, I'm coming!"

Micky looked at the Doctor and Rose.

"Sorry, gotta go, good luck with getting to LA." He said.

"Wait, you're in a band?" The Doctor asked.

"Yeah, well I mean we're not successful yet, but, we're hoping to make it big soon." Mickey replied.

"Really? What's the name of your band if I may ask?"

"The Monkees."

The Doctor frowned.

"Never heard of you."

"Yeah, well, join the club." Micky muttered.

"Um, I was just wondering if you're practicing, if it would be alright if Rose and I might listen?" The Doctor said.

Micky beamed.

"Really? You wanna hear us play?" He said excitedly.

"Well, yeah, I love listening to all kinds of music and live music is the best." The Doctor said.

He glanced at Rose.

"What about you, Rose? Fancy sitting in on their practice session?"

"Sure, why not?" Rose replied.

Micky smiled.

"Then follow us and I'll escort you to our pad." He said.

"Lead the way." The Doctor replied.

"Hey, Mike," Micky yelled at the man on the deck. "Clean off a couple of the chairs; we have a couple of guests coming to listen to us!"

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